Helpful Travel Tips for Rome Italy

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Travel Tips for Rome Italy

Top 15 Practical Tips for a Memorable Trip to Rome Italy

Writer at DeskI always enjoy receiving a guest post from other seasoned travelers who can offer some helpful tips and advice for specific travel destinations.  Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world, with countless numbers of visitors all year long.

Our family had the pleasure of visiting Rome and area attractions in 2009, and believe me, it’s best to do a little homework beforehand and prepare and book your tickets to the main tourist attractions early!

Below is a great article giving you some very helpful tips and advice from an expert on Rome. I hope you enjoy her post!


A Few Helpful Travel Tips for Rome Italy

Rome is certainly one of the most photogenic and the most visited cities in the world. More than just ruins, culture and history, Rome offers a heady mixture of vibrant street life, awe-inspiring art, vivacious nightlife, mouthwatering gastronomy and reminiscent sights.

From the nearly 2,000 years old Colosseum to the overwhelming paintings and frescoes on the ceilings of the Sistine Chapel, Rome will always leave your jaws dropped and your eyes wide open.

Just like in any other tourist destinations around the world, there are also a couple of scams and tourist traps emerging around Rome. No matter how enthralling Rome can be, there are still a couple of things that one should always keep in mind when visiting the Eternal City.

To help you make your trip to Rome a memorable one, here are some of the practical tips you must always remember.

The Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum

Book Attraction Tickets in Advance

To avoid long queues in most of the major attractions in the Eternal City, be sure to also book your admission tickets first before you fly to Rome. You can also purchase a Roma Pass or bundle tickets perhaps to save time and money. For instance, if you intend to visit the Roman Colosseum and Roman Forum, you can buy a bundle ticket for the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and the Roman Colosseum.

You can start at the Roman Forum where you can buy the ticket, head to the Roman Colosseum and then finally to the Palatine Hill.

Dress Accordingly For Saint Peter’s Basilica

When visiting the churches especially in Saint Peter’s Basilica, be sure not to wear skimpy clothing. If you happened to visit Rome in the summer or you are more comfortable wearing short pants and sleeveless blouses, then you must also bring with you a scarf.

You can use the scarf to cover your shoulders and knees when entering the church.

Book Hotel Accommodations In Advance

Rome is such a hectic city all year round, so do expect a huge amount of tourists visiting the city. This would mean that hotels and other accommodations may also be fully booked all year round. To avoid ending up lost in the middle of the city and sleeping in the streets during your trip to Rome, be sure to have your hotel accommodation booked beforehand. 🙂

Gladiator Uniformed Men

Gladiator Uniformed Men

Beware of Common Tourist Scams

When visiting the Colosseum, be warned not to approach uniformed men posting like Gladiators for a photograph without asking for the price first. Yes, taking photographs of and with the Gladiator uniformed men will cost you some euros. Be sure to ask for the price per photo first before clicking your camera to avoid being surprised with the high rate these men may ask from you.

If you want to take a picture of them without having to pay any cent, you can do so from a distant area. Just be careful not to be too obvious or you will be asked to pay for their picture.

Dine Away from Tourist Hot Spots

When dining, try to choose not to eat at the restaurants, pizzerias and cafeterias located just nearby the major sightseeing spots, streets and squares as they are most likely to be tourist traps. This means that most of the establishments around these areas generally offer foods at a higher price.

You may walk down the street a little bit and you will find the same gastronomy with almost the same taste but at a more considerable price.


Do you want to grab a cone of gelato? Well then, it’s best to attend a nearby gelato shop. Avoid buying gelato or ice cream from the street vendors as they typically charge a relatively higher price for a scoop of this delicious treat.


Want a cup of coffee? In ordering coffee, avoid asking for caffe if you are not into strong and black coffee. In Rome, caffe means strong coffee in a small cup. If you want the regular coffee in a typical size cup, simply order a caffe Americano.

If you intend to just have quick coffee break, it would be better if you have your coffee taken out. Avoid sitting on any chair inside the coffee shop to cut down almost half the price of the coffee. You may take out your coffee and drink it somewhere else.

Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel

Be Prepared to Walk in Rome

Rome is a huge open air museum itself and most of the major attractions are located just nearby each other. Prepare for a day of walking by picking the right walking gear that you are comfortable wearing to avoid foot strain and cramp.

Use ATM’s or Money Exchange Shops

Have your bills exchanged at the authorized money exchange shops instead of just having it converted into the local currency at the street. There are a lot of fraudulent transactions recorded along the streets and at the airport concerning currency changing matters. Do not be one of the victims.

Always Carry Identification

Always bring with you your passport and other identification cards wherever you are.

Learn a Few Basic Italian Phrases

Study and learn basic Italian words like the words used for greeting, numbers, asking for directions.

Use a Metered Taxi

Avoid those taxi drivers who are asking you to pay for a fixed price as they may charge you two to three times the actual amount you may need to pay for a metered taxi.

Avoid being a taxi scam victim by picking the right taxi cab. Choose the cab that has a working meter and has an official label. More often than not, the officially recognized taxis in Rome are dyed with white paint.

To fully enjoy your Vacation in Rome, it always helps to act like a local. Avoid doing what locals do not usually do and mix in and do what the Romans do and have fun!

Author Bio:

Angie van KemenadeAngie van Kemenade is the owner of, a site that offers sightseeing information about the popular attractions in Rome.

Angie loves traveling and Rome is her family’s favorite holiday destination.

Safe travels!

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