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Ranthambore National Park Tiger Safari In India

Tiger in Ranthambore Park
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Ranthambhore Tiger National Park sign
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Ranthambore National Park – The Perfect Place For A Wildlife Safari Adventure

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If you are planning to travel to the Northern Part of India, you simply must plan a visit to 🐅 Ranthambore National Park Safari. One of the great things about being a travel blogger, is reading about and discovering new and exciting places to visit around the 🌎 world.

I was approached by a fellow blogger, who offered to provide a post on taking a {🐅 Tiger Reserve and Safari} at this amazing {National Park} in India.

With having traveled to India a few seasons ago and with the hopes of returning once again very soon, I jumped at the opportunity to learn more about this beautiful {National Park Reserve.} To learn more about taking a; 🐯 Tiger Safari.

Ranthambore National Park Safari & Tiger Reserve

Ranthambore Park Jeep Safari

Ranthambore National Park is located between the {Aravali and Vindhya} mountain ranges in eastern Rajasthan and only fourteen kilometers away from the 🚂 Sawai Madhopur Railway Station.

An important geological shape within the Park is the – “Great Boundary Fault”, where both the {Vindhyas} flat terrain meets the {Aravali} mountain series.

The Tiger Population Is Increasing In Ranthambore National Park

Tiger in Ranthambore Park

Ranthambore is one of the largest 🐅 Tiger Reserves in Northern India, which covers an area of approximately 1411 square kilometers, including Core area 1113 and buffer area 298 square kilometers.

The Park came into existence as {Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary} in 1955, by the Government of India.

In 1973 it became – 🐯 “Project Tiger.” The entire area was then declared as a National Park Reserve in 1980. The Chmabal River serves as the natural boundary of – Ranthambore National park.

The increase in the number of 🐅 tigers in India, is a matter of great importance. According to latest government census statistics, the number of tigers in 2014 was estimated to be at 2,226.

This number has grown significantly from 1,706 back in 2010.

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Last statistics I can find are from 2014, where the National Tiger Conservation Authority(NTCA), estimated the tiger population to be in the range of – 1,945 to 2,491 in the country.

👎 Poaching is still a very serious on going problem in India, constantly threatening these beautiful animals.

In those four years, the tiger population had jumped 30% in India. Ranthambore National Park’s main objective is to provide a unique {Tiger Jungle Safari}, all in natural surroundings for visitors from all over the world to enjoy.

Ranthambore Is Also Famous For Its Flora & Fauna

Jeep Jungle Safari Ranthambore Park

Ranthambore National Park is a dry deciduous forest and famous for its natural – flora and fauna. This is one of the best places in India to experience a {Jungle Safari}, in a completely natural habitat.

The 📰 Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is home to a vast variety of flora and fauna including around 300 different species of 🌿 plants.

As well, you can find well over 45 species of 🦎 reptiles, approximately 300 species of 🐦 birds and more than 40 species of mammals.

Of course, the tiger is the major attraction and draw in Ranthambore National Park. This beautiful creature can be easily sighted and often, even in the daylight hours.

The best time to visit and to take a wildlife safari in the National Park, is from the month of 📅 November to March.

Be sure to check the parks website for park closures due to 🌧 rain and floods.

Ranthambore National Park Safari India

For more detailed information on this National Park and the Jungle Safari, I have listed their official website below for your convenience;

🐅   Ranthambore National Park Tiger Safari 

This truly is an exhilarating experience for outdoor and wildlife enthusiasts. All without having to venture into the jungles of Africa!

An Amazing Wildlife Experience

Ranthambore National Park Safari

To fully enjoy this wildlife experience, you can choose a morning or late afternoon jungle safari.

I would certainly recommend the morning jungle safari in the summer months because of the heat. The afternoon safari is much more pleasant in the winter months.

Tours can take up to three and half hours, in one chosen area allocated for a safari on that particular day.

The Safari visiting times in Ranthambore depend on the time of dawn and dusk. Normally Park gates open about half an hour after sun rise and close half an hour before sunset.

This Jungle Safari can be best described as a – Sojourn into the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. There are two ways you can experience your safari.

One way is by 🚙 Jeep (Four wheel drive Maruti Gypsy), where six people can be accommodated comfortably. The second option is a 20 seat open top roof safari bus which is known as Canter.

Ranthambore Park Tiger Viewing

Both safari vehicles are comfortable for wildlife viewing in their natural terrain. During your safari experience, guests should be extremely sensitive to their surroundings, self-discipline and display a great amount of patience.

These are wild animals in their natural habitat, and they don’t just appear when you want them to! 🙂

Ranthambore National Park Safari Choices

There are ten different jungle safari zones in Ranthambore which were designed by India’s Forest Department. Both safari vehicles are permitted within same safari zone.

All safari zones offer unique and the best areas for wildlife viewing.

Some safari zones have lake areas where visitors can observe aquatic animals and birds. As well, all the zones have water holes which have been constructed by the forest department.

Ranthambore Park Wildlife Safari India

Although Ranthambore is best known as a wildlife destination for tiger sightings, one should not totally focused on tigers only.

The park offers an abundant variety of precious wildlife in their natural habitat for viewing as well. Your nature guide will do his/her utmost to search and discover animals in the wild for viewing.

However, do keep in mind they are not magicians and can’t simply flick a switch and voila, a tiger appears!

Ranthambore National Park

Expect to be pleasantly surprised if they do appear during your safari and not to be too disappointed, if they choose not to either.

It’s all part of the – Safari experience!

Regardless, a visit to this Amazing 🏞 National Park Reserve will surely leave you with one of the most rewarding wildlife safari experiences of your life.

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This article was initially written by Faizan Akhtar. He is a professional internet marketer who loves to write about travel and internet marketing. Since the time of this original post, I have also made updates to this article over the past few years.

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I am happy to present this collaborative post in the hopes of offering some helpful travel inspiration and information to you.

I can’t wait to return to India once again and visit this amazing National Park Reserve!

I’ve also listed an 🐘 Official Incredible India Tourism link below to their website, for your convenience. I’ve directed the link to their page on – Rajasthan.

It’s filled with excellent information on everything this part of the country has to offer.

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🐘   Incredible India – Rajasthan

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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“The Word Rajasthan – A State In Northern India – Refers To The Land Of Kings For Royalty, Heroism And Honor.”

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