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Charge Electronic Devices {Before Flights}

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Charge Electronic Devices

Post Last Modified – May 17, 2023 ¦

Security Rules For Cell Phones & Laptops

A number of years ago, Homeland Security introduced new requirements for ✈ International Air Travelers regarding passenger’s 💻 electronic devices.

As a result of these rules, it stated you may need to turn your 📱 electronic devices on at airport 👮 security check in.

Security may now be making sure those devices are charged up and not dead, or inadequately charged.

Charge Your Electronic Devices – To Be Safe

laptop computer

“ Currently, flights to, from and via the United States and United Kingdom will be impacted by these heightened security measures, including stopovers through Europe, Africa and the Middle East.”


As well, it is not recommended that you carry your electronic devices inside your 🧳 checked baggage.

It should always be carried in your 👜 carry-on bag, so that it can be readily available for inspection. If found inside your checked bags, you may be called to security for inspection.

This could result in further delays for you and more tragic, possibly missing your flight all together!😲

Charge Electronic Devices Or You May Miss Your Flight

charging laptops at airports

This measure was put in place as a result of increased awareness and concern with 💣 explosives now being hidden inside computer laptops and cell phones. ❓

Security may not allow passengers to carry their devices on board if they show low or dead 🔋 battery power. Depending on the destination you are going to or coming from, you may be denied boarding the aircraft all together!

This rule was just another step taken, to ensure the safety of passenger’s world-wide due to the increasing threats from extremists and terrorists.

So be prepared for longer waits at 🛂 airport security and plan your travel accordingly. Always allow plenty of extra time for such unexpected things to arise when traveling by air.

Below, is a recent memo outlining this requirement in greater detail for your convenience. Thanks to etalktravel for posting this new information.

Laptops & Cell Phones Should Be Fully Charged

Charge Electronic Devices Before Your International Flight

Briefly, the memo states that United States authorities announced that airport security staff may ask travelers to switch on devices to prove they still have battery power.

Authorities are responding to reports of increased international threats from militant groups, regarding terrorist bomb threats against aircraft.

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to help make travel less stressful and remember to Charge Electronic Devices before your next long haul 🛫 flight!
Update 2020
Air India Airplane
I’ve really been unable to find any recent updates regarding this airport security policy that was implemented years ago.

We’ve taken many flights since this time, both domestic and international, and have yet to be asked if our electronic devices are fully charged, or seen others asked in security lines.

So at this point, I would suggest to; still have your {Devices Charged Up} before air travel, as it’s better to be safe then sorry!

Final Thoughts Banner

Update 2023
In the last few years since this rule was implemented, my wife and I have several International Flights, and not once were we asked about our electronic devices.

I have listed the official website link below to the {U.S. Transportation Security Administration}. I’ve directed the link to their page on {Security Screening}, for your convenience.

Their page will list up to date information on travel screening requirements.

U.S. Dept Homeland Security Logo

🚥 U.S. Transportation Security Administration – Security Screening 🚥

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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