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Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour {Week 4}

Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour Week 4
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Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour Week 4
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Our Baja Amigos 28 Day RV Caravan Tour

Taking a camping journey down the Baja California in Mexico is something I had wanted to do for many years. My wife and I finally made this happen a few seasons ago, by joining …

🏜 Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour. 🏜

This was our first major driving trip with our 🚌 recreational vehicle into Mexico, and we definitely wanted to have the company and experience of well-seasoned travelers into the Country for this trip.

We selected the Baja Amigos {28 Day RV Caravan Tour} for this adventure!

Experience a Baja Mexico RV Tour

baja amigos logo

We selected Baja Amigos above their competitors for a number of very important reasons. 

For example;

✔ Length of Tour & Month Selection

✔ Experienced & Knowledgeable Wagon Masters

✔ Solid Business Reputation

✔ Small Group Caravans Only

✔ Stay Over Option

✔ And much more!

If you’ve been thinking of taking a 🏕 camping adventure down the Baja, but are still a little hesitant for a number of reasons, hopefully these next articles of mine about our journey will help you decide one way or another.

My wife and I had a wonderful trip, met some great travel companions, did some amazing excursions on the way and saw some spectacular scenery as well!

Baja Mexico Camping Tour Week Four

Baja California Map

Below is a complete diary of our Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour Week 4. This is the final post of four, that I have written on about our journey. I’ve detailed and highlighting places we visited, our 🏕 camping locations and some special 🐳 excursions taken along the way.

All, of which you will experience with Baja Amigos on their unique 🚐 Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour.

Baja Mexico RV Caravan Day 22,23 – Mulege

Mulege Mexico Sign

After our pleasant evening spent at the Puerto Escondido Marina, there’s places to go and things to see!

Today we’re away early at 🌅 08:00. It’s a fairly easy drive, but not without some narrow winding roads to deal with along the way. We’ll be traveling for 99 miles / 160 k to a 🌴 Date Palm Oasis in the Baja, to the town of Mulege.

Army Checkpoint Baja Mexico

There are a few 🛂 Army Checkpoints that you have to pass thru during your travels up and down the Baja. We had no difficulties what so ever, at any of their 🛑 check stops.

Your rig may be boarded and searched, but in most cases, it’s done very quickly and everyone found the soldiers to be quite friendly as well. For the most part, many just wanting to sneak a peak inside your 🚌 RV! 🙂

Bay of Concepcion Baja Mexico

Bay of Concepcion Baja Mexico

We’re heading straight up the coast today, enjoying some absolutely amazing views of the Bay of Concepcion on the Sea of Cortez!

Bay of Concepcion Baja California

Mulege is small but historic town located along banks of the Mulege River, which flows into the Sea of Cortez. This is a picturesque, quaint little town lined with beautiful 🌴 Date Palms. Mulege has a significant history involving the US-Mexican War of 1846–1848 as well.

This area is where a small group of Mexican military soldiers held fast the invading Americans arriving by ⛵ ship, and who were attempting to gain land access.

The Hotel Serenidad & RV Park

Hotel Serenidad Sign Post Mulege Mexico

We arrive at our destination in late morning and to everyone’s surprise, we arrive at a beautifully kept quaint hotel and restaurant. Certainly, that no one would ever expect to be here in such a small community!

In fact, because it is located in such a remote area, many celebrities including Actor John Wayne, Olivia Newton-John and many others, used to 🛩 fly here many years ago to escape from it all. The hotel has its own air strip next door, that is still in use today!

Hotel Serenidad & RV Park Mulege Mexico

Hotel Serenidad & RV Park Mulege Mexico

Staying at this beautiful facility was like taking a step back in time. We had the pleasure of meeting the owner of this property during our stay; 92 year old Mr. Don Johnson. I’m sure he could keep you up for nights on end with amazing stories to tell, during those years when the many celebrities 🛩 flew in and stayed with him at his resort.

Hotel Serenidad Bookcase with John Wayne Photo & Other Celebrities

Hotel Serenidad Bookcase with John Wayne Photo

Our stay at the park included; full hookups, access to the swimming pool area and restaurant. There was also good 📶 wi-fi service to catch up on 📧 emails and such.

There was a small 🚻 washroom and 🚿 shower building for the campers as well. The beach is an easy walk from the park, but not ideal for swimming or sunbathing, as this is where the river flows into the ocean.

Camping at Hotel Serenidad Baja Mexico

Camping at Hotel Serenidad Baja Mexico

Mulege Lighthouse and Town Tour

We hopped in our 🚐 Baja Amigos Tour Van with Dan driving into Muluge for a visit. It was a nice opportunity to check out the local shops and also to stock up on a few groceries.

Helpful Tips Banner

Our wagon masters always made sure that we all had fresh 🌊 drinking water during the entire trip. Scheduled stops were made on many occasions for us to fill our bottles.

