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Ultimate Island Hopping Tour {Coron-Philippines}

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Ultimate-Island-Hopping-Tour Coron Philippines

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Ultimate Island Hopping Tour in Coron – Philippines

One of our favorite 🏝 Island destinations in the Philippines was – Coron. This was the last island we visited on our travels to this beautiful country. If you love pristine 🏖 beaches, crystal clear warm waters and spectacular scenery, then 🏝 Coron and taking the Ultimate Island Hopping Tour, is a great choice!

For those of you like us, who love water sports, then some of the boat excursions here are amazing! One of the more popular excursions is definitely the …

🏝 Ultimate Island Hopping Tour, 🏝
which we took and really enjoyed.

We booked this ⛵ boat tour before arriving in Coron, with {Calamian Islands Travel and Tours} 💻 online.

Coron Palawan – Ultimate Island Hopping Tour

Coron Palawan Map

Coron, Palawan is not to be confused with the smaller {🏝 Island of Coron} close by. In fact, the town of Coron and where most tourists often go, is actually on the island known as; Busuanga.

Helpful Tips Banner ✳ Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post, showing an exact location of this beautiful destination in the Philippines. ✳

Coron is surrounded by fifty beautiful small outer tiny islands in the Calamian archipelago.

It is a stunning piece of paradise in the Province of Palawan!

Coron Calamian Archipelago

Coron has been voted 🏝 “Best Island in the World,” by Travel + Leisure readers on numerous occasions.

Tourists come from the 🗺 world over, to enjoy the islands and the crystal clear waters of the – Sulu Sea.

A Look At Our Ultimate Island Boat Tour

Ultimate Islands Tour Boat Captain

With a scheduled 🚌 pickup and transfer to the boat docks in town from our hotel, we boarded our special – Calamian Islands Travel tour boat.

Here, we met our fellow passengers and crew, hoisted the ⚓ anchor and were off to start the days adventure!

Ultimate Islands Tour Boat Palawan

Our full day boat tour included;

✔ Scenery of Coron Bay;
✔ Spectacular Limestone Formations Surrounding Twin Lagoons;
✔ Free use of kayaks at Beach 91;
✔ Siete Pecados Marine Park.

Visiting …

Kayangan Lake – Twin Lagoons – Balinsasayaw Reef – Beach 91 – Skeleton Wreck – Malwawey Reef and Coral Garden – CYC Beach

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Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake Entrance

Our first stop of the day was just across the Bay, to beautiful Kayangan Lake.

Visitors flock in droves to this pristine lake in Coron and for very good reason. The lake is warm, crystal clear and is situated in a beautiful mountainous setting!

It is said to be the – Purest of Lakes, in all of the Philippines.

Kayangan Lake Coron

Unfortunately, you have to deal with the hundreds of other tourists wanting to see and take a dip in the waters, but it’s worth it.

You arrive in a small bay with all the other boats and make your way along a wooden platform to the very steep staircase, which heads up and over the hillside leading to the lake.

It’s about 300 steep steps up with resting and viewpoints along the way.

Coron Ultimate Island Hopping Tour Palawan

Once you reach the top of the steps, the view is absolutely amazing!

Kayangan Lake

As well, it is mandatory for everyone taking a swim to wear their life vest.

A little cumbersome, but not a big deal. It was nice just to take a relaxing swim to a quiet spot, lay back and enjoy the water and spectacular scenery!

Snorkeling At Siete Pecados Marine Park


Coron Ultimate Island Hopping

Time for some swimming and 🤿 snorkeling in – Siete Pecados “Seven Sins” Marine Park.

This area consists of 7 islets just outside of Coron.

Malwawey Reef and Coral Garden

🤿 Snorkeling on these coral gardens was beautiful!

It was some of the best and well preserved coral we have ever seen, in all our travels to various tropical destinations around the world.

Many of the coral gardens you visit as a tourist, have been destroyed by the thousands of people who carelessly damage the coral by stepping on them. 

Malwawey Reef and Coral Garden

We had a wonderful time swimming and snorkeling at this location in the crystal clear warm waters. There was a wide assortment of 🐠 tropical fish all around to enjoy!

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Twin Lagoons and Limestone Formations

Coron Ultimate Island Hopping Tour

It was then off to the ever popular – Twin Lagoons.

Another very picturesque location, with two small lagoons and surrounded by absolutely stunning limestone rock formations.

It’s fun making your way to the second lagoon, as you have to swim your way through the small crevice you can see in the 📸 photo above. 🙂

Again, life jackets must be worn for your own safety. If you have difficulty swimming, not to worry, staff seem to enjoy forming a people train and pulling you along for fun!

After making your way inside the second lagoon, once again, you can just float on your back and enjoy the breathtaking scenery surrounding you!

Twin Lagoons

Helpful Tips Banner

For these boat tours, water 🥿 shoes are a must!

You do have to walk among some rocks on these tours, so bringing water shoes with you is a godsend. For those of you who don’t have or want to pack water shoes, not to worry, you can rent a pair like I did.

They are very cheap and can be rented or purchased before starting your tour, from your tour operator.

There’s always vendors at the dock in town before you head out on your cruise, ready to sell you water shoes, cell phone water proof covers and much more!

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Beach 91 – Buffet Lunch – Swimming – Kayaking

Calamian Travel Tours Staff

Time to head to a another small, but very picturesque Bay for lunch and some kayaking.

This beautiful Bay is called – 🏖 Beach 91, it’s a picturesque spot where a buffet lunch is served.

Ultimate Islands Tour Buffet

It can be crowded, because it is so small, but the water is absolutely stunning!

It’s crystal clear and very warm for taking a dip. There’s plenty of time here, to relax after a nice lunch and just chill for a bit.:

Beach 91 Coron

After enjoying a couple of hours here, it was time to head back to the boat and make our way slowly back to town.

Beach 91 Palawan

Final Thoughts Banner

We found Calamian Travel and Tours ideal for booking all our tours while in Coron and on Palawan Island.

We found them very professional, well organized and easy to communicate with at all times.

The government has taken strict measures and enforce very strict rules, to ensure tour operators and visitors keep these waters and islands protected at all times.

I was so impressed to see these rules in place for; no garbage, tour boat regulations and much more on and around these beautiful islands.

Below, I have included their official website link where you access much more detailed information on their extensive list of tour packages to choose from, contact information and online bookings for your convenience.

As well, be sure to check out our …

🤿 Reefs And Wrecks Adventure Tour 🤿
we took as well during our stay in Coron.

Calamian Islands logo


🌴 Calamian Islands Travel & Tours 🌴

I’ve also listed the Official Philippines Tourism link below to their website page for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information on everything this beautiful Country has to offer.

Philippines Tourism Logo

📖 It’s More Fun In The Philippines 📖

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🏝 Discover More Outstanding Attractions In Palawan! 🏝


🛡 I Only Endorse Products/Services That Can Be Trusted & Verified & That I’ve Personally Used! 🛡

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

Although our tour was in collaboration with Calamian Travel and Tours, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.

All personal 📸 photographs on this post are the property of and are copyright protected. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. 🚫

✨   Did You Know …

“The World’s Largest Pearl Was Discovered By A Filipino Diver In The Palawan Sea Back In 1934.”

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