5 Great Things To Do In Turin Italy

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Turin Italy Skyline

Top 5 Things To Do in Turin Italy

Write for Gr8 Travel TipsTurin, Italy is a large city located in the northern part of the country with a population well over 2 million. The city is rich in history making it popular tourist destination particularly for lovers of art, museums, architecture, palaces and much more.

Many of the magnificent buildings date back to the 16th century! Today, Turin is a bustling business center and home to excellent universities, sports clubs and the automobile giant ‘Fiat.’ It is included as one of the top 250 tourist destinations around the globe.

Below, you will find a few of the popular attractions in Turin worth taking in during your stay.

Here are 5 Things to do In Turin Italy that simply must not be missed if visiting this beautiful city.  If you are planning to visit northern Italy, you must not miss Turin, the main city of Piedmont region. Turin has a population of almost 1 million inhabitants and is the 4th biggest Italian city after Rome, Milan and Naples.

It is mostly known thanks to the Savoy Royal Family who made of this city the capital of its Duchy in 1563.  Later in 1861 Turin became the capital of the Kingdom of Italy and in more recent years it became known as the home of FIAT automotive company.  Turin is a city rich in history and traditions.

Enjoy the Sites of Turin Italy

The following is a brief list of things to do while in this lovely city.

Visit the Mole Antonelliana

Mole Antonelliana Turin Italy

Mole Antonelliana Turin Italy

This huge building is the symbol of the city. It was constructed by the architect Alessandro Antonelli in 1863 and was originally designed to be a Jewish temple. Then it was given to the municipality of Turin and became a monument to Victor Emmanuel II king of Italy.

The building is 163 meters high (547.90 ft) and it is made of a squared basis on the top of which there is the famous cusped dome. Inside the building a panoramic elevator will bring visitors to the “little temple” where they can have a breathtaking view of Turin.

The building today hosts the National Museum of Cinema.

Take a Tour in Valentine’s Park and its Castle

Valentine’s Park and Castle Turin Italy

Valentine’s Park and Castle Turin Italy

Not so far from the city centre there is the Valentine’s park which was designed in 1800 by the French landscape designer Barillet-Dechamps. Reportedly the name of the park is attributed to St. Valentine which is buried in a little church nearby. Inside the park, visitors can admire the magnificent Valentine’s castle which is inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage list along with the other royal residences of the Savoy family.

Today the castle hosts the Faculty of Architecture of the Politecnico of Turin. Inside the park there is also a very singular medieval hamlet, which is a reproduction of a medieval hamlet of 1400 and includes fortified buildings, workshops and alleys in a very picturesque location.

Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum of Turin

Egyptian Museum of Turin

The Egyptian Museum of Turin is the second biggest museum on Egyptian culture after the Cairo museum. It was founded in 1826 when King Carlo Felice bought a huge collection of Egyptian artworks and artefacts from the consul of France in Egypt. Today the collection includes more than 30,000 items of all kind: statues, jewels, sarcophagi, everyday objects, etc.

Among the most impressive artworks visitors can admire the statue of Ramesse II, the intact graves of Kha and Merit, and the rock temple of Thutmosi III.

Royal Palace of Venaria

Royal Palace of Venaria

Royal Palace of Venaria

This royal residence was commissioned by King Charles Emmanuel II as a hunting, country residence. This is part of the “Corona delle Delizie” a series of royal residences of the Savoy family. The royal palace of Venaria was built between 1659 and 1679 by the architect Amedeo di Castellamonte and includes a big complex which extends for more than 2 km.

After the destruction of the residence by the French some parts of the complex were reconstructed by the architect Juvarra who made the enchanting gallery called Galleria di Diana and other parts of the residence which all reflect the baroque style of the time.

This complex is also inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Eat Typical Turin Food

bonet puddingAfter all this visiting you must be starving and what is better of Italian food? Turin offers some of the best Italian dishes in the heart of Piedmont Region.

So while you are here, be sure not to miss the typical antipasti (appetizers) made of cold cuts, veal with tuna sauce and vegetables all accompanied with the typical Turin grissini (breadsticks).

As for the pasta, the agnolotti is a very well-known dish made of meat-stuffed pasta served with meat gravy or a butter and sage sauce. Or try the tajarin which is a long fresh pasta served with a white truffle sauce or meat sauce. And for the main course you absolutely have to taste the brasato stewed meat cooked with Barolo wine. And for the dessert I suggest the bonet: a pudding made of gianduja chocolate and amaretti (a kind of macaroon).

There is a lot more to see, so just pack your bags and fly to Italy for your next summer holiday!

Turin Italy Airport

Turin Italy Airport
Some useful information to reach the city:


Turin’s airport Sandro Pertini is only 16km away from the city center which can be reached by car, train, cab or bus in 20-30 minutes.

Once in the city you can move around easily by public transport or by using the bike sharing service.

Author bio:
Clara, 27, Italian, from Rome, has a degree in Translation studies and she has loved traveling since she was a child. With her parents she has visited Greece, Germany, Austria, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. Years later she started traveling on her own, living in France, Belgium and Canada. Next stop is a tour of the United States. You can find her on Google+ .

Safe travels!

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