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Choosing Travel Adapters {For Traveling Abroad}

Travel Adapter
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Choosing The Right Travel Adapters For Traveling Abroad

Many people traveling abroad for the first time, forget about some very important items such as …

🌺Travel Adapters,🌺

needed for many of their 🔌 plugin electronic items. This often forgotten item, can be a much needed travel accessory required for plugging in and/or charging those 💻 electrical gadgets, you have brought along with you.

A few seasons back, our family enjoyed a fantastic Mediterranean …

🛳 All Inclusive Cruise Vacation, 🛳

with an overnight stop in 🏰 London, England. Luckily, I was aware of the change in their 🔌 AC wall plugs, compared to ours used at home here in 🍁 Canada.

I purchased a nifty multi-use travel adapter just prior to leaving home. I was able to buy one, much like the one in the photo shown below. There are many different types available for purchase, to suit your needs and budget.

 choosing travel adapters for traveling abroad

Having an adapter along with us, made plugging in our 💻 laptop and recharging our digital 📸 camera batteries a breeze!
This certainly is one of those travel items that is easy to forget about, especially for those who don’t embark on international travel often.

I read an interesting article offering a little insight regarding the need for plug adapters. It was well written and I thought I would pass on some helpful tips on this subject.

Selecting The Best Travel Adapter Just Right For You

Turkish Airlines Airplane

Do A Power Check Before You Traveling Abroad

Traveling to foreign lands not only requires using a different language (usually), but also requires using a different power source. If you are planning on bringing electronic devices on your trip, you need to find out what the Common Voltage, Plug Style and Frequency of Power, that is available at your destinations.

If a country has the same voltage, you may only need to get a plug adapter.  You simply plug your device into it, and then plug it into the wall.
However, if the Voltage is Different in addition to the plug adapter, you will need to purchase a; Power Converter.This is needed if the power is higher than you are currently using at home. A transformer if the voltage is lower than you are currently using.

Other variances with power in a different country can be the range at which their power is produced. The range for one country may be; 50 Hz, whereas another country may be; 60 Hz.

If you are unsure what is needed, seek advice from a professional.

Small appliances and large appliances have different requirements as well. If you can, avoid bringing electrical devices while traveling. Purchasing small items at your destination may be an alternative, or using battery operated devices can give you another option.

laptop computer

Luckily computers, camcorders and other similar electronics, offer a break from the power dilemma. The vast majority of these items come with a {power supply} that can handle any type of power. Travel adapters may still be needed and are; Highly Recommended.

Also and depending on where you are traveling to, you may want to purchase a {universal surge suppressor} in order to protect your computers, camcorders and other electronic devices from any variance in power.

To determine if your device is compatible with many types of power sources, take a look at the Power Information. A plug will usually carry information such as; “Input: AC 100V- 240V ~1.0A 50/60 Hz”. This information shows that it can handle a wide range of power inputs.

Power Checking For The Right Adapters

Laptop Power at Airport

Having the opportunity to travel is fun because there is such a wide array of cultures for you to experience. Do your homework before traveling by doing a simple; Power Check.

Mau Whit writes informative pieces on various subjects like careful travel measures.  Article Source: [] Power Check Before You Travel

Getting The Right Travel Adapter For International Travel

Power Adaptors

As you can see, adapters are an important item to consider purchasing, especially if traveling to foreign countries. So the next time you travel abroad, don’t be left out in the cold. Be sure to add travel adapters to your 📝 International Travel Packing List.

Final Thoughts Banner


I received this new travel adapter in the 📬 mail recently, we ordered using some bonus 💳 credit card points. Looks very cool, light weight and even comes with multiple {usb} plugins. Definitely an item we will always 🧳 pack when traveling internationally from now on.

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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