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The Benefits Of Yoga & Meditation {Over 50}

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Benefits of Yoga & Meditation
Post Last Modified – November 09, 2023 ¦

Experience The Health Benefits of Yoga & Meditation Over 50

Think you’re too old to start practicing gentle yoga and meditation? ❓ Well think again! Below, I’ve put together a brief look at the many …

🌺 Benefits of Yoga & Meditation, 🌺

for people of any age for that matter. This post is based on my personal experience and only intended as another avenue to consider, in helping to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

A few seasons ago, my wife and I on took part in a 4 day intensive {Inner Engineering Program}, in 🍁 Vancouver, BC. This yoga and meditation program was developed by one of the most influential people on this planet. 🌎

His name is; Sadhguru and he is the founder of the {ISHA Foundation} in India.

Yoga & Meditation Over 50 – Health & Wellness

We are both over 60 years of age and have been physically active, for pretty much our entire lives. I’ve enjoyed and engaged in a variety of ⚾ sports throughout my childhood, and well into my adult life.

From; baseball, basketball, pretty much anything to do with a ball, I’ve played! 🏓

My career as a 👮 police officer was spent mostly on a 🏍 motorcycle, working in all kinds of 🌧 inclement weather throughout the year. Over the years, I have also sustained my share of unfortunate 🤕 injuries. Some of my own doing and some not! 

Without going into great detail, my body has had its fair share of; broken bones, torn ligaments, surgical procedures and more. I’ve also been fortunate enough to develop {severe arthritis}, in various parts of body as well.

Oh well!

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Given this, I don’t dwell on things and still try to maintain a very active lifestyle. I work out at the gym,
🚶 walk daily, ride my 🚴 bike and enjoy 🏊 swimming. So when asked if I would be interested in taking a gentle yoga and 🙏 meditation program, I’ve never been one to say no.

My wife and our grown children, have been practicing various types of yoga and meditation for years. I could never really see myself being able to do some of those funky monkey 🤸 yoga poses, especially with all my ailing joints!

First Days Of The Meditation Program

Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

Arriving at the studio in Vancouver, I was a little skeptical and apprehensive at first, especially dealing with the whole meditation thing. But after arriving, I was quite surprised and I must say, also relieved to see the mixture of people taking part in this program. 

There were people of all ethnic backgrounds and ages, ranging from late teens to some I would guess, were in their late 70’s or later. A few people I noticed, also had; severe physical handicaps. I was really inspired by their willingness to take part in such a program.

The first days consisted of very gently yoga, known as {UPA Yoga and Yoga Namaskar}. Something I could definitely handle, but still found completely foreign to what my body has been used to doing for so many years. I was beginning to use muscles that I never knew existed!

But at all times, you are able to work at your own pace, while introducing your body to this new form of exercise.

Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

The meditation practiced involves relaxation in the form of; breathing, chanting and tranquil meditation, while seated in the Lotus position. A little odd at first, but after a few days, you start to get the hang of it!

All in all, it was a very enjoyable experience and one that was definitely worth taking.

The Health Benefits Experienced After The Program

Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

Our instructor had told us, that each and every one of us will experience different reactions and benefits down the road. If we stuck with the regime for {40 days and practiced regularly}, we would begin to experience the benefits of yoga and meditation, combined.

Over this time, I did begin to notice subtle changes, both physically and mentally. These were positive changes that were starting to occur with me. On the physical side, I could now sit in the {Lotus} position longer and longer each day, without feeling like a broken pretzel.

As well, my muscles slowly but surely, were actually starting to become more flexible!

On the mental side, I began starting to feel a sense of calm inside. During the short meditation cycle, I noticed that my heart rate would slow dramatically and I would become in a very; relaxed state of mind.

Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

The Health Benefits Yoga & Meditation Have Made

I’ve been practicing on and off for a few years now, and I still feel changes happening both inside and out. I have increased energy and vitality, and have also noticed that I feel a more; calm state of mind and well-being.

I don’t let things bother me or frustrate me like I used to, and seem to just take things in stride now.

These benefits of practicing simple yoga and meditation feel great. I only wish now that I would have started years ago. Now remember, I was physically fit and active prior to starting this program, but always with many physical ailments that I have been dealing with for years.

Think of the benefits gentle yoga and meditation can have for those of you who have not been as active over the years and/or, do suffer from any physical or mental discomfort.

Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

Remember, it’s never too late to start something new, especially something that will improve one’s overall health and well-being.  We can only help ourselves and do everything we can to live a healthy and happy life.

Recently, my son has introduced me to {Breathwork}, which is; conscious, controlled breathing. It is a practice for; relaxation, meditation and/or, therapeutic purposes.

So get off that sofa and give gentle yoga and meditation a try, you just might be glad you did!

Final Thoughts Banner

Below, I’ve included a link to another very good article from a reputable website called; healthline. It’s on – 12 Science-Based Benefits of Meditation.

healthline logo

🙏 healthline – benefits of meditation

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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