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Boeing Dreamliner Safe Flying {Video}

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Flying Safety
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Boeing Dreamliner Demonstration Flight Video

I received a newsletter in my 📧 inbox from one of my favorite travel websites. There was an article in the newsletter that sparked my interest. It was about just how ✈ Safe Air Travel really is.

I thought I would share some of the statistics and this amazing …

🎥 Boeing Dreamliner Safe Flying Video 🎥

with you. There is no doubt that flying commercially is by far the safest mode of travel you will ever take.

It is reported that over {3 million people}, take flights daily from around the 🌎 world. This is staggering number of people taking flights each and every day. Stats show that there are over {250,000 commercial flights} daily. This does not take into account the huge number of 🛩 non-commercial and private flights, flown each and every day.

❓ Is the Boeing 787-9 Safe? ❓

Check out this incredible short 📹 video clip of this airplane on a test flight, and see just what this aircraft can really do!

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Safe Flying- Youtube Video

Airplane Travel Is The Safest Mode Of Transportation

Back in 2006, the 📰 New York Times reported that in the United States alone, 760 million people took flights on commercial airlines safely. An amazing safety record, but are you still skeptical?

Is the Dreamliner and/or Commercial Air Travel on any aircraft for that matter, Safe? ❓ Well here’s another statistic to think about …

“You have about a one in three million chance of being involved in a serious airline crash with numerous fatalities. Here’s an amazing statistic from the {Insurance Corporation for Highway Safety} in the United States.

On average, more than a plane load of people die each and every day on 🛣 roads, in this country alone!”

Stringent Safety Inspections Are Routine

Safe Flying

Airlines perform regular preventative maintenance on their aircraft, having to meet all requirements as set out by the {Federal Aviation Administration} in the United States.

This goes with similar agencies, around the world. 🌎

These well trained inspectors, ensure airlines are operating their planes safely and up to required standards. Routine performance inspections of aircraft and pilots, are done regularly as well.

Inspectors also attend at repair facilities the airlines use for inspections and maintenance. Much like you regularly service your car, flying in a well maintained older aircraft is generally, just as safe. Planes are maintained and operated to meet … very stringent safety standards.

Much like how one maintains an older automobile, that lasts for years and years. It’s because of; continuous routine preventative maintenance!

Back Up Systems In Place For Increased Safety

Today, all major commercial airplane systems are designed with a main, secondary, auxiliary and an emergency system. This, in order to guarantee the utmost safety of its passengers flying with their airline.

Jumbo Jets Like The Boeing Dreamliner Can Actually Glide

Air India Airplane

Did you know that in the event of a catastrophic all engine failure at 35,000 feet, the largest of airplanes can glide for at least 30 minutes, before it reaches the ground? ❓

In fact, many of you may recall many years ago, this actually occurred on an 🍁 Air Canada flight. Engines failed and the 👨 pilot was able to glide the aircraft safely to the ground, at an available airport within its reach.

Even though engines may fail, 👨 pilots can still maintain control and maneuver the plane, as that of a glider.

Final Thoughts Banner

Wrapping things up here, 🛫 air travel is extremely safe and one should sit back, relax and enjoy the experience!

Think about what an amazing feat we have accomplished in just a few years. We can fly around the globe easily, comfortably and in less time ever imagined.

I’ve taken a few flights on the {Dreamliner} in past years, traveling for over 13 1/2 hours non-stop! 😲

Years ago, this would have required at least one to two stops on route, changing flights. I can hardly wait to see the advances in air travel in the years to come!

Do you worry about flying? ❓ After reading this article and video, do you feel a little more relaxed and safe about air travel? ❓

Be sure to check out my post on my review and flight with …

✈ Sunwing Airlines, ✈

and our pilots priority for safety regarding seating and proper weight configuration.

Below, I’ve included the official website link to the 🍁 National Airlines Council of Canada. Another good read on; Safe & Secure Airline Travel.


✈ NACC ✈

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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✨   Did You Know …

“Large Multi-Engine AirPlanes Can Fly Safely With Just One Engine And They Are Capable Of Gliding & Landing Without Any Running.”

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