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Best Gas Prices In America With GasBuddy {App}

RV Camping Class C Motorhome
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Best Gas Prices

Post Last Modified – February 18, 2024 ¦

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Use GasBuddy To Find The Best Gas Prices In America Fast

The 🧭 GasBuddy website makes it easy to find the best real time ⛽ gas prices most anywhere in North America. I’ve been using this 🥇 award winning website and app for many years now, especially when we travel in our 🚍 Recreational Vehicle.

Finding the …

⛽ Best Gas Prices With GasBuddy, ⛽

has saved us a ton of 💰 money while traveling throughout 🍁 Canada and the 🦅 United States.

A superb interactive website, to help you find best gas prices posted – real time.

Best Gas Prices With GasBuddy – Promotion Video


Naturally if you Google a topic, you’re bound to find something to match your search. Well, I not only found a website that 💵 Displays Real Time Gas Prices, but it’s an 🏆 award winning website as well!

It’s called {GasBuddy} and it definitely should be used, if you’re looking for the best gas prices around. We own a 🚌 Class C Motor Home and with an average of; 12 to 14 miles per gallon, I’m always on the lookout for best gas prices.

RV Camping Class C Motorhome

What I find remarkable coming from 🍁 Canada, is that the price of gas in the United States can vary greatly from; one station to next. ❓

You can find different 🏆 prices even at the same intersection of a town or city in the U.S. Using this app when traveling, I have worked out overall in our travels, that I can save up to 10 cents a gallon on average.

I can do this by spending a few moments on this website, searching for a station with the best price on our chosen route.

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Get Present Day And Future Gas Prices Quickly

gasbuddy logo

There is tons of great information on this website, along with some useful travel links as well.  

It’s no wonder Time Magazine and PC Mag have rated them in past years, as one of the – Top 100 Websites and the accolades keep coming!

Earn Points & Win Prizes On The GasBuddy Website

Win Prizes

What’s also really cool, is you can contribute to the website and earn points and prizes. All you have to do is register, sign-in whenever you can, and list the gas prices for the stations in your area.

What I really like, is you can get {real time and up to date gas prices,} wherever you may be traveling. This is how you can take advantage of the best prices offered, in that particular area.

A handy resource helping everyone save money at the ⛽ pumps!

GasBuddy is loaded with great stuff. By registering for free, you can have your own member’s page. If so inclined, you can submit pictures, add a profile and much more!

How Much is Gas Costing You?

Class C Motorhome Camping

They also have a handy {Trip Cost Calculator} on their website. It helps you in planning your journey and shows what stations along the way, offering the best fuel prices at that time.

This is where you can plan out your trip, select your vehicle from a drop down list and get driving directions to your destination.  With a click of the 🐭 mouse, the trip calculator will guide you to the cheapest gas prices available at that time.

If you’re planning a long road trip, the savings could be huge!

The calculator will even show your gas savings, by using the stations suggested along the way. All of this, because of the little time registered members take, to inform the website of gas prices for that day and time in their community.

Plan Ahead And Get The Best Gas Prices For Your Journey

future gas prices

My wife and I always enjoy traveling and camping in our motorhome every season. One place we love heading to from home in BC, Canada is to the annual …

🏁 NASCAR Races, 🏁

in 🏜 Phoenix, Arizona. We usually travel well over 3000 miles on a typical roundtrip from Canada.

I calculated that by using Gas Buddy along the way, we save at least 10 cents per gallon on average!

When you are talking about a Class C motor home with a 55 gallon fuel tank, the savings were amazing over 3000 miles! 🙂

I have made sure to permanently bookmark this excellent website on our laptop. We have the app downloaded on our 📱 cellphone and can check in daily while traveling. We even use it regularly, here at home. 

Every 💵 dollar saved on gas expenses, is an added bonus for us. It allows us to enjoy spending the saved money on better things while on our vacation.

On our last trip, the money we saved on gas paid for some very nice meals.:)


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Final Thoughts Banner

You can also download neat gadgets and desktop widgets from their site. These can display up to the minute gas prices for your area. 

If you haven’t checked out this website for travel in the United States and Canada, then I suggest you give it a try before your next fuel stop. Below, I’ve add a link to their Official website for your convenience to check out.

gasbuddy logo

⛽ GasBuddy – Find Local Gas Prices ⛽

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