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Covid-19 Testing Before & After Travel {Update}

Air India Airplane

Covid-19 Testing
Post Last Modified – March 18, 2024 ¦

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Getting Tested For International Travel

As International Travel has resumed once again around the world, it raises the question of …

💉 Covid-19 Testing 💉

both; Before & After Travel.

On our flights to the United States from Canada a few years ago, to attend the …

🏁 NASCAR Races in Phoenix, Arizona, 🏁

Covid-19 Testing at that time, was required. As like most other travelers a few seasons ago, this was the norm to be able to enter and leave the country you have visited.

Today and as the pandemic situation has changed around the world with {herd immunity}, so have the requirements for testing.

Covid-19 Testing – Canada

Air India Airplane

Today and using 🍁 Canada as an example, for all travelers entering by; air, land or marine mode:

Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination is Not required.

Travel Advisories To Certain Countries

Covid-19 Testing

Our Canadian Government still has travel advisories in effect, as a warning that {Covid} still poses a present danger. Having said this, travel agents are now swamped with bookings for both domestic and international travel.

Be sure to check with your; local government’s travel advisories and restrictions, before traveling.

Proof Of Covid-19 Testing

Canada Flag

Canadians are no longer required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test before returning to Canada. It is important to note, that each country has adopted their own policies for entry and exit.

Our Canada and United States border crossings are also now open to those traveling by vehicle, without the need for testing.

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“Travelers should carefully check all entry requirements of their desired destination before traveling.”

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Checking Worldwide Travel Restrictions

Covid-19 Testing

For more detailed information on Canada travel restrictions, I have listed the; 🍁 Government of Canada website below.

Government of Canada logo

🍁 Government of Canada – Covid -19 Testing Requirements 🍁

As well, I’ve listed a very helpful website link I use regularly. It lists worldwide travel restrictions. A very helpful tool!

🧳Sherpa – Travel Restrictions 🧳

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Travel Covid-19 Medical Insurance

Getting Travel Medical Insurance is crucial, pandemic or not. I’ve always said;

“If You Can Afford To Travel … You Can Afford Travel Medical Insurance.”

Things have changed regarding coverage if one becomes ill from {Covid-19} while away. As vacation travel is still not considered essential, most insurance companies will not cover you for this illness.

Be sure to check with your insurance provider to find out more. As an example, I use {Pacific Blue Cross} in Canada, who offer a {New Critical Illness Insurance} policy for under $1/day Canadian, as an example.

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

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