Affordable Family Holidays to Thailand

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Family Holidays to Thailand

Best Places to Visit in Thailand

Yes you can travel to and enjoy affordable family holidays to Thailand! With some careful planning we did just that and it was amazing!  Thailand is a unforgettable travel experience like no other to be found elsewhere in the world.

The people of Thailand are among the friendliest I have ever come across in all my years of travel!

The country has so much to offer and there are so many places and things to see. You can access pretty much every part of the country quickly and easily.   Choose your mode of transportation and arrive at your destinations either by plane, train, ferry or bus.

If you prefer luxurious 5 star resorts, modest bungalows or simply backpacking your way around in search of adventure, this beautiful country known as Thailand has it all! 😐 Check out this short video offering a preview of Thailand.

View on …

After viewing the video, you can see this country has so much to offer for most everyone.  Make your way to one of the many favorite tropical beach destinations or experience the many different unique regions and individualized cultures for that perfect Thailand Family Vacation!

Where is Thailand?

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Get To Know Thailand

Affordable Family Holidays to Thailand

Located in Southeast Asia in the center of the Indochina Peninsula, Siam is the former name of the Kingdom of Thailand.  The current population is just over 66 million people spread out over an immense area.

A Few Thailand Facts


This is the capital city of Thailand, where over 12 million people reside. Bangkok is an amazing City with new and old infrastructure mixed together.  This is definitely one of the great places in Thailand that simply must be experienced!


Is the official spoken language in the country, but not to worry, the English language is very common, especially among the younger Thai people.  The English language is taught in most schools.


The form of currency used most everywhere in Thailand is the Baht (THB)


This is the dominate religion where you will find many Monks and Temples scattered everywhere in your travels. The Thai people form one of the largest groups of Buddhism in the world.

Thai culture

The Thai culture is filled with history and includes an assorted mixture of Indian, Burmese, Lao, Chinese and Cambodian.

Thai Sports

Sports fans flock to Thailand to watch and partake in Muay Thai or Thai Boxing.  This is the country’s National Sport and can be watched in many parts of Thailand.  A Thai Boxing match is one of the unique things to see in Thailand! 😀


Driving in the country is done on the left, so for North Americans … Be careful!


Thailand is the 51st largest country area wise and 21st largest in population in the world. This huge country would easily fit into the State of Texas.

Thailand – Explore The History & Culture

Thailand Vacations

A quick look at Thailand’s geography and for your convenience, I have added an excellent link to a website offering a more detailed look at its history, geography, government and so much more.

Be sure to visit:

Also, simply Google  Thailand Travel on the internet and you will come up with many interesting and informative websites and blogs to browse through.

Places to Go on Holiday to Thailand

According to Thai statistics gathered, I have listed their Top 5 Thailand Holiday Travel Destinations below. But as you begin your search for your favorite location, you will soon discover there are many more wonderful and exciting places to visit in this beautiful country.

Beautiful Attractions in Thailand

Thailand Attractions

Top Destinations in Thailand


the capital of Thailand and the largest urban area in the country.


a very popular beach destination for tourists from all over the world.  Phuket is located on the south west coast of the country. Phuket is actually an island that can be reached very easily by vehicle, plane or ferry.

Hua Hin

this is one other very famous beach resort, which is located to the south of Bangkok, situated in the Malay Peninsula.

Chiang Mai

this large and vibrant city is located north of Bangkok and receives over 5 million visitors every year. Chiang Mai is intriguing, savoring its true Thai culture. Perfect for those in search of a more authentic Thai experience.


Thailand’s third largest island situated in the Gulf of Thailand.  A beautiful tropical beach resort island making Samui a major tourist attraction.  It is especially ideal for those traveling with families. This island is growing in popularity rapidly and fast ferries come and go at this location to outer islands and the mainland.

You can learn much more about each of these destinations in Thailand by visiting their official tourism website located at:


Thailand Holidays

Prepare Your Family Holidays to Thailand Travel List

Beautiful Destinations in Thailand

Thailand Travel

Choosing where to go for your vacation in Thailand can be a bit overpowering at times, because of the size of the country and number interesting places to visit.  So just how do you choose where to visit? 😯

What are family has done for many years is to prepare what we call a travel holiday list.  A fun way to get each family members insight on what they would like to see and do and where to go on our chosen holiday destination.  It pretty much works the same way as a travel packing list, as not to forget anything when packing your bags for holidays.

Here is a short point form list of questions and answers we try to follow for each vacation.  Let’s use Thailand as an example …

  • What would you like to do on your Thailand Family Vacation?
  • Does the destination choice fall within your budget?
  •  Is it safe to travel to Thailand?
  • Are there specific tours in mind?  For example … Elephant and Tiger tours.
  • How much traveling around the country do we want to do?

Just a few tips and suggestions on how our family decides on a where to go and stay on holidays.  I strongly suggest also visiting your local travel agency or visit online tourism websites for your particular chosen destination.  Speak with others and/or visit online forums for reviews to get an idea of what to expect.

I always check out the Trip Advisor website for great tips and suggestions. From dining, accommodation, tours to transportation, find  pretty much everything discussed for travel most anywhere in the world.

Join Us On Our Adventures to Thailand

Thailand Family Travel

Our family embarked on a wonderful 25 night adventure taking our first Holidays to Thailand!  Be sure to check out one of my recent articles on The Splendor of Thailand and others that I have completed since returning.  After completing our travel list, checking reviews, websites and discussing with others that have previously visited Thailand, we came up with a lovely tropical island destination located in the Gulf of Thailand.

The island is called Koh Samui, the third largest island in the country.  Our first stop for a few days was Bangkok visiting this amazing metropolis with some exciting adventures included as well. With careful planning were able to successfully put together an affordable vacation package that fit nicely into our vacation budget.

I’ve added a quick website link for your convenience to check them out.

A travel list has always worked well for our family over the years and we have always come up with combined ideas and choices that make everyone happy most of the time. Give or take a few grunts and groans from a few family members each year! 😀

The Beautiful Beaches of Koh Samui

Koh Samui Thailand

After completing our travel list, checking numerous forum reviews, websites and having discussions with other people who have previously visited Thailand, we finally decided to make our main destination a lovely tropical island located in the Gulf of Thailand.  The island is called Koh Samui, the third largest island in the country.  We will also be stopping in Bangkok visiting this incredible city taking in some interesting tours and adventures while there.

With some very careful planning we have been able to successfully put together an affordable vacation package that fits nicely into our overall budget.  I have included this very informative website on Thailand Tourism to give you an idea where we are about to travel to.

Safe travels!

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Have you visited Thailand? If so, where did you travel to in the Country?

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