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Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour {Week 2}

Baja California Mexico RV Caravan Tour
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Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour
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Our Baja Amigos 28 Day RV Caravan Tour

Taking a camping journey down the Baja California in Mexico is something I had wanted to do for many years. My wife and I finally made this happen by joining a …

🚌 Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour. 🚌

This was our first major driving trip with our 🚌 recreational vehicle into Mexico, and definitely wanted to have the company and experience of well-seasoned travelers into the Country for this trip.

We selected the {Baja Amigos 28 Day RV Caravan Tour} for this adventure!

Experience A Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tour

baja amigos logo

We chose Baja Amigos above their competitors for a number of very important reasons.
For example;

✔ Length of Tour & Month Selection

✔ Experienced & Knowledgeable Wagon Masters

✔ Solid Business Reputation

✔ Small Group Caravans Only

✔ Stay Over Option

And much more!

If you’ve been thinking of taking a camping adventure down the Baja, but are still a little hesitant for a number of reasons, hopefully these next articles of mine about our journey will help you decide one way or another.

My wife and I had a wonderful trip, met some great travel companions, did some amazing excursions on the way and saw some spectacular scenery as well!

Baja Mexico Camping Tour Week Two

Baja California Map

Below, is a diary of our camping adventure continuing on with; Week 2. This is the second of 4 articles highlighting; places visited, camping locations and special excursions taken along the way.

Everything we experienced with Baja Amigos and their …

🚌 Baja Mexico RV Caravan Tours. 🚌

As well, be sure to check out my other posts and photos here, of our adventure. I’ve listed the links to these posts at the bottom of this post. 🙂

Day 8 and 9 Loreto

Loreto Mexico

Today we get to sleep in and depart for Loreto at 09:00 driving just 74 miles/119 kilometers.
The scenic drive continues south down along the Sea of Cortez coastline enjoying beautiful ocean views, rolling hills with a variety of 🌵 cactus and more!

The Beautiful Loreto Mexico Malecon

Loreto Mexico Malecon

Loreto is very much a tourist town and filled with history. There’s a beautiful Malecon walkway in town that runs along the water, shops, restaurants and golf resorts just minutes away.

After our arrival and getting all set up at our RV Park, it was time to get out for 🚶 nice walk on the Malecon and enjoy the afternoon in the sunshine! 🙂

Historic Hotel in the Town Square

Loreto Mexico Historic Hotel

Loreto is a favorite for tourists, with an international ✈ airport making it easy to fly in and out of.

There’s a lovely 🛍 shopping plaza in town, with lots of; souvenir shops, restaurants and historic landmarks. Much like this beautiful old hotel in the picture shown above.

Picturesque RV Park Entrance in Loreto

Loreto Mexico RV Park

Our full facility RV Park was conveniently located right in town, and just minutes from the Malecon. It was an easy walk to the town square for shopping and much more.

The sites are tight, but the park has clean 🚻 restrooms with hot 🚿 showers and even laundry facilities. The 📶 wi-fi connection was good throughout the park as well, giving everyone a chance to catch up on 📧 emails and contacts at home.


Mision San Francisco Javier Loreto Mexico

Mision San Francisco Javier Loreto Mexico

After a nice relaxing evening, the next day we boarded our tour van for a 35 kilometer journey up the hillside, to visit one of the areas historic Missions.

Our scenic mountain drive takes us to the ⛪ Mision San Francisco Javier deep in the hills. This beautiful and historic Mission dates back to the late 1600’s.

Mision San Francisco Javier Loreto

Surrounding the Mission, there are approximately 150 people that reside in this peaceful setting. This included excursion on our tour was definitely worth taking in!

A great opportunity to view a bit of history in the Baja, and to escape the city hustle and bustle. It was so nice to enjoy the peace and serenity in the beautiful countryside of Loreto.

Hosted Dinner

Loreto Mexico Dining

Later in the evening, it was time to gather for an excellent Fiesta Night Dinner, hosted by Baja Amigos. We all had a wonderful evening as we became more and more acquainted with one another.

Great Music, Great Food, Great Evening!

Loreto Mexico Dining Musicians

Loreto is definitely a favorite tourist destination and a place we all seemed to enjoy spending time at.

Day 10 and 11 El Centenario & La Paz

La Paz Mexico Sign

Day 10 and we had an early departure for the trips longest drive so far. We’re heading deeper south down the Baja. 208 miles/335 kilometers.

Today, we make our way inland and then basically head down the middle of the Baja Peninsula for quite a distance. We then travel back towards the Sea of Cortez, stopping just a few kilometers outside the City of La Paz.

Our drive has us passing through rolling hills, agricultural farming areas and some very dry desert.

El Centenario Mexico RV Park

El Centenario Mexico RV Park

After our long drive, we arrive at El Centenario, a suburb of La Paz at a very nice full hookup RV Park, complete with a lovely outdoor swimming pool.

