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Beers From Around The World {Popular}

Beers From Around the World

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A Collection Of Great Beers From Around The World

I decided to dust off my collection of knick knacks in my office shelf the other day and took notice of all the cans and bottles of …

🌺 Beers From Around the World,🌺
that I’ve collected over the years while traveling.

Naturally, they were all empty! 😉

One thing I do enjoy doing, is bringing home a beer or more from the country that I have traveled to. I must admit, I love an ice cold beer, especially while on a hot tropical beach vacation. There’s nothing like an 🍺 ice cold beer on a beautiful hot 🌞 sunny day!  

I also really do enjoy sampling the locally brewed beer, when traveling to new destinations. Actually some of the bottles and cans of beer that I have brought home are quite unique looking, with their own individual branding.

Many I find, make a nice collectable souvenir!

As I was eye balling all these trophies, I thought it would be fun to share some of these samplings with you. I’ve included a little bit of history of each beer along the way!

Let’s get started with a look at this excellent {Corona Beer} Commercial Video!

Corona Extra Commercial – YouTube Video

I have tried to keep things a little organized for you, listing the beers from each country around the 🌎 world.

Traveling The World In Search Of Great Beer

North America

Coors … [United States]

Coors Beer

This is one of the great tasting world famous beers that have been around since 1873. A man name Adolph Coors from Golden Colorado began brewing this Pilsner style beer.

Originally known as “The Banquet Beer” and was the choice of beers for hard working laborers years back. Coors is also known for been brewed with 🏔 100% Rocky Mountain Water and still is today.

This beer has always been a personal favorite of mine when visiting and enjoying …

🦅 Holidays In The United States. 🦅


Budweiser … [United States]

Budweiser Beer

It seems, one can travel most anywhere in the world and order one of these beers.  I think you would agree, that Budweiser beer is advertised in more places in the world than any other brand. 

The Brand – Budweiser, is certainly a household name known most everywhere in the world.

Their beer is covered on; billboards, television advertising, displayed on stock cars at Premier …
🏁 NASCAR Races🏁 ,
on clothing and on about anything else you can imagine.

Proudly displayed as “👑 The King of Beers”, Budweiser started brewing in 1876 in St Louis Missouri, by the E. Anheuser Brewing Association. The name was chosen from a town in E. Anheuser’s native country of Germany known as ‘Budweis.’

Critics have said that Germany has had a beer named; Budweiser for hundreds of years, which has caused great disputes with both companies.

Surprisingly, Budweiser is not the top selling beer in the world. China in fact, gets this honor!


Lonestar … [United States]

lone star beer

I sampled this historic beer while touring through the Great State of Texas a few years ago. Established in 1884, Lonestar was the first official brewery in Texas.

Proudly branded as “The National Beer of Texas”, the original brewery is now non-existent, but is still brewed by one other major brewery in the U.S.

This is classified as an – American Style Lager.


Dixie … [United States]

Dixie Beer

I tried this classic beer many years ago on our holidays in New Orleans.  The Dixie Brewing Company started in 1907 and is still brewed under contract today!

The main brewery was heavily damaged during Hurricane Katrina and also ransacked after the storm as well.

Dixie’s signature beer is a – Lager style.

“Slowly aged and brewed with crystal clear water, genuine barley malt, choice hops, select grains, and pure yeast.”

Kona Longboard … [United States / Hawaii

kona beer

While enjoying a lovely holiday to 🏖 Waikiki Beach – Oahu Hawaii and while shopping at the corner store, I couldn’t help but notice a very colorful bottle of beer displayed in the cooler.

This has to be the most eye-catching and colorful beer label I have ever seen, which caught my attention immediately!

🎩 Hats off to Kona Brewing Companies Marketers! 

The name displayed on the beer label says; ‘Longboard Island Lager’.  Well and as fate has it, I just had to try one of these beauties!

“Exceptionally smooth … Longboard Island Lager is a smooth refreshing lager fermented and aged for five weeks at cold temperatures to yield its exceptionally smooth flavor. A delicate, slightly spicy hop aroma complements the malty body of this beer.”

Kona Brewing Co.