As we did our 🛍 shopping, Dan went out of his way to take care of filling our water containers for us. Just another reason to choose Baja Amigos for their excellent service! 🙂

The Mulege Lighthouse 

Mulege Mexico Lighthouse

We also drove to the Mulege lighthouse site, where we were able to climb to the top to take in the excellent view of the town and Bay. This was also the site where the Mexican & U.S. standoff occurred many years ago as mentioned above.

Enjoying the Town Plaza in Mulege

Mulege Mexico Town Plaza

The town also was the site of an Old Prison up on the hillside. Now closed, but open as a small Museum. Unfortunately it was closed on the weekend during our stay for a look inside.

The Old Prison in Town Up the Hillside

Mulege Mexico Old Prison

We also made a quick stop at an abandoned 🏚 resort in the area. This was also a hotel with a colorful past, entertaining notable celebrities of years gone by.

Abandoned Rancho Loma Linda

Abandoned Rancho Loma Linda Mulege Mexico

The Rancho Loma Linda perched on the hillside overlooking Mulege and the Bay, now left abandoned with a ghostly presence. Having had such a colorful past entertaining celebrities back in the late 50’s and 60’s.

Famous celebrities as Hollywood actress {Jayne Mansfield} and other notables once vacationed here. It was shame to see what was once a beautiful resort hotel, now left in complete ruins.

Mission Santa Rosalia de Mulege

Historic Church Mulege Mexico

Across town on the opposite hillside, we also got a chance to visit their ⛪ Historic Mission, dating back to 1705.
This is a beautiful stone structure that has withstood a number of hurricanes over the years, and is still an active ⛪ Christian Church today.

Mulege Mexico Date Palms and River Valley

The view from this church site of the river valley and date palms was absolutely beautiful! 

It felt as if we were somewhere in the Amazon, and not in Baja California. We all seemed to enjoy a relaxing 2 night stay in this historic town and beautiful hotel complex, taking in the sites and lounging around the pool and patio.

The resort also had excellent 📶 wi-fi in the lobby area for catching up on emails as well.

👣 Footnote 👣

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One very reputable world leading digital travel company I have used for many years now for searching and booking attractions and more is … Viator by Tripadvisor.

🏞 Baja California! 🏞

Day 24 – Guerrero Negro

Desert View and Bay of Concepcion

Today’s a decent drive with 177 miles / 285 k to cover, so we’re off and away at 08:30.

We’re basically covering miles today, back tracking and returning to the city of Guerrero Negro on the Pacific side of the Baja. This is where we stayed on Day 4 and where we enjoyed the amazing Gray Whale Watching Tour the next morning.

This time, we’re staying at a different full facility RV Park located just off the main highway for the night. There’s a nice restaurant here as well for those who wishing to enjoy another meal out, without having to cook after a long days drive.

Mario's RV Park Baja Mexico

The park had clean washrooms with hot showers and decent 📶 wi-fi access in the restaurant area. Although a bit noisy from passing traffic, it’s a nice overnight stay after a long uneventful drive, covering a fair distance back north.

Relaxing after a long days drive!

Baja Amigos RV Caravan Travelers

Helpful Tips Banner

There are piles of collected clam shells here for the pickings that are as big as dinner plates!

They have them delivered and use them as road cover for their campsite area. They seem to work quite well as they break up into little pieces covering the ground. We managed a bag full to take all the way back to 🍁 Canada.

Day 25,26 – Bahia de Los Angeles

Bahia de Los Angeles Highway Sign

It’s off to a new destination today taking us once again back to the; Sea of Cortez. As we head north for a distance, we will then cut off the main highway which will take us to the seaside town of; Bahia de Los Angeles.

We’ll be covering 120 miles / 198 k today and because we’re heading inland, we get to experience some absolutely beautiful and colorful desert scenery!

Desert Flowers Baja Mexico

We arrive later in the afternoon just on the outskirts of this tiny 🎣 fishing village at our beach front campground, where we will be for dry camping for the next 2 nights.

This is a nice break for everyone, after a few days of driving on the entertaining 🛣 roads of the Baja!

Daggett's Campground Bahia de Los Angeles Baja Mexico

Our campsites included; nicely covered individual palapas, a rustic washroom with hot showers, as well as decent Wi-Fi at the motel entrance.

Daggett's Campground Bahia de Los Angeles Baja

There’s a beautiful long stretch of beach to walk on, and the scenery across the water is amazing. The sunsets and 🌅 sunrises were also spectacular!

Town Excursion

Wagon Master Dan Sharing Some Local History

Baja Amigos Wagon Master

Loading up the tour van the next day, we made the short drive into town to see the sites, visit the local bakery, a unique church and the quaint Museo De Naturaleza Y Cultura.

We were able to pick up a few more groceries and snacks in town, before heading back to camp.

Fresh Baking Right to Our Campsite!

Bahia de Los Angeles Baking Vendor

This was a nice quiet 2 night stay on the beach, before continuing our drive north back towards the border town of Tecate.

Day 27 – Vicente Guerrero

Baja Mexico Roads

We’re off at 08:00 for a very long drive today covering 237 miles / 380 k. 

