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Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour {Week 3}

Baja California Mexico RV Caravan Tour

Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour Week 3
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Our Baja Amigos 28 Day RV Caravan Tour

Taking a camping journey down the 🏜 Baja California in Mexico is something I had wanted to do for many years. My wife and I finally made this happen a couple of seasons ago, by joining a …

🌺 Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour 🌺

This was our first major driving trip with our recreational vehicle into Mexico, and we definitely wanted to have the company and experience of well-seasoned travelers who have made this journey.

We selected the Baja Amigos 28 Day RV Caravan Tour for this exciting adventure!

Experience a Baja Mexico RV Tour

baja amigos logo

We selected Baja Amigos above their competitors for a number of very important reasons.  For example;

✔ Length of Tour & Month Selection

✔ Experienced & Knowledgeable Wagon Masters

✔ Solid Business Reputation

✔ Small Group Caravans Only

✔ Stay Over Option

✔ And much more!

If you have been thinking of taking a camping adventure down the Baja like us, but are still a little hesitant for a number of reasons, hopefully these next articles of mine about our journey will help you decide one way or another.

My wife and I had a wonderful trip, met some great travel companions, did some amazing excursions on the way, and saw some spectacular scenery as well!

Baja Mexico Camping Tour Week Three

Baja California Map

Below is pretty much a complete diary of our 🏕 camping adventure continuing on with Week 3. 

This is the third of 4 articles highlighting places visited, camping locations and special excursions taken along the way, that we experienced with Baja Amigos and their 🚌 Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tours.

Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour Week 3

Day 15 Rancho Verde

RV Travel Baja Mexico

After enjoying 3 great nights on the🏖 beach in Playa Tecolote, we’re off and running again at 08:30 for our travel day of 65 miles / 105 kilometers. We’re heading to a 3100 Acre Ranch known as – Rancho Verde, where we will camp for the night.

Today, we head inland still traveling south towards 🌅 Cabo San Lucas.  We travel thru sections of narrow winding roads and rolling hills, with lots of desert 🌵 cactus.

El Truiunfo

Along the way, we make a stop for brunch at the picturesque and historic old mining town of – ⚒ El Triunfo.

El Triunfo Baja California

We head into the charming – Cafe el Triunfo, where we all enjoyed an excellent brunch with a variety of outstanding 🌮 Mexican dishes to choose from. There’s even delicious freshly made 🍕 pizza.

Their fresh baking at the front counter was also a big hit!

El Triunfo Cafe Baja Mexico

After brunch, there was time to stroll the old mining ruins, the historic ⛪ church and small village and shops of El Triunfo.

El Triunfo Historic Mission Baja Mexico

We had a chance to visit the local grocery as well, to purchase some fresh local baking and other goodies.

We even spotted a local farmer who dropped by the store with some very fresh asparagus. We were able to purchase a bunch to enjoy for dinner that evening!

El Triunfo Mexico Local Grocery

After an excellent brunch stop, it was time to get the wagon train moving, and make our way to our camp for the night at Rancho Verde.

El Triunfo Baja Mexico

Rancho Verde

Rancho Verde was very quiet and peaceful campground, with beautiful 🏜 Cardon Cactus growing between the sites and throughout grounds.

Rancho Verde Campground Baja Mexico

The park offered excellent fresh 🌊 Spring Water right from the taps at each campsite, and very clean 🚻 washrooms and hot 🚿 showers as well.  

My wife and I also enjoyed a nice stroll up the hillside behind the campground, giving us a chance to stretch our legs, walk the 🐕 pooch and take in the Country air!

This was another nice easy travel day, with a stop for brunch and a very quiet evening camping under the stars in 🌵 Baja Country!

Day 16, 17, 18 Los Barriles

Los Barriles Beach Baja California

Wow, today we only have a 22 miles / 35 kilometer short drive back to the Sea of Cortez, for another highly anticipated 3 night stop.  The wagon train sets off at 09:00 with everyone eager to get moving on to our beach destination in – Los Barriles.

By now, it appears most everyone is getting used to the early schedule and anxious to get moving even at 9 am! 😏

Los Barriles Beach Baja Mexico

We’re all looking forward to this 3 night stay on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach on the Sea of Cortez.  Our beach front full facility RV Park is just perfect for our stay!

The park is steps from the 🏖 beach, and just a short walk into town for shopping and groceries. It had just re-opened complete with new washrooms, hot showers and laundry.

Wi-fi was also excellent for everyone to catch up on 📧
emails, and what’s happening at home.

Los Barriles Beach Mexico

I even had my motor home washed and waxed by 2 great park amigos who were definitely happy in their work!

RV Wash Los Barriles Beach Baja Mexico

The ocean was beautiful and crystal clear, where many of us took the opportunity to take a plunge.  Not too cold, but refreshing and nice to finally swim a bit in the Sea of Cortez!