There’s an outstanding Café on site that bakes “Out Of This World” 🍮 Cinnamon Buns! Our trusted leaders call ahead to make sure they’re hot and fresh out of the oven, on our arrival. 🙂

El Centenario Mexico RV Park Swimming Pool

El Centenario Mexico RV Park Swimming Pool

Although the park is next to the highway (noise), it is a modern, very large full facility park. It was a nice spot to relax and recover from the previous long drive.

🛣 Roads down the Baja are an adventure in themselves, from Good, Bad to Even Downright Ugly! 🥺


The Beautiful La Paz Malecon 

La Paz Malecon Walkway

Our trusted leader; Dan, invited those wanting to visit La Paz, to hop aboard his tour van for the short drive to town.

We head for the main tourist section, and the towns beautiful 8 kilometer Malecon walkway. This area is filled with souvenir shops, restaurants and much more!

We also stop at a wonderful Pottery Store, where we have the opportunity to purchase some unique hand painted pottery.

La Paz Mexico Malecon Art

Dan gives us plenty of time to souvenir shop, enjoy lunch at our leisure and just hang around this very popular destination in the Baja.

Enjoying a Mexican Dinner in La Paz 

La Paz Mexico Dining

Later that evening for those who wished, we headed back to town with Dan & Lisa to enjoy a wonderful optional 🌮 Mexican dinner.

Can’t get enough of fine Mexican cuisine, yummy!

Enjoying an Authentic Mexican Dinner Platter!

Mexican Dinner Platter

After our excellent meal, our hosts were kind enough to give us an evening driving tour of town and the city night lights, along the 8 kilometer Malecon. We get a chance to view some of the beautiful ⭐ 5 star resorts of La Paz, situated on the waters edge.

Everyone enjoyed a nice relaxing 2 night restful stay in La Paz, enjoying the sites, dining and shopping!

Day 12, 13, 14 Playa Tecolote

The Fabulous Beach at Playa Tecolote

Playa Tecolote Mexico Beach

On day 12 we’re up early at 08:00 and only driving 29 miles / 45 k to Playa Tecolote today. This is our first 3 day 🏖 beach stopover that we are all looking forward to.

There’s no driving for 3 days and a nice quiet beach for all to enjoy!

The La Paz Mexico Walmart Grocery

La Paz Mexico Walmart
Prior to our arrival for our 3 day dry beach camping stay, we make a brief grocery stop for everyone. An opportunity to stock up on food and 🍺 Cerveza.

Yes, even La Paz has a Walmart Grocery!

I must admit, the store was quite nice, with fresh vegetables and even a bakery for those with a sweet tooth. 🙂

Beach Camping at Playa Tecolote Mexico 

Playa Tecolote Mexico Beach Camping

Situated very close to La Paz, this popular beach is known for great 🏊 swimming and kayaking. It’s also perfect for just taking 🚶 walks on its long stretch of beach front.

The beach is absolutely beautiful, with crystal clear water and a superb stretch of beach to stroll on. A perfect place to enjoy the scenic views of the islands across the Bay.

The sunsets and 🌅 sunrises were stunning!

Cowboys Passing Thru in Playa Tecolote

Playa Tecolote Mexico Cowboys

There are a few restaurants and bars further down from where we camped for those interested. There is also a regular city bus that will take you back to La Paz, if so desired.

Our weather was sunny and hot in the days we spent here, cooling off in the evening for comfortable 💤 sleeping. The wind did pick up on our last day, but still making for a wonderful relaxing 3 days 🏕 camping on the beach.

Enjoying Happy Hour on the Beach!

Baja Amigos Campers Playa Tecolote Mexico

Everyone seemed to love our 3 nights of beach camping, along with another outstanding Potluck Dinner get together enjoying each others company. The Potluck dinners together were definitely a big hit with everyone.

Ahh life is good! 🙂

Sun Rising and High Tide on the Beach!

Beach Camping Playa Tecolote Mexico

With our second week complete, time seems to be going far too quickly. With all the activities and excursions Baja Amigos offers on their tours, its no wonder why.

Final Thoughts Banner
For more detailed information on tours offered by Baja Amigos, I have listed a link to their official website below for your convenience.

🌵 Baja Amigos 🌵
I’ve also included the Official Baja California Tourism website link below for your convenience, to show you what Baja Mexico really has to offer. 🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for Baja Mexico’s exact location. 🗺

Baja Tourism

🌅 Baja California Mexico Tourism 🌅

👣 Footnote 👣

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One very reputable world leading digital travel company I have used for many years now for searching and booking attractions and more is … Viator by Tripadvisor.

🏝 Explore Baja California! 🏝

🛡 I Only Endorse Products/Services That Can Be Trusted & Verified & That I’ve Personally Used! 🛡

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

Although our tour was in collaboration with Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.
All personal 📸 photographs on this post are the property of and are copyright protected.
Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. 🚫
✨   Did You Know …

“At Last Count, There Are Over 123 Million People Living In Mexico.”

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