As well, some of the roads we are covering are downright good, bad and ugly! 🙁 There are sections with very bad pot holes, narrow roadways with no shoulders and construction. Navigating these roads takes a great deal of concentration, especially for those driving larger rigs.

Heading back inland and driving for a fair distance up the middle of the Baja, we then head back to the Pacific side where we make camp for the night in the town of; Vicente Guerrero.

We’re down to our last 2 nights together on this 28 day adventure, and getting very close to where we first began our journey. Time has slipped away so quickly because of the amount of territory covered and the beautiful attractions and sites we have experienced in such a short time.

As they say … “Time Fly’s When You’re Having Fun!” 🙂

Posada Don Diego RV Park Baja Mexico

We’re staying at a comfortable full facility RV Park in town complete with restaurant, clean washrooms with 🚿 hot showers and good 📶 wi-fi just outside the reception/restaurant area.

Tonight is our final evening social gathering, with {Baja Amigos} hosting dinner, just down the road from our location.  The restaurant even supplies a van to pick us up for dinner.

Baja Fiesta Restaurant Vicente Guerrero Mexico

We all enjoyed a wonderful Mexican meal and get together. I’m sure everyone was glad not to cook after the long days drive and one of our warmest days of the entire trip as well, reaching; 31 C or 88 F.

Day 28 – Valle De Guadalupe

Valle de Guadalupe Baja Mexico

Hard to believe, but this is our last full day left on our Baja Mexico travels. We’re off at 08:00 hrs with 134 miles /210 k to travel today.

Our wagon masters want to arrive at our destination in the early afternoon, as we have a hosted 🍷 Wine Tour and Tasting scheduled. The tour is located at Mexico’s oldest and most prominent refineries.

Rancho Sordo Mudo Campground Baja Mexico

Our drive has us passing up along the Pacific side of the Baja, finally making our way inland to Valle de Guadalupe, driving alongside beautiful rolling hills filled with vineyards. 

We arrive early afternoon as planned at our campground for the evening called; Rancho Sordo Mudo. This is a fairly rustic campsite, but with excellent; full 30 amp power at each site, water and a sani-dump.

Helpful Tips Banner

Rancho Sordo Mudo Logo

I would be remiss in not making mention of the founders of this property and what they stand for here in Mexico. 

The campground is owned and maintained by {Rancho Sordo Mudo} where for over 40 years now, they have successfully operated a Christian based residential school for deaf children. Here, children learn; Mexican Sign Language, to read and write and develop a trade that will assist them in leading a productive life in the future.  At the same time, they learn the teachings of God.

Their campground is just one way of gathering much needed funds to help support this wonderful and worthy cause. Do make a point of spending a night at this campground at some point in your journey to help support this worthwhile cause.

LA Cetto Winery Tour

L.A. Cetto Winery Baja Mexico

After lunch, we board our tour bus and Dan drives us a very short distance down the highway taking only a few minutes, arriving at the world renowned; L.A. Cetto winery.

This winery has successfully operated in Mexico since 1928, producing award winning wines for decades!

L.A. Cetto Vineyards Baja Mexico

We enjoyed a fully escorted tour of the winery, and then had the opportunity to sample and purchase a variety of their best-selling wines. 

This was a nice way to spend the afternoon on this beautiful very hot and sunny day in the valley. It was also nice to enjoy and sample some very nice wines at the same time!

L.A. Cetto Premium Wines

Later, we gathered for our last 🍺 happy hour as a group finding it hard to believe our 28 day adventure is coming to an end.

Day 29 – Tecate

Tecate Baja Mexico

We’re up early and away at 08:00 sharp for our short drive back to Tecate where we will be crossing back into the United States.  We only have 47 miles / 75 k to cover, so we’ll be at the border quite early.

As we arrive at the 🛂 border crossing, our wagon masters definitely knew the advantages of arriving early. Our wait was minimal, with us all passing through easily within an hour. As we waited in line, we could see the huge line of cars starting to form behind us.

We beat the rush, thanks to our experienced wagon masters! 🙂

Tecate Mexico Highway Sign

Our group passed through without a hitch, meeting at the other side to say our goodbyes and handing back our very handy {2-way radios}, we all had for the journey.

This was a wonderful trip with an equally wonderful group to travel with.  Dan and Lisa were outstanding wagon masters, doing their utmost to make our holiday as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Final Thoughts Banner

If you’re thinking of taking such a journey, but are a little hesitant for one reason or another, then I highly suggest you do as we did, and join a Baja Amigos Caravan Tour for your first trip.

You will not be disappointed, and its a great way to meet others who share the same interest as well.


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Be sure to check the ⛓ links below, on Week’s 1, 2 and 3 of our exciting 28 day journey.

For more detailed information on tours offered by Baja Amigos, I have listed a link to their official website below for your convenience.

Baja Amigos Logo

🏜 Baja Amigos 🏜 

I’ve also included the Official Baja California Tourism website link below for your convenience, to show you what Baja Mexico really has to offer. 🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for Baja’s exact location. 🗺

Baja Tourism

🌅 Baja California Mexico Tourism 🌅

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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