Swimming at Los Barriles Beach Baja Mexico

This area is very popular with visitors and 4 Wheelers.  It’s a favorite for ATV enthusiasts where riding on the beach and streets is permitted.

Rentals are available as well, and a few in our group grabbed the opportunity to enjoy some 4 wheeling during our stay!

4 Wheelers Los Barriles Beach Baja Mexico

If you love water sports then this is beach town for you. It’s a favorite for swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing and much more!

Los Barriles is a perfect sized town, not too big and not too small, and is situated between the popular tourist cities of La Paz and San Jose del Cabo. 

Both cities are easily reached by vehicle from both directions, in less than 2 hours. The 🛬 San Jose del Cabo Airport is only about 45 minutes from Los Barriles, making this a favorite winter destination for 🕊 Snowbirds.

Many, who have permanent winter homes and RV Park spaces here.

Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours Travelers

We also all had a great time on just another hosted Happy Hour thanks to Dan and Lisa, which turned out to be much longer than an hour!

In fact, we even ordered 🍕 Pizza later in the evening and had it delivered right to us.  We had an instant 🔥 campfire, thanks to one of our group members making the evening just all … too much fun!! 🙂

Beagle Wearing Sunglasses

It was difficult for many of us to leave this favorite destination on our 28 day journey.  Even our dog Oscar, had a blast on the beach!

I’m sure many in our group will return on their own again to stay here once again.

We all seemed to love our stay here on the beach, with 🌞 sunny blue skies and hot days. It was great to spend time relaxing and enjoying the many outdoor activities Los Barriles has to offer.

Day 19 Pescadero

Jungle Pescadero Sign

This was without a doubt, one of the more interesting and adventuresome type days and evenings on the entire tour.  As Dan & Lisa indicated, they promised fun and adventure, and they certainly delivered on this day!

At 08:30 we hit the road for our most southern point on the journey, San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. 

Unfortunately, and because of the continuing growth and expansion of these two very popular tourist destinations on the south tip of the Baja, there are no longer any campgrounds or RV parks in the immediate vicinity to stay.

So it’s on to the small town of Pescadero, after finally making our way to the most Southern Tip of Baja Mexico.

Tropic of Cancer Visitor Center Baja Mexico

Tropic of Cancer Visitor Center Baja Mexico

First, it’s a nice short body break at the Tropic of Cancer on the Baja, complete with a gift shop and a few displays depicting our location.  

After our short visit, it’s wagons ho as we continue on reaching our most southern tip of the journey.

Cabo San Lucas Sign Post

As we approach San Jose Del Cabo, things begin to change drastically!

It’s clear to see the huge growth and modernization here, in the form of buildings, 🏨 resorts and even 🛣 road improvements.

Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Cabo San Lucas Mexico

It begins to feel like we have left Mexico entirely and have arrived in a typical American tourist resort, filled with ⭐ 5 star seaside resorts, 🏌 golf courses and 🛍 shopping centers.

Plaza San Lucas Baja Mexico

After a short stop at the huge and modern – Plaza San Lucas Mall for supplies and lunch, we now begin our drive heading back north along the Pacific Ocean. 

The time has slipped away so quickly!

After just arriving and having traveled over 1000 miles, it’s time to start heading north again, in order to keep on our 28 day schedule.

Helpful Tips Banner

One of the huge bonuses of choosing {Baja Amigo Tours}, is their long stay option. This is open to travelers wanting to stay on longer at a destination of their choice on the Baja.

With advance notice, you can opt to stay at a place of your liking, and then re-join one of their later Caravans that may be operating at a pre-determined point.

We had just that happen in our group, with a few joining us and another couple in our group choosing to stay on longer. They would then re-join a group coming home at a later date in the season.

This is a great feature and definitely worth discussing with Dan & Lisa prior to your departure!

Cabo San Lucas Stone Arch

It really would have been nice to spend some time exploring this area, but it’s pretty obvious while driving through, that Cabo has certainly become the major tourist destination in all of the Baja!

There are simply rows and rows of 5 star resorts lining the seaside, and construction is still ongoing in a big way.  As a result, and unfortunately, leaving no room for campers any longer. 😞

Small Blanket Factory in Baja Mexico

Blanket Factory Baja Mexico

After our grocery stop and lunch break, we begin heading north along the Pacific, making a brief stop at a Blanket Factory.

A recommended stop by our experienced wagon masters, for those looking for quality Mexican blankets, table cloths and more.

The Pescadero Adventure

Baja Amigos RV Travelers

With unexpected information Dan & Lisa had just received and with matters that were completely out of their control, our evening adventure began, as we arrived in Pescadero without a place to camp for the evening.

