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Post Last Modified - March 31, 2023 ¦ Review Of Our Stay At The Hotel Dazzle In Agra India If you’re searching for a clean ⭐ 3 star budget hotel ieally located in Agra India, then I suggest checking out 🏨 The Hotel Dazzle.  We enjoyed a comfortable 3 night stay at this budget property while visiting Agra, while on our travels throughout India a few seasons ago. The hotel is conveniently located within just minutes 🛺 tuk-tuk ride to the world renowned 🛕 Taj Mahal Mausoleum. Ideal accommodation for budget

Post Last Modified - March 23, 2023 ¦ Tips For An Amazing Taj Mahal Tour It's always a pleasure to receive guest author articles from experienced travelers and others on specific destinations and attractions around the world. 🌎 I was delighted to collaborate with this author, on one of {The Seven Wonders of the World}, - The Magnificent Taj Mahal. This post offers a few excellent - Taj Mahal Travel Tips - that are good to know if planning a visit for the first time. India had always been on

Post Last Modified - March 22, 2023 ¦ My Photo Gallery Of Varanasi India On our travels throughout India a few seasons ago, our first destination after spending a few days in the City of New Delhi, was to the - City of Varanasi.  In this post, I have included a personal 📸 Photo Gallery of Varanasi, giving you just a glimpse of this {Ancient City} in Northern India. Varanasi is an enchanting city, situated on the edge of the very spiritual Ganges River. Varanasi is one of the holiest

Post Last Modified - March 16, 2023 ¦ India Train Travel Tips For First Timer's One cannot fully experience India without riding the world’s largest railway system 🚃 Indian Railways. It is an experience like no other! A few seasons ago, my son and I ventured to India on 7 week journey, visiting a number of States in the Country. We did take the 🚂 train on a number of occasions and to say the least, it was quite the experience. As a result, I thought I would pass on a few {India

Post Last Modified - March 12, 2023 ¦ Udaigarh Royal Heritage Retreat In Udaipur If you’re traveling to the picturesque city of Udaipur and looking at one of the {Udaipur Heritage Hotels} to stay in, then be sure to check out - 🏠 The Udai Garh Royal Heritage Retreat.  This is a lovely full facility historical 🏡 boutique hotel, ideally located with stunning views overlooking beautiful - Pichola Lake. Enjoy rooftop dining and swimming pool at - The Udaigarh Hotel. The Udaigarh Heritage Retreat - One Of The Best Heritage Hotels

Post Last Modified - March 10, 2023 ¦ Our 3 Day New Delhi Itinerary Having returned home after an amazing 7 weeks experience in India, I thought I would put together some suggestions on; What to See in New Delhi in 3 Days.  This was the starting point of our journey, arriving at the ✈ Indira Gandhi International Airport after a long 13 ½ hour flight from - 🍁 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Below, are just a few things we were able to take in, during our short stay

Post Last Modified - March 08, 2023 ¦ Unique Bicycle Tours With Delhi By Cycle If your travels have you heading to New Delhi India and if you’re the kind of person that loves adventure, then be sure to check out some outstanding Delhi Bicycle Tours with 🚲 Delhi By Cycle. My son and I did, and we had an amazing experience cycling through the streets of Old Delhi in the early morning hours! About Delhi By Cycle Bike Tours This is a widely recognized company in Delhi for a number of

Post Last Modified - March 15, 2023 ¦ Hotel Park Plaza Varanasi - Boutique Hotel If your travels are taking you to the historic city of Varanasi India, then take a look at the 🏨 Hotel Park Plaza Varanasi. This ⭐ 3 Star Google Rated hotel offers clean, comfortable and affordable accommodations. We had a wonderful stay during our time spent in the - Holy City. Conveniently located, the hotel is within easy reach of the Dashashwamedh Ghat, the Kashi Vishwanath and the Sarnath Temples. It is also just minutes from

Post Last Modified - March 05, 2023 ¦ Top Rated Things To Do In Varanasi India The second stop on our amazing 7 week journey throughout India, was to the ancient City of Varanasi. In this post, I’ve listed just a few {Things to Do in Varanasi}, that we did during our short visit to the city. We highly anticipated our visit to one of the oldest living cities in the entire world! 🌎 A highly spiritual city lying next to the very holy - Ganges River. It is here, that Hindu’s

Post Last Modified - February 15, 2023 ¦ A Very Brief Introduction & Travel Inspiration To Visit India 🐘 India, a place I have been fascinated about for years and finally had a chance to visit for 7 weeks a few seasons ago.  Living on the west coast of 🍁 Canada, we have a huge population of people from India. I have worked with many and hear their stories and adventures of visiting and having lived in this vast country. Because of the extreme size of 🐘 India, it is difficult

Post Last Modified - February 24, 2023 ¦ Choosing Ayurveda Retreats In India For Health & Wellness The word ‘Ayurveda’ or 'Ayurvedic' was first seen in the last of the four Hindu Vedas; the Atharva Veda. When you break the word down and split it into two; it means the - “Science of Life.” Chinese traditional medicines are extremely popular worldwide and it too, has its roots stemmed deeply in Ayurveda. The same goes for Tibetan medicines. Ayurveda is not simply a body of medicine. It focuses on concepts

Post Last Modified - February 09, 2023 ¦ Experience An Authentic Camel Safari In The Jaisalmer Desert On our travels throughout India a few seasons ago, one of the main highlights and most memorable of all, was taking an overnight - 🐫 Camel Safari in Jaisalmer.   We opted for an Authentic {🏕 Thar Desert Overnight Jaisalmer Camel Safari Camping Adventure} with - Ba’s Camel Safari. A unique and very special small family run Camel Safari Experience, in the Thar Desert! Our Jaisalmer Desert Overnight Camel Safari Hotel Mirage Host Mr. Ba During our

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