The Kona Brewing Co. opened in 1994 and creates superb lagers and ales.  You can have a look at their very unique and colorful website at …

Kona Brewing Co. Logo

🌺 Kona Brewing Co. 🌺



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Kokanee … [Canada]

Kokanee Glacier Beer

This local favorite is brewed in my home Province of British Columbia.  A Pilsner style Lager beer is brewed in British Columbia’s Kootenay district, in the small town of Creston.

The beer is commonly referred to as; ‘🌊 Kootenay’s Glacier Fresh’ beer.

Enjoy a Cold Kokanee when visiting B.C. Canada!


Molson Canadian … [Canada]

Molson Canadian Beer

This is 🍁Canada’s oldest brewery, which was founded in 1786 by John Molson in Montreal. The company has prospered over the years and now offers several different brands and styles of beer to consumers.

Molson has also formed a merger with Coors in the United States. Molson is a widely recognized as a major sponsor for a variety of major public events in Canada.

The company’s very successful slogan used for their beer has been …

🍂 True Canadian Taste. 🍂

Their traditional  Molson Canadian beer is a lager.

World Beers in the Caribbean

Presidente … [Dominican Republic]

Presidente Beer

Our family have had the good fortune of vacationing in the 🏝 Dominican Republic a few times in past years, and this local beer ranks as one of my favorites.

Presidente has been brewed on the Island since 1929 and is still the preferred beer among locals and visitors to the country. 

Una fria or simply … a cold one is their traditional brand saying for this excellent tasting beer!

This Cerveza is a Pilsner style of Lager.

👣 Footnote 👣

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Red Stripe … [Jamaica]

Red Stripe Beer

“The Great Jamaican Beer”

… but it appears this beer is really not from Jamaica! 🙁

This choice island lager was announced in 1928. Red Stripe is known for having; moderate in body, bitterness, hop aroma and a low butterscotch flavor.

A multiple award winning beer receiving several international medals for outstanding quality and overall taste. Some impressive awards include 🥇 gold medals at the; ‘Monde Selection’ and the ‘Grand Gold Medal’ in Barcelona, Spain in 1991.

The beer is known for moderate in body, bitterness, hop aroma and a low butterscotch flavor.

 Cristal … [Cuba]

Cristal Beer Cuba

Cristal beer is more commonly known as “La Preferida de Cuba”, or more accurately described as the preferred beer of 🏝 Cuba.   Cristal leads the Cuban beer market with almost 80% of all beer sales in the Country.

This is quite an accomplishment for the many different brewers in the country! 😉

Known for its high quality taste, this Pale Lager beer is brewed from a careful mixture of top quality Cuban ingredients and pure natural spring water.

A very good beer indeed!

Bucanero … [Cuba]

Bucanero Beer Cuba

This is another Cuban favorite especially among British tourists. The reason is because of this beers rich lager content and a high alcohol volume of 5.4%.

An eye-catching brand depicting a 🏴 Buccaneer 🏴 on the label is now becoming one of the favorite imported beers.

Balashi … [Aruba]

Balashi Beer Aruba

I received this bottle of beer from a close friend while he was vacationing in 🌴 Aruba. Balashi is a fairly new comer to the beer industry, getting started in 1998.

Since their inception, they have been the recipient of many prestigious awards world-wide!

Klaus Eckert, a world renowned brew master, imports his malt directly from Scotland and hops from Germany.  A perfect combination for award winning beer and in the Caribbean no less. This is one of the leading world beers and not to be taken lightly. A beer that simply must be tried when visiting Aruba or as an import.

The name ‘Balashi’ comes from a location on the Island where gold and mining ruins are now located, hence the beautiful ‘Gold’ color of this Pilsner Style Lager beer!

Medalla … [Puerto Rico}

Medalla Beer

The Medalla brewery was established in 1937 in Puerto Rico by the brothers ‘Cobian’.  A distinct Pale Lager beer enjoyed by locals and those visiting Puerto Rico.

Their signature beer today is Medalla Light.

A few years back, while enjoying one of our family cruise holidays, we made a brief stop in the City of San Juan.After spending the afternoon touring in the hot tropical sun, of course, I found myself in search of an ice cold locally brewed beer! 😀

The Medalla Light was a very refreshing beer with a smooth overall taste!

