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Better Travel Photo Tips {From The Experts}

Travel Photography Tips

Travel Photography Tips
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Tips To Help Take Your Travel Photos To The Next Level

I’ve always enjoyed taking photos as a hobby, especially when traveling. In this post, my guest author offers 📸 7 Better Travel Photo Tips, to help your photography to that – Next Level.

Being able to document and share your travel experiences with friends and family through photography can be very rewarding.

Capturing those incredible sights, the delicious food, vibrant markets and the people you meet and see, is the best way to take memories home with you.

It’s always nice to be able to look back on photos down the road and remember the wonderful times you had!

While most anyone can snap a photo, taking great 📸 photos is even better. Below, are a few quick tips that will help you take your travel photography to the next level.

First, take a look at this excellent 3 Minute 📹 Video From {Mango Street,} on a couple of great photography tips.

Take Better Travel Photos Like Chris Burkard – YouTube Video



Seven Tips For Taking Great Travel Photos


Research Your Destination

Better Travel Photo Tips #1

Travel Destinations Sign Post

First off, Dive into those 📚 travel books and websites and start reading about your chosen destination. Get an idea of the main sights and attractions to see, as well as those off the beaten path.

Find out about local spiritual or religious events, holidays, festivals and other celebrations that might be happening during your stay.

Take time to 📸 photograph the classic sights, but also take time to wander. Stroll around with your camera at the ready – you never know what you might find! 🙂

Pack A Tripod

Better Travel Photo Tips #2

Better Travel Photo Tips

A lightweight tripod will definitely expand your options for taking great photographs.

In low light situations such as indoors, at sunrise, dusk, or even at night, a tripod will allow you to use slower shutter speeds to let in more light.

You will be able to shoot the city at night, beautiful evening scenes and those starry skies. Without a tripod, try to avoid using shutter speeds below 1/60 of a second, because they will be noticeably blurry.

If you really don’t want to lug a tripod around, try to find a wall, a table, or another sturdy surface to stabilize your camera on, especially in low light conditions.

Many photographers travel with a small bean bag that allows them to position their camera on, to get the right shot.

Take Advantage Of The Golden Hour

Better Travel Photo Tips #3

Photography Tips

Good lighting can make all the difference in your shots. During the 🌄 early morning and evening hours, the sunlight is soft and golden and ideal for photography.

This time is known as the “Golden Hour” or “Magic Hour.”

Take advantage of the beautiful and natural light!

Look For Everyday Life

Better Travel Photo Tips #4

Travel Photo Tips

Everyday life in the place you are traveling to, is likely very different from life at home. Sometimes it’s the photos of local people engaged in their everyday activities, that end up being the most interesting.

Capture these examples of daily life and culture, to give others an idea of what life is like in the part of the world you are traveling in.

A telephoto lens is great for capturing distant scenes and people going about their everyday tasks. This will allow you to shoot from father away which is less invasive.

Helpful Tips Banner

If you’re wanting to take a picture of a stranger up close, always be courteous and ask for permission beforehand.


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It’s best to ask strangers if they would mind if you shot a few photos of them. If approached in an open and friendly manner, many people will more than likely be flattered.

We can all be shy sometimes, but the worst that can happen is that they will just say no. If they do, just smile and politely thank them anyway and move on. 😎

Include People In Your Photos

Better Travel Photo Tips #5

Travel Photo Taking Tips

It can be difficult to capture the grandness of a ⛪ cathedral or the size of the 🏛 coliseum without a – point of reference. Including a passerby, a car or a traveling companion in your photos, can provide a sense of scale.

Many times, a café, park or city square will look more interesting and lively filled with people rather than always empty.

Add some context to your photo by including someone doing something relevant such as; a person reading at a café, activities, or just someone walking their 🐕 dog through the park.

Capture The Feeling

Better Travel Photo Tips #6

Traveling Photo Tips

Think about capturing the feeling of the place you are traveling in. For example, if it’s a rugged coastline being battered by 🌊 waves, find an angle where you can capture a that perfect wave crashing onto the shore.

If it’s a bustling market, don’t wait for a lull in the crowd. Instead, capture the movement of people coming and going and the vibrant colors of produce in the stands.

Try to depict the character and the ambiance of the place. You want your photos to trigger those memories and feelings that you had.

Like when you were wandering through that market in Marrakesh, or standing on top of a mountain you climbed in Patagonia for example.

Shoot In RAW

Better Travel Photo Tips #7

RAW Photography

For more advanced photography, shooting in – RAW, gives you more flexibility to edit your photos, whereas JPEGs are automatically processed by your camera.

You won’t always have time to get your camera settings perfect, especially when traveling. Maybe you forgot to adjust the white balance, or your shot came out too dark.

“A camera RAW image is an unprocessed photograph captured with a digital camera.”

Having the ability to apply a few quick fixes to your images by shooting in – RAW, can be a life saver.

RAW images do take up more storage space, so you will want to travel with an extra SD card and a hard drive that you can transfer your images onto, each time you finish shooting.

Lightroom is a great tool for simple editing of RAW photos. If you haven’t tried it yet, start with a free trial and some simple tutorials and you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Before you know it you’ll be able to; lighten shadows, reduce haze, remove that stray tourist that was in your shot, and adjust the white balance.

Your 📸 photos will come out looking more finished and professional!

Better Travel Photo Tips

Photo by David Bartus from Pexels

Final Thoughts Banner

Try these photo taking tips out on your next trip and you should come home with a set of beautiful photos you will be proud to print or share in a digital picture frame with your family and friends.

Guest Author at Gr8 Travel Tips

Guest Author:

Linda Halabi is a writer and photographer who writes creative content on behalf of the digital picture frame experts at Nixplay. An avid traveler and culture enthusiast, she loves to fit in adventures whenever possible.

When not working, you can find her exploring the outdoors, doing yoga and cooking healthy vegetarian food. You can connect with Linda on LinkedIn.

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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I am happy to present this collaborative guest post in the hopes of offering some interesting travel inspiration and helpful information to you as well.
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