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Hong Kong Attractions

Post Last Modified - February 07, 2023 ¦ Hop-On Hop-Off With Big Bus Tours In Hong Kong Whenever we travel to a new major city, we always try to take advantage of a 🚍 Hop-On Hop-Off Tour Bus. On my visit to Hong Kong a few seasons back, I had the pleasure of riding with - 🚌 Big Bus Tours for 2 full days. What a great way to see the city and all of the major highlights and attractions. You can literally {hop on and hop off} the sightseeing

Post Last Modified - November 01, 2022 ¦ Smooth Ride Classic Hong Kong Bike Tours When we travel to new exciting destinations around the world, we’re always looking for eco-friendly small group tours, to really experience local life in the area. On my visit to Hong Kong, I had the pleasure of joining one of the {🚲 Best Hong Kong Bike Tours} in the City. The business is called - 🚲 Smooth Ride Cycles and I enjoyed a wonderful small group bicycle ride in the historic part of the city.

Post Last Modified - October 13, 2022 ¦ Cruise Victoria Harbour On An Authentic Chinese Junk When visiting a new destination, I’m always on the lookout for something truly unique and out of the ordinary to experience. Taking a ride on the ⛵ Dukling Hong Kong Harbour Cruise was indeed something very special, the City of 🌆 Hong Kong had to offer. The Dukling or also referred to as “🦆 The Holy Duck,” is one of the last original ⛵ Chinese Junk fishing vessels remaining in the area. With a

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