Port Royal … [Honduras]

Port Royal Export Beer

Referred to as ‘Cervecería Hondureña’, this brewery dates back to 1925.  It is now the only brewing company in Honduras. Port Royal is a cold filtered Pilsner beer and the one most popular in Honduras.

Could that be that it is the only local beer in the Honduras?

Excellent Beer of the World – Mexico

Modelo … [Mexico]

Modelo Beer Mexico

The largest brewer in the country producing a premium beer known as ‘Modelo Especial’, brewed in 🏜 Mexico since 1925.

This extremely popular beer is ranked #2 overall in the total United States beer sales.  Now that’s quite an accomplishment!

The company known as ‘Grupo Model’ is the sixth largest brewery in the world, producing many very well – known beers such as…

  • Corona
  • Pacifico
  • Estrella
  • Victoria

My son captured this Photo in Cozumel Mexico

Corona Beer Mexico


A very well-known brand of Mexican beer around the globe, but is definitely not the preferred beer with locals in Mexico. 

With global importing to over 170 countries, it is no wonder Corona is one of the top selling beers in the world!

Corona brand is a Pale Lager type beer.

A Premier Beer from Spain

Cruzcampo … [Spain]

Cruzcampo Beer

While enjoying one of our few 🛳 cruise vacations, we cruised in the beautiful Mediterranean which included the country of Spain. 

On one of our ⚓ port of calls, I was able to try their local beer called; ‘Cruzcampo’. This beer has a distinct German influence since its inception in 1904. Going back to the original brewers to a familiar German logo displayed on the bottles.

Cruzcampo’s name comes from a stone cross “La Cruz Del Campo.”  This is not only the best selling beer in the country, but is also a top selling brand throughout Europe as well.  

Their top selling beer is a; Pilsner Lager. The breweries logo is …

“Beer Brings Enjoyment to the World,”

and still used today!

I’ll drink to that! 😀

Great Tasting Beer of the World – Asia

Leo … [Thailand]

Leo Beer Thailand

Just recently, we experienced some wonderful  🙏 Family Holidays to Thailand.  It was a spectacular trip and yes, they have excellent beer as well!  Thailand began brewing beer back in 1934.  Their most popular and well-known beers today are Singha and Chang lager beers.

There is another successful brand known as 🐯 LEO beer, which happens to have been my favorite.

LEO  is also produced at ‘Singha’ breweries and is slightly cheaper in price but tastes similar to an American style lager beer.

Served ice cold, this beer is very refreshing on those very 🥵 hot & humid days in Thailand!
Tiger … [Singapore]

Tiger Beer Vietnam

Having enjoyed a wonderful trip to Vietnam a few seasons ago, I discovered the award winning 🥵 Tiger Lager Beer. Originating from Singapore in 1932 and winning its first international beer award back in 1939, with many more to follow.

This beer can be found all throughout Asia and is a favorite in Vietnam among locals and visitors, who enjoy fine beer, arriving in this country in 1993.

A great tasting lager beer and definitely my favorite!

👣 Footnote 👣

🌷 Discover Attractions & More In Singapore 🌷

Mishqueza … [Ecuador]

Mishqueza Beer Ecuador

Our latest travels took us to {South America} for the very first time. We visited the City of Quito and then on to Galapagos Islands. What an amazing trip it was!

While in Quito, we were able to sample a very unique; Craft Agave Beer, called – Mishqueza. This beer is brewed with ingredients including the Agave Plant. It had a very distinctive taste!

Final Thoughts Banner

There you have it, my souvenir collection of bottles and cans of beer which are now empty of course and collecting dust on my office bookshelf!

I’ve also enjoy sampling all the different specialty 🍺 Craft Beers and the added health benefits associated with these great tasting beers.

The Travel Channel & thrillist websites have pages on {Beer From Around the World}, that’s also great to have a look at. I’ve add their links below for your convenience to check out.

travel channel logo

📺 Travel Channel – Beer Around The World 📺

thrillist logo

🌎 thrillist – Most Popular Beers 🌎

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

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