Tips To Help Plan Your Travel Budget

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 Planning Holidays

Helpful Tips for Your Travel Budget Planning

I recently came across this colorful poster that outlines 6 important tips that should be included in ones travel budget.  I enjoyed the look and the tips included on the poster, that I wanted to pass on to you as well!

We always seem to miss calculate and forget a few things when budgeting for a holiday.  Now, here is a handy reference to help you out when planning your next vacation.

First, check out the short video below on a few tips when budgeting for a Cruise Holiday from one my favorite Travel Experts Peter Greenburg.

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Thai Airways Offers Six Travel Budget Tips

Check out the Colorful Budget Poster below and then let’s have a closer look at what Thai Airways recommends when budgeting for your holiday.

Simple Tips To Help Plan Your Travel Budget


This is something that many simply forget to budget for or just ignore, but depending where to and how much traveling you are doing, transportation costs can add up big time! 🙁

tour bus clipart

Whether bus transportation, car rental, taxi or even any other mode of travel once you have reached your chosen destination, be sure to include this in your budget!

It is always a good idea to check with your travel agent or even on the internet for transportation costs in and around your destination.

In many cases and depending on how many people are in your group, taxis can often be cheaper than bus transportation. We found this out recently on our last holiday to Hawaii.  It was cheaper to take a private taxi van than that of the local shuttle bus based on a per person cost.  This surprised me, but was ended up being much more convenient, faster and cheaper!

Travel Budget Planning


Aside from the cost air travel and food, accommodation is definitely one of the more expense aspects of travel, unless of course you are taking an all inclusive vacation which would be included in your total holiday package.

Hotel Accommodation Clipart

It definitely pays to shop around and even contact the hotel or motel provider directly, rather than through a third party.  This is also where Choosing a Travel Agent is sometimes a great option depending on where you are going, as they have access to wholesalers that are unavailable to the public.

Shop around and take advantage of all the resources available to you! 🙂


The next highest cost for travel is food. We all have to eat and depending on your budget, the options for food are unlimited!

Fastfood Clipart

There are ways to save a great deal of money on food when traveling. One such option is many hotels are now offering free breakfast included with the cost of accommodation.  Yes, there are limitations depending on where you are staying, but we often are able to enjoy a healthy breakfast with beverages included.  When you are traveling with a group of 4 for example, this can save you a great deal of money!

Food is difficult to budget for, but depending on where you are heading, one can usually stay within a daily set budget that you have set for yourself.


Fun Activities ClipartThis pretty much includes everything else that you will have to dish out for your travel.  For example …

  • Tours
  • Admission tickets
  • Sporting events
  • Rentals

This is just a few of the endless extras that have to be accounted for on holiday.

So think about what you may have to pay extra for and try to include this in your travel budget within reason.

At least if you include this right away in your total expected expenses, you will be somewhat prepared when you arrive for the extras!


Another difficult thing to budget for, but if you are concerned about expenses, shopping can definitely eat up all you have fast!

Ladies Shopping Clipart

If you are watching your spending, then try to set a maximum amount you will allow yourself for shopping.  If using credit cards, then you certainly do not want to arrive home to all those bills that await you!


Last but definitely not least is those unexpected expenses that surface while away.

First Aid Kit Clipart

I like to think of it as miscellaneous expenses.  Things always happen or appear unexpectedly when away, whether that of an emergency in nature or just something extra that surfaces when traveling.

It is always best to travel with at least one credit card, so you can take care of these extra expenses along the way.

There you have it, six simple suggestions to think of when planning your holiday and trying to figure out your total budget expenses.  Thanks to Thai Airways for the colorful poster and tips!

Safe travels!

Do you prepare a budget for your travels?

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Did You Know …

“An average of ten million people in the world go on a cruise holiday annually and 15 percent of Americans have been on a cruise at least once.”

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