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Attractions In Milan Italy {Most Popular}

Milan Italy Attractions

Milan Italy Attractions

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6 Very Popular Tourist Attractions In Milan Italy

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Milan is a prosperous city located in the northern part of Italy. With a population well over a million, it is the second largest city in the country.

Teeming with history and filled with amazing attractions, it is a city not to be missed when visiting Italy.

Below, my guest author offers – 6 very popular attractions in 🏙 Milan, Italy not to be missed!

From 🏟 museums, heritage sites to professional football, world class shopping and outstanding restaurants throughout the city.

Milan is a {Must See} tourist destination!

Milan Italy

My guest author offers a brief look at just a few popular attractions in Milan, Italy.

Planning your vacation to one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Milan can become an experience of lifetime for you and your family.

Milan – The Italian City Surprises Tourists

Attractions In Milan Italy

Photo by Francesco Ungaro:

This Italian city is known for its; fashion, designs, art, culture and anything that is related to refined tastes and traditions.

While you can bask in the rich history and tradition of the city, you can also walk down its fashion streets. Stores filled with garments from some of top designers of the world, are lined up one after another!

Getting to Milan by ✈ air is extremely convenient, as the Italian city has two international airports – namely Malpensa and Linate.

Attractions In Milan Italy – Not To Be Missed

Milan Italy Skyline

Milan Italy Skyline

Exploring the labyrinth of – Castello Sforzesco

Spending the whole day at Castello Sforzesco will let you explore Milan’s history in an extensive way.

There are huge archives and 12 small museums in the complex, that have artifacts from – Paleolithic Age to modern times.

The place was an aristocratic court to the patron of – Leonardo da Vinci, Ludovico ‘il Moro’ Sforza. Though it was demolished during the French rule, it was restored later.

Innumerable art works and fine paintings and sculptures can be seen here.

Taking A Deep Look At The Last Supper

Milan Italy Attractions

Going to Milan and missing The Last Supper would be like committing a sin. This is Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece that has attracted millions of travelers and tourists from all parts of the world again and again.

The church of Santa Maria della Grazie contains the painting and it looks so very real. The painting is so very realistic in nature that you can easily catch the expressions of awe, shock and amazement of Jesus’s followers.

Capturing the moment when he said that he would be betrayed by one of his disciples!

The painting stood the test of time and stands in its perfect form till this date.

Sipping Some Great Italian Coffee

Italian Coffee

Milan is home to some of the finest coffee shops, where wide varieties of coffees are available for its guests.

It is quite interesting to see that local baristas often remember their regular customers and serve them their favorite coffee, which is quite pleasing.

Some of the most popular varieties of coffee that are enjoyed by people include …

☕  Cappuccino Scuro;
☕  Caffè Lungo Macchiato;
☕  Frappuccino

just to name a few. 🙂

Some of the popular cafes in the city include;  Trussardi Café, Bar Bianco, Caffe Verdi and Caffe Miani.

Scale The Duomo In Milan

Milan Italy Attractions – Duomo

Attractions In Milan Italy

Photo by Lorenzo Messina:

There would be no tourist who would go to Milan and not visit the – Duomo.

This structure presents an immensely picturesque sight and has stunned visitors since the early ages.

In Christianity, the Duomo is considered as the third largest church.

Duomo Milan Italy

The whole structure is made of polished marble and consists of 135 spires and 3500 statues. The Neo-Gothic and Baroque facades add to the beauty of the structure greatly.

The 5 grand bronze doors have been carved by various artists. 500 years is the time spent for creating this structure and some works are on till this day.

There is a lift that takes the tourists to the roof and it is possible to view the magnificent Alps from there.

The Rectangle Of Gold

Attractions In Milan Italy

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio:

A place for fashion conscious people – Milan undoubtedly is the fashion paradise of the world.

Though Paris might be expansive, checking out the fashion district in Milan is a pleasure in itself.

Milan is regarded as the powerhouse of fashion where styles shift from the ramps to clothes rails in just few weeks.

Attractions In Milan Italy

The Rectangle of Gold is the place in Milan, where tourists can check out all the top designers’ collections.

Some of the most popular designer stores in the area include those of Missoni, Chanel, Prada, Armani, and Versace.

Window shopping is a great pastime here, with most of the items overtly expensive for buying.

Football Clubs In The City

AC Milan football

If you are a football enthusiast, you must know about AC Milan and Inter Milan, the two most popular clubs from this city.

The San Siro Stadium stands evidence of the great rivalry between the clubs and visiting the museum will give information on the clubs, their players, traditions and so on.

There are many photographs and historical elements related to the clubs in the museum and any football fanatic is sure to love it!

Final Thoughts Banner

I’ve just touched on the many other places and attractions to see in Milan during your trip.

The above mentioned are {Must- See} visits, that definitely should be included during your stay.  Many tourists are actually amazed at the variety that Milan offers.

Come to the city – To Know It more!
Below, I’ve added a Tripadvisor website link for Milan tourism, outlining some great things to see and do in the city!

tripavisor logo

🌎  tripadvisor Milan

I’ve also listed an excellent link below to a Travel Milan website for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information to assist in your travel planning to this beautiful City in Italy.

YesMilano Logo

🌺 YesMilano Tourism

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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“Milan Is Italy’s Second Biggest City As Well As Being A Hub For Fashion And Design Talent.”

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