After a short search and with Wagon Master Dan having the experience and ability to speak Spanish, we arrived at the local Pescadero ⚽ soccer field. (note the goal post in the photo above :))

Arrangements were made with 👮 local authorities to set up camp for the night right on the field. It was like the 🎪 circus had arrived in town, with curious locals dropping by for a peak at our rigs and to just say hello.

Including Pescadero’s  “🎪 Men in Blue,” who promised to keep us safe and secure throughout the evening. What more could you ask for! 🚓

Pescadero Mexico Municipal Police Officers

We circled the wagons and enjoyed an eventful 🍻 happy hour!

As luck it, our Hosted Dinner for the night was just a few short blocks away, and easy stroll down the road in this tiny town.

This authentic casual outdoor restaurant made the best homemade 🍔 burgers and 🍟 fries you would be hard pressed to find most anywhere.

A Great Local Outdoor Restaurant in Pescadero!

Baja Amigos Caravan Tours Hosted Dinner

A great treat and experience to eat where the locals do, in the small town of Pescadero!

Now that’s a Burger!

Homemade Hamburger

We all had a nice day with an easy scenic drive, making a few shopping stops along the way.

Everyone enjoyed the Baja Amigos hosted dinner, and the eventful and memorable night camping out on the local soccer field. Quite entertaining listening to the local 🐕 dogs serenade us throughout the evening!

Day 20 La Paz

Todos Santos Baja Mexico

The next morning we were ready to make our easy drive back to La Paz. With only 53 miles / 85 kilometers on this leg, it gave us time to check out the touristy town of – Todos Santos along the way. 

Located just a short distance from Pescadero, we arrived in the morning when things were still quiet, and before the tour 🚍 buses started arriving from Cabo.

Dating as far back as 1793, today Todos Santos is a quaint touristy town situated on the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. 

Filled with shops, galleries and restaurants, tour buses make their way from Cabo San Lucas as a day time tour excursion.

With a lovely town square and church in town, everyone leisurely made their way down the side streets, checking out the many shops, and making this a lunch stop as well. 

Then it was on to our familiar RV Park in El Centenario just outside of La Paz, to relax for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Of course, to grab a few more delicious home-made Cinnamon Buns at the Café!

Day 21 Puerto Escondido

RV Travel Baja Mexico

Today is one of long travel days covering 201 miles / 328 kilometers, making our way up the middle of the Peninsula and then cutting back in towards the Gulf of California.

Our destination is a beautiful picturesque Bay and Marina, in Puerto Escondido.

As we are driving inland for most of the day, the scenery is mostly that of dry desert terrain. We make several pit stops for body breaks, lunch and ⛽ fuel top ups.

Puerto Escondido Marina Sign

The historic town of Puerto Escondido is bordered by the beautiful; Sierra de la Giganta mountain range.

We arrive late afternoon at this amazing ⛵ Marina in the middle of nowhere.  It was like a multi–million dollar Oasis that was constructed a few years back and that while open, has never really been completed.

Such a shame to see a facility as this, not completely finished in construction, in full operation and operating successfully. It was one of those Mexican Government Mysteries you seem to come upon far too often.

Puerto Escondido Bay Mexico

In fact, construction began with foreign investors and the Mexican Government back in the 1980’s, and was never completed for reasons unknown. 

Today, the marina is open to the public and boaters offering; lovely dock facilities, a storage and maintenance yard, marine fuel station, a restaurant, swimming pool, clean washroom and hot shower facilities and much more.

There are unfinished buildings, streets, canals and more that were to be housing developments.  It was such a shame to see such a wonderful facility not being utilized to its full potential.

Puerto Escondido Bay Sunset Baja Mexico

Regardless, we were welcomed by staff and enjoyed dry camping in their open parking lot, with complete access to their washroom and shower facilities and the free wi-fi service. There was even a fully equipped modern laundry room for those needing to catch up on some washing.

This was a perfect camp location after our long day of driving, where we all enjoyed a nice relaxing evening getting together for {Happy Hour} once again. Later that evening, taking in the Spectacular Sunset, complete with beautiful mountain and bay views!

Baja Amigos RV Travelers

Check Out My Short Video below on the amazing sunset we enjoyed that evening.

Puerto Escondido Marina – YouTube Video

With our third week complete and as with most vacations, time seems to be going far too quickly. It’s no wonder, with all the activities and excursions Baja Amigos offers on their complete tours.

Final Thoughts Banner

Be sure to check the ⛓ links below on Weeks 1,2 & 4 on our exciting 28 day tour of the Baja! 🙂



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Baja Tourism

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“La Paz – The Capital Of Baja California Sur Mexico, Was Once Entirely Supported By Pearl Diving.”

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