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Tips For Cruise Planning {First Time Cruisers}

Disney Cruise Ship

Tips for Cruise Planning

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Tips For Planning Your Very First Cruise Vacation

Are you thinking of taking a 🛳 Cruise Vacation, but not quite sure just where and how to begin planning your cruise? ❓
Cruise planning can be a lot of fun if you start out by looking and searching in the right places.  

In this post, I’ve put together a few helpful …

🌺 Tips For Cruise Planning 🌺

especially for first time cruisers.

Just a few things we’ve learned from our previous 🚢 cruise vacations and also
gathered from seasoned cruisers along the way.
A few tips to help get you started in the right direction.

First off, I suggest having a look at this short but informative 📹 video.
It’s about things to know before cruising, from a leading travel expert.

Cruise Travel Tips – YouTube Video

Tips For Planning Your First Cruise

There are literally hundreds of cruises to choose from around the world,
at any given time of the year.

I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is …

❓ “How can I possibly find one
that is right for us?” ❓

 Selecting The Right Cruise – Things To Consider

Disney Cruise Ship British Columbia

Well, the first thing to do is narrow down those hundreds of cruises and by asking yourself
the – 5 W’s;

Who, What, Where, When and Why

➡   Who is all going on our cruise? This will help for stateroom selection later.

➡   What length of cruise will suit your travel plans?

➡   Where in the world do we want to cruise? (This will greatly narrow down your choices.)

➡   When do you want to take your cruise vacation?

➡   Why do you want to take a cruise?

Cruise Holidays

To me, Why is an important question to ask yourself,
as well as others who may be traveling with you.  

If the reasons you come up with fit nicely into a cruise vacation, then your on your way!

A few others questions to ask yourself, might be;

➡   How much vacation time do we have available?

➡   What dates are we available to leave?

➡   What port do we want to disembark from? (Keep in mind traveling costs and time to your port of disembarkation.)

➡   What cruise line should we choose? (Do they depart to our selected holiday destination and on the dates we are able to travel?  Do they offer the best value for our family?)


I personally look for all of the above! 😎

These are great questions to ask yourself, prior to visiting a specialized {Cruise Consultant}
at a local travel agency. 
If you are booking on-line on your own, be sure to have answered some of these questions to yourself, well beforehand.

There are literally hundreds of cruises out there to choose from these days, throughout the year.
As well, be sure to book with a reputable online cruise travel business,
or directly with your chosen cruise line.

Your travel agent will ask you these very questions, in order to help narrow down what cruises
that are available for you, at your specified time, date and destinations choices.

Get The Whole Family Involved When Choosing Your  Cruise

Disney Cruise Ship in Vancouver British Columbia
Disney Cruise Ship Vancouver BC

When researching and looking at cruises, get everyone involved who will be going on that vacation. It builds excitement and anticipation toward the upcoming holiday.

Everyone gets to offer suggestions, ideas and so much more, in helping select that perfect cruise!

The internet is an excellent research tool, if not the best instant resource to check out when cruise planning.
You can browse reviews from previous passengers on a cruise you may want to select,
check itineraries and so much more.

All at your fingertips – instantly!

Do Some Research Before Purchasing Your Cruise Package

Carnival Vista

Be sure to visit each individual cruise line websites
for complete itineraries, prices, cruise specials and more.  

Whether choosing to book directly online and chatting with reputable customer service agents,
do take advantage of the many …

👩 Benefits of Booking With a Travel Agent 👩

Cruise specialists may be able to find and offer some great additional incentives, on a particular cruise you have researched.

Professional Travel Agent

If you prefer not to use the internet, just drop by any reputable local travel agency
and pick up some colorful literature on cruises. 

All the individual ⚓ Major Cruise Lines, have wonderful updated cruise vacation brochures.
They are filled with exciting new; itineraries, prices, dates, specials and much more!

You can even download most of their cruise brochures, right from their websites.

A great way to get started! 🙂

Internet cruise review websites are also an excellent resource, for reading what others
have to say about a particular cruise. 

Get helpful tips, suggestions, feedback and a lot more to assist in your for cruise planning.
Also, I definitely recommend checking out one of my a highly respected and well known cruise review website called CruiseCritic.

Get excellent personal feedback on; cruise destinations, cruise lines, customer service, cleanliness and so much more.
This site is a great resource in helping to make final decisions on selecting that
perfect cruise vacation!

cruise tips


Reviews are helpful, but not something you should solely rely on. Everyone is very different in tastes and expectations. 

Review sites will give you a general idea and feel for what you may or may not expect on a selected cruise.
I always refer to these review websites for just that, a basic review only.
I then try to put them all together and make my own conclusions.

Cruise Vacation Specialists

 Cruise Ships Anchored in St Maarten

Cruise Ship in St Maarten

Reputable travel companies have endless amounts of information available at your fingertips. Whether you receive the information online or at their door,
it is always there for the asking.

❓ Is your life just too busy to take the time
to plan that perfect vacation? ❓

Don’t worry, you’re like most of us out there in today’s busy world. Cruise planning
or for that matter, planning any vacation, takes a great deal of time!

travel agent office

Professional travel consultants can assist in the planning process, suggest options and do extensive research for you, saving you valuable time.

What people don’t realize is that it costs you – nothing!

Travel agents and 3rd party online booking platforms, earn their income from;
cruise lines, insurance companies, hotels, shore excursions and more,
that they book with for you.
In most cases they don’t charge you a fee at all, when making bookings with them.

How great is that! 🙂

Final Thoughts Banner

These are just a few First Time Cruisers Planning Tips,
that I’ve listed here.
Our family have enjoyed 5 outstanding cruise vacations in past years.
We always look forward to adding a cruise vacation at some point,
as part of our travel adventures.

Great Travel Deals

I receive 📧 email travel newsletters almost daily and there are some incredible cruise deals, with incentives such as;
free gratuities, shore excursions, free wi-fi and more available.
This may be the time to catch those fabulous deals before they’re gone!

In fact, we booked a 7 night Alaska Cruise from Vancouver last summer.
It was an incredible deal with a few incentives thrown in.
It was an amazing cruise vacation!

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🛟 Take An Exciting Cruise Vacation 🛟

If you like to book on your own, check out this very reputable online booking website
I like and use with excellent results …

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Online Exclusives – Find The Perfect Cruise

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

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“The Largest Cruise Ships In The World Are Now The Same Height As 16 Storey Buildings.”

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