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Pack a Travel First Aid Kit At All Times

Travel first aid kits are without a doubt, the most often overlooked item when packing for your family holidays. You never know when you may need to administer first aid for a member of your family while on vacation.  Have you ever been on vacation and needed a band aid and there was not one to be found for a hundred miles? 😥  Well we certainly have and have been caught off guard  a number of times while away!

Putting together a simple travel first aid kit is easy and takes very little room in your luggage.

Be ready while on vacation to apply first aid for both minor and more serious situations. Below,  I have assembled a handy list of what should be included when putting together your first aid kit or purchasing one for your family holidays.  First, check out this short video explaining what items should be included in your kit, especially for those of you traveling with children.

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Travel First Aid Kit For Your Luggage

First aid kits are very important and should be included in everyone’s travel luggage.  This so much so if you are traveling with children. You certainly do not need a lot of space and can pack a nice and simple kit very quickly. One that can easily handle small first aid applications which may include a bandage wrap to get you by until medical attention can be sought.

Of course the type of kit you pack will depend on your particular travel.

In this article, let’s have a brief look at what should be typically included in travel first aid kits and what we normally carry in ours for a common 2 week holiday as an example . We have always carried a small and convenient professionally stocked first aid kit purchased from a reputable store. These kits usually include standard items necessary to treat minor injuries. Of the many travel products available, there are hundreds of first aid kits to choose from as well, so be sure to choose the right one for you and your families needs.

Typical Items to Include in Your Travel First Aid Kit

minor injury

These usually are included but not limited to items in kits purchased …

Band aids

Select bandages

Gauze dressings

Bandage tape

Antibiotic ointment

Hand sanitizer

Latex gloves


More and more people are traveling with carry on luggage, so be sure to know what is and what is not acceptable to pack. Things are constantly changing with individual airlines!

Scissors are definitely a No No!

Along with the basic items above, we always pack some additional things into our kit. When our children were just toddlers, we made sure to pack additional band aids and children’s aspirin. Some very simple but handy to have, especially if you are traveling to foreign countries. Take Cuba for example, trying to purchase aspirin or even band aids can be a trying experience! 😐 It is better to be prepared  then be without when visiting areas with limited resources.

You should always be prepared for the worst and travel safely at all times when away from home!

Suggestions to Include In Your Travel First Aid Kit

minor injury during travel

A few other items we always pack include …

  • Tums –  antacid tablets also containing calcium.

nausea clipartIt never fails that at least one person in a typical family of four will experience upset stomach or indigestion while away on holidays.

This is normal and with the change in water and food, quite often one will experience upset stomach during the course of their vacation.

We find Tums quite often is an easy remedy and does give you a source of Calcium that you may be missing as well while on vacation.

  • Pepto Bismol – ( in tablet form )
  • Imodium – ( in tablet form )

Depending on the where we are vacationing to, we normally pack both of these travel products, as they are convenient, take very little space and are very effective for symptoms of  upset stomach, indigestion, heartburn and yes … diarrhea!

There great to take along on those all inclusive family vacations. It is inevitable, that one of you will experience traveler’s diarrhea at some point on your holiday abroad!  😳

Typical Non Prescription Products to Include in Your Travel First Aid Kit

swimming injuries

If you are heading to a warm tropical climate and staying at a typical all inclusive resort, chances are one of you will experience these symptoms.

The last thing we include in our travel first aid kits is ibuprofen. For our family, Advil usually does the trick.  It is a good all – purpose non – prescription medication.  A great anti – inflammatory and also helps reduce pain and fever.  You can learn more about this over the counter medication at …

We always pack this into our carry on luggage, in case one of us should need it while on route to our destination.  Wikipedia also offers some great information on first aid kits that is definitely worth checking out.

Travel First Aid Kit


Items such as:

A first aid helpful guide





Needles and more


There are a number of very good travel first aid kits in the marketplace to choose from. Depending on the type of travel and how many are with you, will determine what is right for you. So be prepared for the unexpected when traveling.  Just having a simple band-aid for minor cuts or irritations has been a godsend over the years during our travels! 🙂

Safe travels!

Do you pack a small first aid kit when traveling? If so, what items do you carry inside?

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