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Gr8 Travel Tips

Best Travel Tips From Experts {Volume 2}

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Best Travel Tips From Experts - Volume 2

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My Collection Of Best Travel Tips Volume 2

I’ve put together a detailed collection of posts here on my blog, of some of the …

🌺 Best Travel Tips From Experts 🌺

Offering some very useful tips and advice from myself and other seasoned travelers, gathered over the years.

I thought it was time to share some of the more 📝 helpful tips I’ve learned from years of travel, and recommendations from others to pass on to you.
After all, this is part of the reason I’ve named my blog … Gr8 Travel Tips! 🙂

I hope these travel tips will help to make your travel experience; safe, secure and as enjoyable as possible.
📖 Below is Volume 2, be sure to check out my other editions as well! 📖

Some Great Travel Tips From Seasoned Travelers

😎 Best Travel Tips From Experts Volume 2 – Collection 1

Travel Safe

✔  Be sure to Download Handy Travel Apps for Your 📱 Cellphone before leaving home;

✔  Take an Empty Water Bottle through
👮 Airport Security 👮 to refill later;

✔  Pack All Valuables and Essential Items in Your
🧳 Carry On Baggage;

✔ Pack Only What You Will Need
… Not What You Think You May Need;

✔  Never Carry Your Wallet Unprotected In Your Back Pocket;

😎 Travel Tips Volume 2 – Collection 2

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✔ Shop for Midweek ✈ Flights for the Best Deals on Your
Airline Tickets;

✔  Pack ear plugs
and an 👀 eye mask to help you sleep on long flights;

✔  Be sure to create a
🧳 Travel Packing List 🧳 before traveling;

✔  With new luggage weight rules, only pack what you absolutely need;

✔  Notify your 💳 credit card company
before you leave and advise them where you will be traveling to and for how long.

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😎 Travel Tips Volume 2 – Collection 3

Vietnam WC Toilets

✔ Try to Pack a Spare Bag in Your Luggage for extra purchases while away;

✔  Always 🔒 Lock Your Cellphone to prevent others from using it if lost or stolen;

✔  Get familiar with Escape Exits in hotels, airplanes or other venues in case of emergency;

✔  Never leave your 💻 Laptop Unattended even for a minute;

✔  Pack a 🔦 Small Night lite for those dark and mysterious places you may be staying! 😯

😎 Travel Tips Volume 2 – Collection 4

Grand Central Station

✔  Familiarize yourself with common
‘scams’ known for your travel destination;

✔  Learn how to drive a manual shift 🚗 car if possible.  In many countries automatic transmissions are not available;

✔  Make sure your 🏧 bank cards work properly before leaving home;

✔  Pack some 🧻 toilet paper with you! Depending on your travel destination and form of travel, it could be a godsend;

✔  If You Are Worried You May Lose Something 💍 Precious … Then it is always best to Leave It At Home;

😎 Travel Tips Volume 2 – Collection 5

Tropical Colorful Painting

✔  Without Question Never Leave Anything Treasured In An 🚗 Automobile;

✔  Subscribe to Travel Booking Websites to Collect the Latest
Hot Travel Deals;

✔  Always Check websites like – Tripadvisor, for Helpful Travel Reviews and Much More;

✔  Check out 
🛳 Repositioning Cruises 🛳  for Excellent Deals;

✔  Forgot to Pack Something?
Check with your hotel before heading out to the store.  Many supply things like; toothbrushes, combs, sewing kits, shower caps, and disposable razors they will usually provide free of charge.

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😎 Safe and Healthy Travels! 😎

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