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Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site {Alberta}

Atlas Coal Mine
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Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site - Review
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The Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site

If your travel plans have you visiting the 🍁 Province of Alberta in Canada, then you simply must make a point of visiting the historic …

⚒ Atlas Coal Mine ⚒

located just outside the City of Drumheller. 

This abandoned coal mine is now a; National Historic Site, and something the entire family will enjoy!

There’s a great deal more to see then just the World Famous 🦕 Royal Tyrrell Dinosaur Museum 🦕 in Drumheller, Alberta.

This world renowned attraction, is located in the southern portion of Alberta’s Famous – Badlands.

Brief History Of The Atlas Coal Mine

Atlas Coal Mine Alberta

The coal-mining industry was huge in this part of Alberta, from 1911 and continuing for nearly 75 years. At that time, coal was a major source of heating and also for other household uses. The Atlas Mine operated until 1984, when number 3 and 4 mines were finally closed.

Today, this historic mine is said to be the most comprehensive historic coal mine in Canada. It is also home to the Country’s last – “full standing wooden coal tipple.”


It is a coal loading and sorting machine. The Atlas Coal Mine Tipple was built in 1937. 

Atlas Coal Mine Historic Tipple

The Tipple stands at over 7 stories tall, and lives on as a token of just how huge the mining industry was during this period in the Drumheller Valley. In fact, there were a total of 139 coal mines operating in the region during its hay day!

You can actually walk 125 feet up the tipple and view how coal was moved, sorted, stored and then finally shipped from the processing plant.

Your guide will outline the dangers these young miners faced, both on the surface and below ground. They commonly referred to this as stepping into the …

“Belly of the Beast”

Atlas Coal Mine Historical Artifacts

Historic Atlas Coal Mine

The site has a wonderful display of ⛏ old mining equipment, many out buildings to view and something the kids will absolutely love, the pre-1936 battery powered 🚂 locomotive train.

Historic Atlas Coal Mine Coal Train

🚂 Hop on board and take a short ride on this coal train, as your guide fills you in on the history of the mine and what the workers endured during that period in time.

Atlas Coal Mine Tunnel Tour

Atlas Coal Mine Guide

Unfortunately we missed the exciting tunnel tour during our visit. This added tour will lead you into a mine tunnel, as you follow in the footsteps of these brave miners, taking you a step back in time! ⏰

Atlas Coal Mine Old Miners Shack

As you put on your miners 🧢 cap and 🔦 lamp, your guide will take you up the inclined conveyor tunnel, to the actual mine entry. Here, you can experience the reality of working in these dark and dangerous coal mines.

Atlas Coal Mine – Minutes from Drumheller Alberta

Welcome to Drumheller Sign

The Mine is just over 🛣 20 minutes or 23 kilometers from the City of Drumheller. A visit to this National Historic Site is definitely a “Must See Attraction” in this region of Alberta.

Final Thoughts Banner

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and for those traveling with pets, the site is 🐕 Pet Friendly as well!

Atlas Coal Mine Attractions

For more detailed information, I have listed their official website below for your convenience. 🗺 Be sure to check out the {Google Map} box at the bottom of this post for their exact location. 🗺

Atlas Coal Mine Banner

⚒  Atlas National Historic Site ⚒

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