Checking Important Travel Documents For Minors

Travel Documents for Children

Children’s Travel Documents Are Often Forgotten

Yes, many times,  travel documents for minors are often overlooked when planning a vacation.  Speaking from past experience, planning a vacation with kids can be stressful at times, and some simple things like checking expiry dates on passports, can be easily overlooked.   You are responsible for your child’s documents and believe it or not, many people completely forget about them and end up in a mad panic and rush just before travel! 🙁

Take a moment well before leaving on your holiday and make sure all travel documents are valid and up to date.

If you miss anything, it could cause trip disruptions and/or cancellations all together. So be prepared and make sure everything is in order prior to travel. Below is a quick video on 3 very important travel tips worth hearing.

View on …

The video highlights three simple but very important tips for travel anywhere.  I especially agree that you must ensure that you and your family travel safely at all times. This has always been priority one for us when taking our family holidays.

The video’s author listed her three main concerns …

Personal Safety



Keeping Travel Documents in Order

Passport Travel Stamps

It is vital  that you are aware of the required documents necessary for each travel destination you are going to! Included in your documentation should be …


Visa (if required)

Travel Insurance

Complete Itinerary

What our family  have done for many years now, is to include photocopies of our passports and other important identification.  These should be packed separately from the originals. If you are stopping in a different country on the way to your final destination, you must have the documents necessary to enter that country as well.

I also scan and email our documents to me for safe keeping and easy access on the internet.

Photocopy or Scan All Your Travel Documents

Passports For Travel

Just in case you do lose the originals, replacing them is much quicker and easier if you have photocopies with you. Today, valid passports are required for travel to most countries in the world.

Passports are by far the …

 Preferred and internationally accepted evidence of identity and citizenship

It is also important to note that in the event of loss of a passport while traveling, a passport can be replaced. Most other forms of travel documents Cannot. 🙁

Passports Must Be Valid Six Months Past Date of Entry

So, be sure your passports are valid and up to date.  Take them out and have a look now! These requirements are now necessary for travel by land, sea and air!

Travel Documents for Children Include Visas

 Sample of a Canadian Visitors Visa

Travel Visa


Visa Definition:

“Certificate issued or a stamp marked (on the applicant’s passport) by the immigration authorities of a country to indicate that the applicant’s credentials have been verified and he or she has been granted permission to enter the country for a temporary stay within a specified period. This permission, however, is provisional and subject to the approval of the immigration officer at the entry point.”       


In many cases, a Visa may be necessary for entering the country you are visiting.  Even if you are heading away on one of those fantastic all inclusive family vacations, you may still need a required Visa in order to enter the country that you are visiting.  Be sure to double check with your travel agent or with an official tourism website for the country you are visiting.

Travel Agent Cartoon

Obtaining a tourist visa is one of the documents most often overlooked, especially because so many people are booking travel on their own these days, online on the internet.  A qualified and reputable travel agent  will often pass this vital travel information on to their clients when making travel arrangements.

Ensure all necessary travel documents are in order to avoid last minute panic and/or possible travel disruptions.

One final note in preparations for travel for you and your family.  As mentioned earlier and so important to remember depending on what country you are visiting, is that a Visa may be required for entry as well and so often overlooked prior to leaving home.

There is a very helpful website that is worth mentioning and  taking a look at regarding Visa and Health for travel.  The website is located at …

At this website, you can gather information you will need about these two important subjects for countries all over the world.

Stress Free Travel With Necessary Documents

Documents For Travel

Traveling is so much more enjoyable and relaxing when all the necessary requirements for entry are taken care of well in advance of departure.  Again, you are responsible for all the necessary travel documents for yourself and your children. For more complete Passport information, I have also included two North American websites where you can obtain more complete information on documentation for travel.

In wrapping up, as you can see, whether you are planning that fabulous family cruise vacation or any other type of holiday abroad, it’s very important to have all the necessary documentation ready well before travel.

Safe travels!

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