The Old Spaghetti Factory in Whistler BC

The Old Spaghetti Factory Whistler BC

Dine at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Whistler BC

For over 20 years The Old Spaghetti Factory has been a favorite of locals and visitors in Whistler BC. Our family have enjoyed dining at this establishment for many years when visiting this part of British Columbia.

The most reasonably priced all – inclusive dining experience in Whistler.

Affordable Quality Meals at The Old Spaghetti Factory

The Old Spaghetti Factory

Known for providing a complete meal at one low price throughout all their locations, it’s refreshing to be able to dine out and receive a full meal including salad, a dessert and a choice of coffee or tea all included in one great price.

This is what keeps us returning each visit to Whistler, where we can rest assured we will always leave with full stomachs without breaking the bank.

Whistler British Columbia is a world renowned all season tourist resort and together with its remote location and popularity with travelers, things are expensive as to be expected. So, this is why The Old Spaghetti Factory has remained one of the most popular dining venues to be found in Whistler Village for years on end.

All Inclusive at The Old Spaghetti Factory

The Old Spaghetti Factory in Whistler BC

The restaurants moto remains …

“Fresh Food, Refreshing Prices … It’s All Included”

All entrees ordered include fresh Italian Sourdough Bread with Plain or Whipped Garlic Butter. Ask for as much as you like! You have a choice of Soup or a Crisp Side Salad and after your meal, enjoy delicious Spumoni Ice Cream, Coffee or Hot Tea.

A great meal at a great price!

The Old Spaghetti Factory in Whistler

The menu is full of choices to satisfy the most- picky of individuals. Choose from a variety of Appetizers including mouth – watering Barn Barn Shrimp, Calamari Fritti to Chicken Dippers. There are also additional entrée salads to choose from including Caesar, Spinach and Mediterranean on the menu as a substitute for the side salad, for a minimal charge.

Dinners include their Classic Spaghetti dishes and Signature Pastas, as well as Chicken, Ribs and Steaks from their Grill.  Special kid’s meals are also on the menu for those traveling with children under 10 years of age.

Old Spaghetti Factory Whistler BC

The menu is just too big to list here, so below is a sample of what we enjoyed on our evening dining at Whistler’s Old Spaghetti Factory.

Sourdough Fresh Bread

Sourdough Bread The Old Spaghetti FactoryAs soon as you arrive at your table, your server will bring you fresh Sourdough Bread to get you started and wet your appetite along with your favorite beverage.

A great starter to your meal!


Salad Entrees

Fresh Salads The Old Spaghetti FactoryI selected the side salad with my ever favorite blue cheese dressing. This is a nice portion of fresh greens with tasty blue cheese dressing.

My wife selected the Mediterranean spring mixed salad combined with fresh vegetables, olives, candied pecans and Feta cheese, all in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Delicious!

Dinner Selections

Pot-Pourri Spaghetti

Potpourri Spaghetti Old Spaghetti FactoryI always enjoy their Spaghetti Classics and love the Pot-Pourri Spaghetti. This is a great sampler of classic sauces including Meat, Mushroom and Clam Sauce.

An excellent choice for those that like sampling a bit of everything!


Red Thai Curry Linguine with Prawns or Chicken

Red Thai Curry Linguine Old Spaghetti FactoryMy wife selected the Red Thai Curry Linguine with Prawns Pasta dish.

A tasty pasta dish with a light red curry and coconut milk mixed with sautéed peppers mixed together in linguine noodles.

Spumoni Ice Cream Old Spaghetti Factory

Completing your meals always includes refreshing Spumoni Ice Cream along with coffee or tea.

Dine In or Outdoors on the Back Patio

The Old Spaghetti Factory Patio Whistler BC

Enjoy casual dining inside in a lovely surroundings including some beautiful stained glass artwork.  During the warmer weather, choose the outdoor patio to enjoy your meal in a comfortable setting in the fresh mountain air!

A lovely affordable dinner with a menu filled with a variety of excellent dishes, making for a perfect casual dining experience in Whistler BC.

old spaghetti factory logo

Below, I have included the restaurants official website for in Whistler where you can access much more detailed information including hours of service, directions and their menu.

Safe travels and happy dining!

Thanks to The Old Spaghetti Factory in Whistler for hosting us for dinner on this recent visit. All content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.

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