Travel Photo Den – Pandas at Adelaide Zoo

Travel Photo Den - Pandas at Adelaide Zoo

Gr8 Travel Tips Photo Den – The Beautiful Panda Bears

Gr8 Travel Tips travel photographyThis time we head to the lovely city of Adelaide, Australia, where the beautiful Panda Bears reside. A presentation of our personal photographs taken during our travel adventures around the world!

This certainly was one of my favorite coastal cities in Australia during our recent visit for the first time to this vast country. One of the major attractions downtown is the magnificent Adelaide Zoo!

The Beautiful Panda Bears

Panda Bear at Adelaide Zoo

Travel Photo Den – Pandas at Adelaide Zoo

Situated in the heart of the city and surrounding park, it is certainly of the major attractions for tourists and locals alike. This zoo is home to over 2,500 beautiful and exotic birds and animals. The Adelaide Zoo is the only city zoo that is owned and operated strictly as a non – profit organization and that focuses on education and the preservation of wildlife. Be sure to check my recent post showing much more photos and my video on the Adelaide Zoo.

As well, I have included the official website link to the Zoo, offering a much closer look and information for your convenience.

Safe travels!

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