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Park Sleep and Fly Packages

Save Money Booking Inclusive StayParkFly Packages

For many years now, our family have enjoyed the great savings of the many StayParkFly Travel Deals that are available to consumers.  You can now save money and book these types of packages all-in-one.  Having a family and living on a strict budget, I am always in search of great specials offered when traveling.

We quite often take advantage of combined package deals to save money when heading off on vacation. If you and your family are in need of hotel or motel accommodation and need to park your vehicle for an extended period of time before flying off to your holiday destination, these types of combined packages will definitely save you money!

This has always been the preferred method for years by business travelers and now many more properties are offering extended parking privileges for those who stay overnight with them.  When you compare the price for Hotel and Parking separately, there is always money to be saved in package deals.

Travel Most Anywhere & Save StayParkFly

It does take time to search for hotels that offer long term parking and free shuttle service to the airport and if you are like me, you like things to be easy, quick and know that you can shop safely and with confidence. That’s why I always recommend using a Reputable Travel Agent when booking things such as this for the first time.

Travel Agencies do not charge extra for their services and most often will find you great deals that usually are not found on the internet.

You Will Save Time and Money With StayParkFly Package Deals

Sunwing Airplane

Here is an example of a typical package deal that our family have booked many times and the main reasons why they offer such great value when booking hotels that offer this incentive.

Hotel Room Stay for 1 or 2 Nights

7 to 14 Days Parking Included With Stay

Free Shuttle Service To and From the Airport

We have always saved when combining this into one complete package.  We also found the vacation to be so much more enjoyable and relaxed not having to rush your travel and holiday. Many times, we have traveled by car to the United States from Canada, taking advantage of the lower airfares when heading away to one of the all inclusive family vacations we have enjoyed over the years.

We always make sure we arrive the night before flying to our destination, taking advantage of these package hotel deals that include parking our car for a couple of weeks.  I like to enjoy my vacation, have everything in order, planned and without stress!  The moment I leave home, I want the feeling of being on vacation! 🙂

 Fly Away Knowing Your Vehicle is Parked Safely

Great Deals With Stay Park And Fly Packages

Never Miss a Flight When Booking StayParkFly Travel

As a typical example, when our  family takes a holiday where we fly out of Seattle, Washington from British Columbia, Canada for example, it is so nice to conveniently park at a hotel close to the airport and park at the hotel for up to 2 weeks, that is all included in your complete hotel package price.  You can enjoy a relaxing rest overnight before your flight and get a free shuttle to the airport from the hotel on the day of your flight!

It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

Hotel Park Fly Deals

Great Value in StayParkFly Travel

Park and Stay choices are on the up rise, certainly due to the ever increasing costs of Airport Parking alone.  When you look at the alternative that I have mentioned, these combined packages are certainly worth looking into the next time you need to park at an airport and fly away for a few days or a couple of weeks.

Most people probably do not even think about or even know about this attractive option that is available to them. This is why I decided to write a short article about these types of deals available to travelers. I am always searching for the best travel deals available out there and enjoy passing on this type of travel information that may be helpful to you as well! 😀

Safe travels!

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