Tims Pizzeria Cochrane Alberta’s Finest

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Tims Pizzeria Cochrane

Enjoy Tim’s Gourmet Pizza in Cochrane Alberta

Discover Tim’s Pizzeria Cochrane Alberta location for outstanding pizza in a unique setting in old downtown. Without a doubt one of the most enjoyable stops we had on our recent travels in Alberta was the City of Cochrane, with its historic restored downtown, excellent Recreation Vehicle Park and superb restaurants, including that of Tim’s Pizzeria.

Enjoy freshly prepared homemade dishes in an historic and uniquely decorated setting.

Tims Pizzeria Cochrane

Tim's Pizzeria Dining

The restaurant is ideally located in the revitalized downtown shopping area of Cochrane. The city is located just 18 km west of the Calgary city limits along scenic Highway 1A. Cochrane still has a proud western heritage, yet with all the modern conveniences a city has to offer.  Situated alongside the beautiful Bow River, this is an ideal place to spend time when traveling in this part of Alberta.

My wife and I did just that, and were we glad we did!

Dining at Tims Pizzeria Cochrane

Tim’s Pizzeria Owner Cochrane

What a special treat to be invited to dine at Tim’s on our recent visit.  A successful family run restaurant that owner Tim Petros started a few years back after a successful Professional Football career. Following his father’s footsteps, he opened his own restaurant business that is now thriving here in Cochrane.  As soon as you step into the restaurant and sample the food, it’s easy to tell there has been a labor of love devoted to the business and the reason why it is so successful today.

Take a moment, grab a coffee and check out this excellent video on Tim and his Pizzeria business.

Enjoy …

 Football and Tim’s Pizzeria

Tim Petros CFL Players Card


Tim Petros played Professional Football from 1984 to 1990 with the Canadian Football League’s Calgary Stampeders. During that time, his father owned a successful restaurant in Calgary where Tim acquired his second passion.

Calgary Stampeders Logo


Today, together with his family, run their very popular restaurant here in Cochrane, Alberta.

Tims Pizzeria Cochrane Menu

Tim's Gourmet Pizza Menu

The menu at Tim’s is not large, but unique and special in its own way.  There menu is sure to please most everyone including their signature gourmet pizza selections, pasta, Tuscan style steaks, fresh salads and more! There’s a great beverage menu including unique organic brand sodas, ice cold beer and wine as well.

Tim's Gourmet Frozen Pizza

They still carry on the tradition of offering their Take Home & Bake Frozen Pizzas, so you can enjoy a great pizza anytime, anyplace! Choose from whole wheat, white or multigrain crust that’s suits you best.

Tim’s Pizzeria Staff Cochrane Alberta

During our visit, we just had to try Tim’s favorites, and below is sample of just what to expect when you choose one of their truly unique and delicious pizzas!

Spolumbo Sausage Pizza

Tims Pizzeria Spolumbo Sausage Pizza

A fabulous pizza with Spolumbo Sausage, Prosciutto Ham and Cranberries!  A mouth – watering pizza that attacks your taste buds with a truly unique flavour and taste. We could not believe how good this gourmet pizza tasted! A great combination especially with the added cranberries!

Primavera Gourmet Pizza

Tim's Gourmet Primavera Pizza

This was another outrageously tasty gourmet pizza with Roasted Garlic, Roasted Red Peppers, Artichokes and Fresh Rosemary.  We had never tried pizza with such a combination of fine ingredients that married together so well. Both pizzas were simply … to die for!

My wife and I both left the restaurant and remarked that we had never experienced such fine tasting fresh gourmet pizza in all our world travels, including Italy!

If you are traveling to or from Calgary Alberta, then you simply must make a point of spending sometime in Cochrane. It is definitely worth your while and our 2 nights was very well spent during our recent visit. Below, I have included the official website to Tim’s, where you can access much more detailed information including their menu, hours of operation, contact information and much more.

Tim's Pizzeria Logo

As well, I have listed Tourism Cochrane’s website for your convenience.

cochrane logo

Safe travels and Happy Dining!

A Big Thanks to Tim’s Gourmet Pizzeria for hosting our dinner on our recent visit to Cochrane, Alberta. All content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.

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