The Right Vitamins for Healthy Travel

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Vitamins for Healthy Travel

Choosing the Best Vitamins for Healthy Travel

Like most of us when we’re young, thinking about our health or even considering the thought of taking Vitamins for Healthy Travel was non – existent. But as we get older, maintaining our health becomes a lot more important to us, especially when we travel.

I love to travel, and in recent years, I have began traveling to more distant and foreign countries.  Some of the most recent exciting destinations we have experienced include; India, Vietnam and Thailand. Amazing experiences, but exciting as they are to visit, your system and what you eat, certainly are not what you are accustomed to at home.

Therefore, I believe taking health supplements along with you when traveling is important.

Vitamins for Healthy Travel

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For years, my wife and I had taken your typical generic daily multi-vitamin, along with a variety of other recommended vitamins you see advertised daily in newspaper flyers and advertisements. Do they really help?  Well I’m not a nutritionist or naturopath, but I had always believed that they certainly should assist in maintaining your overall health and well-being, as they don’t come cheap!

Well today, things appear quite different and in many cases, those vitamins really had no effect whatsoever, except for the companies making them enormously rich!

Vitamins for Healthy Travel include Glutathione


Today, I strongly believe that maintaining an active lifestyle and a good balanced diet is half the battle for healthy living. But, if you’re like me and have suffered several injuries over the years, along with a fairly stressful career, the body takes it toll and sometimes we need that little extra. This is where Glutathione comes in.

“Glutathione is created by your body to defend against outside influences and attackers like free radicals, chemical toxins, and heavy metals.” *

Unfortunately, our bodies level of if this amazing Molecule, reduces significantly after the age of twenty. Along with added; Stress, Injuries, Pollution, Poor Diet, Trauma, Prescription Medication Use and much more, our levels decrease which in turn, creates illness.

So, in just keeping with this storyline, yes, choosing the Best Vitamins for Traveling is now and has been since 2009, a very easy decision for our family.  We take a natural daily health supplement called MaxGXL, ordered from Max International.

We have taken MaxGXL daily for years and as one of our Travel Essentials. On my recent travels throughout India with my son for 7 weeks, I can’t imagine what I would have done without this supplement.  The noise, travel stress, pollution, change of diet and my age, all had a significant impact on my overall health and well-being.

Taking this Glutathione health supplement, kept me healthy and with increased energy throughout each day while traveling throughout the country. 🙂

The Benefits of Glutathione

Glutathione Benefits

Glutathione Benefits

Increases energy;

Slows the aging process;

Detoxifies the liver and cells;

Improves mental focus and clarity;

Reduces the effects of stress;

Improves skin health;

Improves athletic performance and recovery. 

The infographic chart above shows just some of the amazing benefits Glutathione has on our bodies. So, without maintaining our levels, you can just reverse what’s listed.  With reduced levels over time, illness is usually the end result.

Just do a Google search on Glutathione benefits, and the results are staggering and all positive. Below, I ‘ve added a link to an article written by Dr. Whitaker, a trusted and respected Wellness Doctor on the many benefits of Glutathione has on our bodies.

Packing Vitamins for Travel

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After years of packing a daily multi-vitamin, glucosamine and chondroitin supplements and others, we now pack one only for travel! Max International has lead the way in Glutathione research for years and their scientists have developed this supplement that will allow your body to produce its own natural source of Glutathione at a Cellular level!

I can honestly say, that since taking this health supplement since 2009, I have not even experienced a simple head cold and have increased energy and less aches and pains that are associated with my arthritis and past surgical procedures because of injuries sustained over the years.

Choosing the Best Vitamins for Healthy Travel


The choice is yours, but if you travel, it’s important to take care of yourself as best as you can.  This includes having the necessary travel shots recommended for your chosen destination, maintaining a healthy diet with exercise, and keeping yourself as safe as possible during travel by taking all the necessary precautions.

Max GXL Ingredients

maxgxl ingredient list

If you’re a baby boomer like us, or simply concerned about your health now and in the future, then I do recommend taking vitamins for travel in the form of this wonderful natural glutathione supplement known as MaxGXL .

Safe and Healthy Travels!

Healthy Travel Lifestyle

If you are Serious About Your Health, particularly during travel, then have a look at this amazing health supplement my family and I have been taking for years. It involves one of the most important ingredients in our bodies – Glutathione!

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I am proud to be a Max International Health Product Associate and always enjoy sharing my story with others! Just click on the Banner Below or Check Out My Recent Post on the Benefits of Glutathione for Healthy Travel for more detailed information. 🙂 There’s nothing to sign up for, no newsletter subscription or anything else, just a pdf file for you to view or download to your computer.

Live, Travel & Stay Healthy!

If you prefer and would like to learn more about MaxGXL and their other wonderful Natural Health Products, you can go directly to my Personal Max International Website by clicking on the link below.

Max International 

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Did You Know …

“Just taking a short vacation can actually lower your risk of heart disease.”

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