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Best Travel Tips From Experts {Volume 7}

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Collection of Best Travel Tips Edition 7
Post Last Modified – June 06, 2023 ¦

My Collection Of Best Travel Tips From Experts Volume 7

I’ve put together a detailed collection of some of the best 🧳 travel tips from experts. Offering some very useful tips and advice from myself and other seasoned travelers gathered over the years.

I thought it was time to share some of the more helpful tips I’ve learned from years of travel, and recommendations from others to pass on to you.

I hope these travel tips will help to make your travel experience safe, secure and as enjoyable as possible.

Below, is Volume 7 of my collection. Be sure to check out editions 1 to 6 as well! 🙂

Some Great Travel Tips From Seasoned Travelers

🙂 Best Travel Tips Volume 7 – Collection 1 …

Dominican Republic Beach Hut

Dominican Republic Beach Hut

➡   Taking a Beach Vacation? Do not leave valuable unattended on the beach when swimming;

➡   Purchase Small Key Locks for Your Carry On Luggage to Prevent ✈ Air Travel In Flight Theft ✈;

➡   Catching a Connecting Flight? Try to travel with Carry On Only to Prevent 🧳 Lost Luggage 🧳;

➡   Do Not Put Your Home Address on Your Luggage Tags. Your email and/or phone number is sufficient;

➡   Always Wear Your Seatbelt whenever possible. Never take chances, especially when traveling to foreign destinations!

🙂 Best Travel Tips Volume 7 – Collection 2 …

Caribbean Art Work

Tropical Colorful Painting

➡   Need a Quiet Hotel Room?  Then request a quiet room and away from any elevators;

➡   Store Your Liquids in Zip Lock Bags to Prevent Spillage;

➡   Back Packers Should Consider a New Bag Protector to Prevent Theft, especially if staying in Hostels.;

➡   Be Courteous of other Hotel Guests, try to Avoid Slamming Your Room Door and Being Loud in the Hallways;

➡   Be Aware of the Very Popular 🕵 Hotel Room Credit Card Scam 🕵


🙂 Best Travel Tips Volume 7 – Collection 3 …

St Maarten Tourism Office

St Maarten Tourism Office

➡   Always Carry a Pair of Soft Earplugs When Traveling;

➡   Keep the Television Volume at a Respectable Level in Motel/Hotel Rooms;

➡   Carry a Compact Umbrella for Unexpected Rain;

➡   Wash Your Hands Frequently with Soap and Hot Water to Prevent Illness;

➡   Be sure to Carry a Pen for Completing Customs Forms and Making Notes.

🙂 Best Travel Tips Volume 7 – Collection 4 …

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Nevada

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Nevada

➡   Visiting New York on a Budget? Get a Seven Day Unlimited Metro Subway Pass and Save;

➡   Keep Your Belongings Visible and Double Check When Leaving Your Room. I recently left a pair of Sunglasses in my Hotel Room in a Drawer;

➡   Your iphone will Charger Faster in Airplane Mode Setting if in a hurry;

➡   Do Not Leave Any Valuable Visible in Your Rental Car!  Lock it, Hide it, Keep it;

➡   Canadians Using Credit Cards at Fuel Pumps at Service Stations.  Enter the three numerals from your postal code followed by three zeros to authorize the gas purchase.

🙂 Best Travel Tips Volume 7 – Collection 5 …

Okanagan Lake British Columbia

Okanagan Lake British Columbia

➡   Visit the Local Toursim Office for your Travel Destination. They often provide free wifi and other services for visitors;

➡   Taking a Taxi? Don’t get taxi scammed! Always ask for a price before entering the cab, especially in foreign countries;

➡   Pedi-Cabs in New York.  Again, always ask for a price for your destination. These guys charge $5 a minute;

➡   Never Ever Give Your Credit Card Information to Strangers on the Phone;

➡   Flavored Vitamin C Tablets are Great for Improving Water Taste and Your Immune System.

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All of the travel photographs above were taken by me or a member of my family while traveling.

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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All personal 📸 photographs on this post are the property of and are copyright protected. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. 🚫
✨   Did You Know …

“Studies Have Shown That 89% Of People Surveyed, Experience Increased Drops In Stress When Taking A Vacation.”

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