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Gr8 Travel Photo Den Quesnel BC

Gold Pan City Quesnel British Columbia

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This Photo Den Feature takes you to a lovely city of Quesnel in British Columbia’s Cariboo Region.

Gateway to historic Barkerville, BC and world famous Bowron Lakes, it is also en-route for those venturing further north all the way to Alaska.

Quesnel is the perfect stopover or vacation destination in north central BC.


Gold Pan City – Quesnel BC

Travel Photo Den Quesnel BC

History and Adventure in Quesnel

Quesnel is a wonderful Adventure Playground in the North Cariboo Region of Beautiful British Columbia. With so many things to see and do in and around the city, it makes for a perfect summer holiday destination.

Once a famous Gold Rush town along with Barkerville back in 1862, the area is teeming with history and attractions for you to enjoy.  Situated along the banks of the Fraser & Quesnel Rivers, the city is less than a 7 hour drive from Vancouver, BC., making it a perfect stopover destination for travelers of all kinds.

The city offers a variety of hotels, RV Parks, dining options and tourist attractions to choose from, and special events happening all summer long for everyone to enjoy. So if your plans have you heading to British Columbia’s northern region, then be sure to check out and plan a stay in Quesnel.  You won’t be disappointed!

For more detailed information on the City of Quesnel, I have listed their official tourism website below for your convenience.

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