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Visiting Byron Bay In Australia {Travel Photos}

The Endless Summer Byron Bay

Byron Bay Australia

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Photos Of Beautiful Byron Bay Australia

Having spent our first 2 days after arriving in Sydney, Australia from our home in British Columbia 🍁 Canada, it was time start beginning our travels to the eastern part of this vast country. Our first stop on our Australian adventure was the famous resort town of …

🌺 Byron Bay Australia 🌺

situated on the eastern shores of the Pacific.

Byron Bay is a picturesque seaside town approximately 770 kilometers north of Sydney, and just 165 kilometers south of Brisbane. This is a very popular location for both Australian’s and visitors, traveling to this destination from across the 🌎 globe.

While making our travel plans and the places we should visit during our stay, it was recommended by many others, to be sure to visit this part of Australia. Particularly if you are 🏖 beach lovers like ourselves.

Our plan was to spend 2 nights here and then continue on to; Gold Coast. We could have easily spent a few more days, enjoying the sites and the beautiful stretch of beach in Byron Bay.

Getting To Byron Bay Australia Is Easy

Byron Bay Airport

Byron Bay Airport

We chose to 🛫 fly from Sydney to Byron Bay, because of our time constraints. It was fast, easy and surprisingly, very affordable!

You also have the option of 🚍 bus transportation or taking the 🚂 train, but will take you much longer, depending on how much time you have and your budget. Our travel agent back in Canada, suggested flying as the best alternative, to that of the train.

With the specials on at that time, it ended up cheaper in the long run as well. 🤑

This is one of the many reasons and …

👩 Benefits of Booking With A Travel Agent, 👩

especially with a consultant who specializes in travel specifically to the country you are visiting.

Virgin Airlines Australia

Virgin Airlines Australia

Beautiful Sunsets In Byron Bay

We always made sure to make our way to the beach just before 🌅 sunset, to enjoy the view and entertainment each evening along its shores.

Check out my short 📹 video below taken one evening, as the sun was setting and the musical entertainment you can expect while staying in the area.

Sun Setting on Byron Bay


Byron Bay, Australia Sunset – YouTube Video

Australia’s Eastern Most Point

Byron Bay not only has beautiful beaches to enjoy surrounded by lush rain forests, it is also the most {eastern point} of Australia.

The ⚓ Cape Byron Lighthouse and State Conservation Area are located here as well, that are definitely worth visiting.

Cape Byron Headland Reserve

Cape Byron Headland Reserve Sign

It’s a pleasant 🥾 hike from the main beach, offering spectacular views of the surrounding Bay and area. This is not to be missed when visiting Byron Bay.

Cape Byron Lighthouse

Cape Byron Lighthouse

“You simply have to visit Cape Byron Lighthouse when you’re in Byron Bay – the shipwreck history was fascinating, and the views from the top weren’t bad either.”

🐢 Turtles, 🐬 dolphins and 🐋 humpback whales can be viewed from this vantage point at certain times of the year.

We watched 🐬 dolphins swimming along the rocky banks from the Lighthouse viewpoint on our visit!

Shopping, Dining And Much More In Byron Bay

Byron Bay Town Center

Byron Bay Town Center

The town comes alive at night, with a variety of interesting shops and galleries to browse through in the town center. As well, there are a number of restaurants, bars, small cafes and more to suit all tastes and budget.

Byron Bay Market Food Vendor

Byron Bay Market Food Vendor

We enjoyed the small market in one of the parks nearby, with food vendors offering delicious home cooked meals and at very affordable prices!

Accommodations For Every Budget

BreakFree Eco Beach Resort Byron Bay

BreakFree Eco Beach Resort Byron Bay

From hostels, private rentals, modest to luxury accommodation, Byron Bay has it all in and around the town center.

For those renting or arriving in their 🚌 Recreational Vehicles, then camping is ideal here and there’s a campground right in town!

We chose a modestly priced chain 🏨 hotel, located just a few minutes walk from the town center. The selection is endless in this town for suitable accommodations, for everyone’s travel budget.

From luxury hotels to affordable fun camper van rentals

Australia Camping Van Rentals

Final Thoughts Banner

Byron Bay is the perfect holiday resort destination for those looking for a more relaxed beach get-a-way, than that of busier 🏄 Surfers Paradise, to the north. If your travel plans include Australia and the east coast, then I definitely recommend a stop or stay at Byron Bay.

You won’t be disappointed!

I’ve also listed the 🏖 Official Byron Bay Visitor Centre link below to their website page. It’s filled with excellent information on everything this beautiful part of Australia has to offer.

🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for its exact location. 🗺

Byron Bay Visitor Centre Logo

🌅 Byron Bay Visitor Centre 🌅

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“Melbourne Australia Has The World’s Largest Greek Population Outside Of Athens Rome.”

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