Avoid Rough Seas Cruise Ship Sailing

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How To Avoid Rough Seas Cruise Ship Sailing

A Few Ways to Avoid Rough Seas Cruise Ship Sailings

Are you looking to take a fabulous cruise holiday but worried about encountering rough seas on your Cruise? Well, you’re certainly not alone and something that worries most when taking a cruise vacation.  But, there are a few ways to help select and minimize the risk of getting caught in rough seas on your holidays.

Today’s ships are built to withstand the most severe weather out there. 

Those beautiful newer cruise ships have amazing ship stabilizers making your journey as smooth as ever, even in rough seas! So for many, heavy seas can be fun! 😕  For most … not so fun.  Below is a quick example of a cruise ship caught in heavy seas. This is a rare occurrence these days and not something you will encounter regularly.

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Rough Seas on Cruise Holidays Are Not for Everyone

If you’re like me and prone to motion sickness, then it’s important to select a more favorable time of year for the area in which you would like to cruise. Cruise holidays are wonderful and with the size and way the newer ships are constructed today, many times you would hardly know you were actually sailing the high seas, they are so smooth!

My Son & I Enjoying the Breeze! Cruising the High Seas

Our family have been on four different cruises in past years, sailing the …




South Pacific

I am happy to say, even with a few choppy evenings, I was able to avoid motion sickness on all of our past cruise holidays. We selected an itinerary that was best for the time of year and that were recommended to us by seasoned cruisers as well.  The result so far, has been happy sailing for the entire family!

Sailing Rough Seas Clipart

If you use a little common sense and select proper sailings for that time year and destination, then your chances of running into rough seas on cruise holidays is greatly diminished.

Cruises And Rough Seas

Cruise Ship in Storm

I recently came across a well written article on higher risk areas to be aware of and some possible remedies for sea sickness, such as a motion sickness bracelet. The article touches on some popular cruise destinations and what you may or may not come up against. It gives the reader an indication of what you may expect, but we all know, one can never predict the weather.

The article is located at one of my favorite cruising websites known as …

Cruise Critic Logo

Cruise Critic

The article is entitled … The World’s Roughest Waters for Cruising.  Definitely a good read! This informative website is filled with excellent cruise related information.  Just type in what you are after and find over 60,000 user reviews. As well, you can research a destination and find some of the  best cruise deals around and so much more.

Cruise lines select their itineraries for certain times of the year because of weather, seas and other varying factors.

Our Cruise Ship Sailing into the Beautiful Sunset

Cruise Ship Sailing

If weather is unfavorable for your next port of call, the ship’s captain may choose to avoid that destination and head to a more weather pleasing port. So rest assured, the cruise lines make their best effort to keep everyone happy, safe and motion sickness free.

Rough Seas Cruise Ship Sailing Can Be Avoided In Most Cases

Cruise Ship in Rough Seas

Cruise ships caught in heavy storms is not common place.  In fact, my niece worked on a cruise ship for over 10 years and she said is was very rare to be caught in violent storms because of the sophisticated weather radar warning systems in place and other advances in weather detection.

Many times, the Captain will even alter the itineraries while on a cruise to avoid rough weather for the primarily for the enjoyment of passengers and not because the ship cannot handle rough weather. Quite the opposite! Like commercial passenger jet liners, these ships are built and designed to withstand the heaviest of seas!

How to Avoid Rough Seas on a Cruise

When in doubt, I always recommend to take the time and ask before booking any cruise.

For example …

Cruise Planning

  • Ask a cruise specialist … or travel agent that is familiar with cruising about the destination you wish to go.
  • Ask about the weather … what is it like for that time of year?
  • Read reviews … get an idea whether you may encounter rough seas on that selected cruise you have chosen.
  • Select appropriate sailings … for the best weather for that time of year.

There’s all kinds of information available on this topic and it’s absolutely free.  It’s available at your fingertips online or drop into any reputable local travel agency in your area. It is possible to avoid rough seas and pick cruise destinations with smoother crossings that are better then others! 😀

Carnival Valor Cruise Ship

Carnival Valor Cruise Ship

Cruise planning is fun and with a little time spent preparing, you and your family are sure to have a wonderful holiday like our family have enjoyed past years.  You can reduce the odds of running into heavy seas cruise holidays with a little research and planning.

It’s not entirely possible to predict what Mother Nature has in store, but you can reduce the odds of rough seas and bad weather by picking the appropriate destination recommended for that time of year.

Safe travels!

Have you been caught in rough seas on a cruise vacation? If so, what was your experience?

Did You Know …

” The Caribbean is the most popular Cruise Holiday destination than any other place in the world.”

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Avoid Rough Seas Cruise Ship Vacations

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