Great Things To Do In Puerto Penasco Mexico

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Things To Do In Puerto Penasco

Some Excellent Reasons to Visit Puerto Penasco

Whether you head to Puerto Penasco for a weekend or for the entire winter, this quiet fishing village located at the north tip of the Sea of Cortez is a great place to visit!  Easy to get to and just a couple of hours from Phoenix, Arizona, this area makes for a perfect beach destination for most everyone any time of year.

A favorite destination for families heading to the beach in the summer months and also for retired ‘snowbirds’ escaping the cold in the winter time. This area is also referred to as Rocky Point when searching on the internet.  We made our first trip down after our annual trek to the NASCAR races at Phoenix International Raceway in November in our recreational vehicle.

We had a great time, met some wonderful people and will be sure to return again in the future!

Beachfront Camping

Puerto Penasco Mexico Camping

A Few Great Things To Do In Puerto Penasco

Things To Do In Puerto Penasco – Camp on the Beach

As mentioned most people head down to enjoy the beautiful long stretch of beach and water. You can set up camp directly on the beach in certain areas or enjoy the convenience of full facility recreational vehicle parks as we did.

There are also many beach front hotels to select from and condominiums for rent as well. There are a number of companies that offer daily shuttle service to and from Phoenix to Puerto Penasco, so no need to drive if you choose not to.

Things To Do In Puerto Penasco – Amazing Jumbo Shrimp

Our favorite fish and shrimp vendor

Fresh Shrimp Outlets in Puerto Penasco Mexico

One cannot visit this area without enjoying the many restaurants or fish stores offering fresh jumbo shrimp! This is a shrimp fishing village and it is truly a highlight when visiting. The boats arrive daily and the shrimp is easily and readily available for purchase.

Things To Do In Puerto Penasco – Enjoy the Local Cuisine

There are restaurants everywhere and believe me, you will experience some of the best Mexican cuisine anywhere.  From quaint road side establishments to higher end restaurants, the choice is yours. We were fortunate to have met some lovely camping neighbors who took us to their favorites, making this another highlight of our stay in the area.

As with many Arizonian’s, they have been enjoying this area for over 35 years.

Mouth watering BBQ chicken!

Lucas Charbroiled Chicken Puerto Penasco Mexico

Enjoy fresh shrimp dinners cooked to perfection at friendly establishments, gourmet hotdogs at the roadside, to beach vendors offering home cooked selections each day directly to your campsite!

Sandy Beach in Puerto Penasco

Sandy Beach Puerto Penasco Mexico

Things To Do In Puerto Penasco – Of Course the Beach

The long stretch of Sandy Beach is the most popular among visitors. You can walk for hours along this stretch of beach, enjoy water sports in the summer and swimming year round in the clear Sea of Cortez! I went for dip every day in November!

Do keep in mind, during the summer months having heard from others that you should be aware of the stinging jelly fish and small sting rays that may be present in the warm water. From experience, I do know that sting rays will stay clear of you as long as you shuffle your feet, it is the few times that someone will step on one without them knowing.

Sand Dune Racing

Sand Dune Racing Puerto Penasco Mexico

Things To Do In Puerto Penasco – 4 Wheeling in the Sand Dunes

This entire area is like one big sand dune!  Many sports enthusiasts head down to this region to enjoy 4 wheeling with their ATV’s or larger vehicles. A great location to head for the weekend to enjoy camping, the beach and 4 wheeling all at the same time. What more could you ask for! As well there are many clubs that host 4 wheeling events throughout the year here in Puerto Penasco.

Horseback Riding at Sunset

Horseback Riding in Rocky Point Mexico

Things To Do In Puerto Penasco – Horseback Riding at Sunset on the Beach

Every day, in the late afternoon, ranchers would appear on the beach offering horseback rides as you enjoy the sun setting. What a perfect way to end the day, riding along the beautiful stretch of Sandy Beach watching the sunset below the horizon.  A perfect attraction for all members of your family!

Annual Motorcycle Rally

Rocky Point Mexico Motorcycle Rally

Things To Do In Puerto Penasco – Motorcycle Rally

One of the biggest events held each year in the area is the annual Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally. Each year during the Veteran’s Day Long Weekend, thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts from all over, head down and assembles for the “Gran Fiesta de Motocicletas.”  This events official title is the “Rocky Point Rally.”

A fun filled weekend with parties, parades, events and so much more for motorcycle enthusiasts of all kinds to gather and enjoy the weekend together. We arrived the Tuesday just after this event and from what I understand from locals, over 10,000 motorcycle riders were in attendance for the 2013 rally!

Mexican Souvenir Shops

Welcome Mexican Curios Shops

Things To Do In Puerto Penasco – Shopping of Course

One other draw and highlight of the visiting this area is the shopping. A great place to shop for your Mexican souvenirs, many authentic and hand made from locals.  There is a small area in town known as The Mall, where you will find all kinds of curious shops to browse through and purchase various Mexican products.

Beach Vendors will stroll along the beach front and in front of your campsites offering all kinds of things to purchase. Many items we purchased from the vendors were indeed handmade and authentic. These people are extremely friendly and not pushy what so ever, like in other parts of Mexico in the tourist destinations or other popular tourist areas around the world.

We enjoyed their company, meeting them personally and making purchases when the time was right. From hand- made crafts, silver products, Mexican blankets, T-Shirts, to freshly prepared home cooking, this is indeed one of the pleasures of traveling to this part of the world!

There you have it, if you are traveling to Arizona State in the near future or perhaps taking your Recreational Vehicle down south for the winter, then consider crossing over to Mexico as we did for the first time and visit this lovely little town on the shores of the Sea of Cortez.

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