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Best Travel Tips From Experts {Volume 6}

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Best Travel Tips From Experts Volume 6
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My Collection Of Best Travel Tips From Experts Volume 6

I’ve put together a detailed collection of posts here on my blog, of some of the …

🌺 Best Travel Tips From Experts 🌺

Offering some very useful tips and advice from myself and other seasoned travelers, gathered over the years.

I thought it was time to share some of the more 📝 helpful tips I’ve learned from years of travel, and recommendations from others to pass on to you. After all, this is part of the reason I’ve named my blog … Gr8 Travel Tips! πŸ™‚

I hope these travel tips will help to make your travel experience; safe, secure and as enjoyable as possible.
📖 Below is Volume 6, be sure to check out my other editions as well! 📖

Some Great Travel Tips From Seasoned Travelers

😎 Best Travel Tips Volume 6 – Collection 1 …

Life’s a Beach in Cozumel!

Cozumel - Life's A Beach

➑   If traveling somewhere hot & 🌴 tropical, be sure not to leave 🍍 fruit or sweets laying around your hotel room. 🐜 Ants will come visiting by the thousands!;

➑   Never leave any valuables unattended ( cell phone, purse ) even for a moment. Thieves are watching and are active everywhere. 🕵 Travel Safely Abroad 🕵 At All Times

➑   Wash your hands often on ✈ airplanes, as they are filled with bacteria. We always carry hand sanitizer or wipes on all our travels;

➑   Do not forget to put that seat belt on when riding in taxis. You have no idea how safe your driver really is;

➑   If carrying ⚕ Prescription Medication, take a 📸 photo of the prescription label with your cell phone, or 📧 email it to yourself for easy access.  This especially so, if visiting a foreign country and you may need a refill.

😎 Best Travel Tips Volume 6 – Collection 2 …

Sunset in Cozumel Mexico

Cozumel Sunset

➑   Never go over the speed limit in Mexico! 🚓 Police will pull you over and expect a bribe in many cases, even for the most minor of offenses;

➑   When checking into a 🏨 hotel room, be sure the front desk is aware of the names of all who are checked into that room. This, in case one needs to access the room on their own at some point, and are not carrying a room 🔑 key or card;

➑   On long-haul 🛫 flights, get up and stretch often and try to watch when the restrooms are quiet, and use them at that time;

➑   Be courteous of others stepping off 🚍 buses and 🚂 trains. Stand to the side and don’t be pushy;

➑   Check that expiry date on your 🛂 passports and travel documents. They must be valid a minimum of 6 months after departure.

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😎 Best Travel Tips Volume 6 – Collection 3 …

Old Wooden Chair Captured in New Orleans

Old Wooden Chair

➑   For musty hotel rooms, bring a small bag of 💐 potpourri, open the bag and place over the rooms air conditioner if possible. Otherwise just the open bag will make your room smell fresh;

➑   If using an in room safe, leave a note to yourself to open and check it before checking out. Many rooms are now eliminating in room safes, because too many people are leaving their valuables behind;

➑   Do not order food in a foreign restaurant without knowing what it will cost. The price may shock you;

➑   To avoid long lines for the 🚻 restroom after exiting a flight, head to the 🧳 baggage claim area instead. They are usually much quieter;

➑   Always start by searching for airplane fares for one person, to find the best available price.

😎 Best Travel Tips Edition 6 – Collection 4 …

Old San Juan Street in Puerto Rico

Old San Juan Street

➑   Always keep some 💵 spare cash hidden in case of emergency when traveling. Especially for those traveling solo;

➑   Always back up or transfer your 📸 photos off your camera or cell phone in case of loss or damage. You don’t want to lose those precious memories;

➑   Be friendly, smile and talk with the locals in the Country you are visiting. A 🙂 smile goes a long way;

➑   I’ve mentioned this previously, always pack some soft ear plugs.  They can be a life saver in noisy environments;

➑   Yes, do check out review websites like Tripadvisor .  I always do this to get a general feel and idea of what to expect. Do not rely on these reviews, use them as a feeler and judge for yourself.

😎 Best Travel Tips From Experts Volume 6 – Collection 5 …

Smugglers Cove Beach Tortola

Smugglers Cove Beach Tortola

➑   Search for a travel blogger (like myself :)) for the destination you are visiting. These people have a wealth of knowledge and information to share with you;

➑   Keep in touch with family and friends always. 📶 Social Media is great for this;

➑   Check for expiry dates on your reward card points or miles. Many are now implementing expiry dates;

➑   If you love to travel and do not have a 💳 reward credit card, get one!  We have enjoyed numerous free flights and upgrades over the years with these credit cards;

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All of the above travel photos are taken by myself or members of my family while on vacation. πŸ™‚

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