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Travel Health and Safety Tips

A Few Suggestions to Travel Safely at All Times

I thought I would share with you a few tips on how you can do your best to Travel Safely.  It’s very important these days when traveling, to take a few moments to review some simple and basic procedures to follow when to ensure your overall safety and well being.

Exercising some simple precautions will greatly reduce your chances of becoming ill or from becoming an unfortunate victim of foul play in one way or another.

Here’s a short video I thought was worth sharing with you. This expert reviews a couple of important safe travel tips to follow. Definitely worth taking a few moments to watch!

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How to Travel Safely and Securely

Below are a couple of additional tips one should consider when selecting a specific travel destination …

Be informed of your chosen destination.

Are there any travel advisory’s posted for the country you are traveling to?

Can you travel safely to your country of choice at the time you wish to go?

I have also added two very useful North American travel information websites that list updated travel alerts around the globe. – Foreign Affairs & International Trade Canada … (travel alerts) – U.S. Dept. of State … (travel alerts)

You can subscribe online to these websites and receive updated email travel alerts for your chosen destination(s) prior to departure. Very worthwhile, especially if you are traveling to foreign country’s.

Travel Medical Insurance

Travel Safely – Purchase Travel Medical Insurance

This is probably the most important tip I can pass on to you to ensure safe travel. Do not travel without it unless you can afford thousands of dollars for medical treatment and other expenses. Why so many people choose to take a chance and not purchase travel medical insurance for the sake of saving a few dollars, still puzzles me.

I have always said …

If you can afford to travel, you can afford travel medical insurance!

Travel Safely – Travel Immunizations and Your Documents

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Do You Need Any Vaccinations?

Protect yourself from disease or any other precautions necessary to ensure a safe holiday for you and your family? Be sure to check out my recent post on Getting Your Necessary Travel Shots for Travel. 🙂

Are All Necessary Travel Documents in Order?

travel documents

Make sure all of your travel documents , are valid and safe and secure with you at all times while in transit to and from your destination.  Do not pack money, wallets, passports and such in your check in luggage!


I always scan my documents, email them to me and I also copy them on to a memory stick in case they become lost or stolen. This will help you greatly, especially if traveling to a foreign country!

Travel Safely – Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Take a moment and look around, trust your instincts, if you feel unsafe in a particular area, then you probably are! Leave as quickly and safely as you can.

Travel Safely

Travel Safely – Use Common Sense

Travel in Groups

Traveling in a Group

Try not to be caught alone in unfamiliar areas where you really should not be, especially at night.  If you are on vacation, this is when you are usually most vulnerable, as we tend to let loose and let our guard down. This is usually the times when we least think of our safety because we are on vacation! 🙁

Travel Safely – Watch Your Liquor Consumption

Tropical Drinks

We also tend to over indulge in alcoholic beverages while enjoying our vacation, putting us at greater risk. Of course, it’s all part of enjoying ones holiday, but try never to let your guard down or make decisions you may regret later.

Travel Safely – Be Aware of Your Wallet

Pickpocket Theives

Men should never carry wallets in their back pockets and women should keep purses tight against them at all times.  This is especially true in crowds such as at busy airports, train stations and other high traffic areas.

Travel Safely – Leave that Expensive Jewelry at Home

Expensive Jewellery

Expensive jewelry definitely draws attention to undesirables and makes you a target. Also, be sure to empty out your wallets of extra credit cards, identification and other unnecessary items that you will not require when away.

Travel Safely – Watch What You Eat and What You Drink

Food Truck

To avoid sickness and health, particularly avoid water from the tap and be very careful with side food stands. You certainly do not want that holiday ruined from eating or drinking something you should have avoided in the first place and find yourself constantly running to the …
Toilet Sign Post

Travel Safely – Take an Extra Pair of Eyeglasses

anthony bourdain wearing sunglasses

For those who wear eyeglasses like myself, always take an extra pair in case your original is lost or broken. I was caught many years ago without an extra pair of prescription eye wear while traveling abroad.  I misplaced them and being near sighted, I was left to struggle to see for the remainder of the trip.  A hard lesson learned, but never to be forgotten again.

To travel safely, you have to be able to see your best at all times!

These are just a few travel and health safety tips to think about to ensure you and your companions have a wonderful and safe journey! I have also added a couple of excellent downloadable documents that deal with safe travels.  Some very useful  advice for most everyone.

The first is:

Travel Preparations … this booklet is very informative and has tips suitable for travelers from all over.
Her Own Way … (safety tips for women traveling alone).

Safe Travels!

Healthy Travel Lifestyle

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Did You Know …

” The odds that you will perish from an airplane crash are 1 in 25 million and that it will happen today are 1 in 7 trillion. Pretty safe travel! “