Beware Of These Travel Scams In Las Vegas

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Popular Travel Scams In Las Vegas To Be Aware Of

In 2013 it was reported that close to forty million people from around the world visited Sin City and with this are come plenty of scammer’s waiting to take your money! Each year, Las Vegas continues to break records with the amount of visitors coming to the city and as a result, Scams in Las Vegas are on the rise.

With this staggering amount of people, the tourism industry in this part of Nevada alone, brings in over forty five billion dollars and creates more than 380,000 jobs for its residents. The average tourist will spend approximately $1000 during their stay. So, as with most large cities around the globe, particularly Las Vegas brings in those lowlife scammers to these metropolitan areas.

As with any city you are visiting, it is important to be aware of these scams and to use caution and common sense at all times.  As the old saying goes …

“If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t!”

Three Scams in Las Vegas You Should Know

Scams In Las Vegas #1 – Apartment and Hotel Scams
Old Las Vegas Hotel Poster

With over 124,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas, not counting other forms of accommodation available to tourists, it comes with no surprise that Apartment & Hotel Scams on high on the list. This city has over 60,000 rooms available on the famous Strip alone, where most visitors prefer to stay when coming to Vegas.

Rental scams occur daily in the city, so much so, that the Vegas Police will not assist with these types of complaints any longer, due to the high number reported each day. It really gets down to “Buyer Beware,” particularly when booking accommodations on your own and without using a reputable online travel supplier that has been around for years and provides fraud protection guarantees.

As well, your travel agent can make any bookings for you at, with no extra charge. That’s their job! Be sure to check out my recent post on reasons why you should always Use a Travel Agent.

Unfortunately, people will see written ads in newspapers, on line or any other form of advertising and because the price is unbeatable, they become prey to these scammer’s. They will leave deposits in one form or another for the room they are expecting to get and once they arrive at their destination, they are shocked to find that it either does not exist or there is no reservation booked for them.

They have been scammed and because the booking was made on their own, you have lost your deposit or more and are left having to find alternative accommodation at your own expense.

Always use a Reputable On-Line Travel Supplier or a Respectable Local Travel Agent

Scams In Las Vegas #2 – The VIP Pass Scam

Las Vegas VIP Passes

This is another incredibly huge scam that goes on in the city and these people are making millions each year from this!

The Nightlife is a huge reason why many people love to come to this city. From live entertainment to enjoying the many nightclubs, it’s all a part of Vegas. It is reported that only about five percent of the people now coming to Las Vegas, come to gamble.  It’s the attractions, entertainment and nightlife that draw visitors to the city. So, of course there has to be some sort of scam involved with nightlife and clubs.

It is the Very Important Person (VIP) coupon scam!

There are over 35 nightclubs in Vegas that hold two thousand people alone, not to mention all the other smaller clubs in the city. The nightclub industry is huge and you will be approached by street hustlers or foot soldiers that will do anything they can to sell you VIP tickets to some of the busier and well known nightclubs.

These street hustlers are the middle men for suppliers who will pay them a commission for each ticket sold on the street. Once you enter the club with your marked ticket, the club will then pay the supplier a percentage for getting you into their club. Quite a racket, but here’s the kicker!

You will be told that these special priced VIP passes will allow you to bypass the long lines at the door and get straight into the club. The typical cost on the street for these passes varies, but normally you can expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $10 per person that will include your entry pass and a free drink. Normally they will ask for around $20 for two people.

The Scam

Super VIP Pass

So you buy these great VIP passes and that evening head to the club only to discover that the VIP line is much longer than the regular line for those without passes. Thought you were getting a free drink? Not a chance! It’s just part of the street hustler’s sales pitch to get you to buy these entry passes.

So, when going out to the clubs in the evening, don’t buy your entry tickets on the street from strangers.

Just go to the club, purchase your entry fee and get in much quicker than those who got scammed on the street. If you happen to be a woman and you approach these clubs with another woman or two, you will magically walk straight in club! In Vegas, there is typically a 3 to 1 man to woman ratio. Clubs want women inside, as this entices male patrons to purchase drinks for these single ladies, thus making the clubs money!

Do Not Buy Your Nightclub Tickets on the Street from Hustlers

Scams In Las Vegas #3 – Las Vegas Taxi Scams

This scam has been around forever and is used by taxi drivers all over the world. It is known as “long hauling” or taking you for a joy ride!

Scams In Las Vegas
In Las Vegas, the airport is just minutes from The Strip unlike most typical airports in large metropolitan cities around the globe. So, many taxi drivers will needlessly take you on a longer ride than is necessary to your hotel from the airport.

When drivers were interviewed, a typical long haul taxi ride could cost you about five to ten dollars extra from the airport.

These joy rides can occur anywhere at any time, particularly if the driver is aware that you are new to the city and have no idea where you are going. It’s easy to find out what a typical cab ride fare is to and from the airport. Ask an attendant at the taxi stand or the information desk before entering the cab. Do some quick research on the internet before leaving home what a typical fare is. Sites such as TripAdvisor are very helpful for things as this. I always spend a few minutes on the internet when selecting bus transfers or taxi rides prior to leaving for our intended destination.

If you are concerned about your spending, as we are, then the time can be well spent and save you money!

Know what the fare is to your destination prior to entering that taxi cab

There you have it, just a few more popular scams to be aware of when traveling to this fantastic city in the State of Nevada. By making yourself aware of typical scams prior to travel, can save you a great deal of aggravation and money! Be sure to check out my previous post on some of the main Attractions in Las Vegas to be sure to check when you visit Sin City!

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