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Dive Zihua Shop Zihuatanejo

Discover Dive Zihua in Ixtapa – Zihuatanejo

On our recent trip down south, we discovered some fabulous Scuba Diving Zihuatanejo Mexico hospitality in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.  Choosing Dive Zihua for the dives turned out to be an excellent choice!

Professionalism and Safety is a Priority with Dive Zihua.

Dive Zihua Ideally Located in Town

Zihuatanejo Pier

The dive shop is within minutes walking of the Zihua Pier where your boat and captain awaits you. On our 2 tank dive, my wife and I were joined by the owner of Dive Zihua; Joao, a very professional instructor whose attention to safety is unparalleled.

Scuba Diving Zihuatanejo Mexico at Solitary Rock

Dive Zihua Boat


Stepping into his well – equipped and comfortable dive boat with his experienced captain, we left the pier and headed out to our first dive site known as Solitary Rock.  On the way, Joao reviewed safety procedures for our dive and what we could expect to see at this very popular deep dive site.

Dive Zihua Owner Operator Joao

Dive Zihua Master Diver

Solitary Rock located about 1 ½ kilometers offshore, is known as one of the more popular dive sites in the area, with an abundance of sea life including, eagle rays, turtles, stonefish and seahorses.

The weather was perfect, seas were calm and I was very excited about diving for the first time in this part of Mexico!

Solitary Rock Dive Location

Solitary Rock Zihuatanjeo Mexico

The water was incredibly clear and the ocean temperature was over 25 degrees Celsius. Almost too warm with our light wet suits on!

Getting set for Diving Solitary Rock

Dive Zuhua Scuba Diving Tour


During the dive, Joao pointed out the different varieties of sea life, including a beautiful eagle ray who decided to follow along with us.  He also showed us camouflaged stone fish along the way.  With huge schools of fish surrounding the island, this was a perfect dive and one not to be forgotten any time soon!

Down We Go!

Scuba Diving Zihuatanejo Mexico

For the entire dive, Joao continually checked on us ensuring that we were comfortable and enjoying the dive at all times.  A true measure of his professionalism!

A Perfect Dive on a Beautiful Sunny Day!

Diving Solitary Rock Zihuatanejo

Scuba Diving Zihuatanejo Mexico Lighthouse

Our second dive was near the Zihuatanejo Lighthouse along the shores of a calm bay.  This was a lovely spot and a shallower dive location among the coral reefs of the area

Zihuatanejo Lighthouse

Zihuatanejo Lighthouse

Again, our dive master pointed out another eagle ray curious of us and a very large moray eel swimming between the rocks.  We enjoyed a variety of tropical colored fish among the coral making this a relaxed second dive in the calm bay.

Dive Zihua Adventures

Dive Zuhua Dive Shop and Owner Joao

Dive Zihua Owner

Joao offers a variety of scuba and snorkel packages and will tailor tours to suit your wants and needs.  As a PADI Instructor, he offers a wide range of diving instruction courses from beginners to more advanced levels of instruction.  Joao is from Portugal and is fluent in 3 languages; English, Spanish and Portugese.

There are over 30 different dive sites in the area and all have something special to offer.

Dive Zihua has obtained a Certificate of Excellence Award by Tripadvisor and for very good reason. I highly recommend checking out this dive center should your travel plans take you to Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo and you’re looking for diving and / or snorkel packages during your stay.

Below, I have listed their official website for your convenience, where you can access much more detailed information, rates, contact sources and much more.

Dive Zihua Logo

Safe travels!

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A Big Thanks to Dive Zihua for hosting my incredible 2 Tank dive on our recent visit to Zihuatanejo. All content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.


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