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BioScarf Stylish Air Filter Scarf {For Travel}

BioScarf from eartheasy
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BioScarf from eartheasy

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BioScarf Air Filtering Scarf – Eartheasy Featured Product

I was contacted by an eco-friendly company known as {Eartheasy}, not long ago. This is a family business that is committed to bringing you; practical products and information for sustainable living. They asked if I would be willing to try out and review their …

🌺 BioScarf Stylish Air Filter Scarf, 🌺
that’s great for travel.

Living in 🍁 Canada and traveling a great deal on ✈ long-haul flights, my wife and I were delighted to have the opportunity to try this scarf out during the upcoming 🌨 Fall season.

We were going to be taking a 🍁 Cross Canada journey by way of; 🛫 Air Travel, 🚂 Train and 🚗 Auto. These scarves would be great for those 🌨 Cool Fall Canada days, and also for filtering the bad air that circulates often during air travel.

I’m always the one that seems to pick up a 🤧 cold virus of some sort from flying, especially on those longer flights. It doesn’t matter how hard I try to prevent it, I always manage to catch something.

This eco-friendly scarf would be great to try!

Eartheasy – Offering Eco-Friendly Products Including BioScarf

Cyclist Wearing Bioscarf

Our family are very concerned and as with most of us these days, with the status of our environment.

Climate change is drastically affecting our 🌎 planet and we all have to be more responsible, in the way and how we live. I not only was impressed with this product, but also with; Eartheasy and their Mission.

“Eartheasy provides solutions for sustainable living in the form of eco-friendly products, comprehensive guides, and informative articles. At Eartheasy, we believe we can enrich our lives and ensure a healthy future while also reducing our impact on the environment.”

I’ve included a link below, where you can read more about their Mission statement. It outlines how they are contributing to organizations, to help make a healthier planet for us all.

🌎   Eartheasy – Mission

About The Bioscarf Air Filtering Scarf

Woman Wearing A Bioscarf

Bioscarf is a new scarf product recently introduced into the marketplace by a small family run business. This is a patent pending stylish product, that features a built in particulate air filter inside the fabric.

Testing by FDA’s premiere laboratories was completed and certified to filter out 99.75% of airborne pollutants and contaminants such as ..

Smoke, Pollen, Pollution, and Germs that cause Colds and the Flu.

Brief Description:

Lady Wearing A Bioscarf

✔  Built- In N95 Air Filter:

The air filter is integrated into the design of the scarf. Between the layers of polyester is a proprietary air filter that keeps out airborne pollutants.

✔ Tested at Nelson Laboratories:

Tested and certified to filter out 99.75% of airborne pollutants.

✔ Reusable Filter:

Bioscarf’s built in N95 air filter is reusable. Simply hand wash and reuse over and over.

✔ A Versatile, Stylish, Cold Weather Scarf:

For travel, everyday life filtering contaminants and in cold weather.

✔ Large Scarf – Fits All:

A Super stylish air filter scarf. Measures 84’’ x 9’’

Man Wearing Bioscarf

Final Thoughts Banner The scarfs were a great addition to our travel clothing for the time of year we traveled. They kept us cozy warm outdoors in the cool air, and offered protection in confined spaces as well.

We found them very soft and comfortable and easy to pack, taking very little room in our carry on.

Be sure to visit Eartheasy to view their many wonderful products for {safe and secure} purchasing online.


🚶 Eartheasy 🚶

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It appears at this time, the scarf is no longer available for sale at Eartheasy, but you can easily access the BioScarf main website for more information and purchase options.

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“India Is Known For Having The Largest Number Of Vegetarians In The World.”

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