A Look at Repositioning Cruise Specials

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Repositioning Cruise Specials

A Closer Look at Those Excellent Repositioning Cruise Specials

There are many different types of cruise deals that surface throughout the year, but you should definitely take a look at Repositioning Cruise Specials.  These are without a doubt, one of the best cruise deals to be found for just a short time each year! 😀

From individual cruise line promotions, advertised sales to last minute sell offs, all are considered cruise specials one way or another, but repositioning cruises definitely deserve a second look.

First, have a quick look at this video on the benefits of these cruises .  One of my favorite travel experts; Peter Greenburg discusses the advantages of taking these types of cruises.

View on …

After reviewing that video, this type of cruise sounds ideal for relaxing and getting away from it all. Let’s have a closer look at the reasons why!

Why You Should Consider These Types of Cruises

Repositioning Cruise Deals

Basically, a repositioning cruise leaves one port and arrives in another. That is, this type of cruise does not return to the port from which it departed.  Drop by the  Wikipedia website for a more thorough explanation about this type of Cruise holiday.

As the seasons change, so do the itineraries of the cruise lines. For example, in the spring and fall, ships cruising Alaska itineraries generally do so from May to Sept and will return to warmer climates or other areas of the world for the winter.  So, much like birds, cruise ships relocate depending on the season or reposition themselves.

Instead of relocating the ships without passengers, the cruise lines offer wonderful deals and generally at deeply discounted prices

That brings us to perhaps the number one reason for grabbing repositioning cruise specials …  Value!

The cost is usually much less than the average cruise and/or the individual cruise lines will offer tremendous incentives to customers in order to fill the ships to capacity.

For instance, some repositioning cruise specials will include:


Transfers to and from hotel

Hotel accommodation at port on certain cruises

The above are just three examples of some of the great incentives that may be included in these types of cruises.

Expect Dramatically Reduced Fares on These Cruises

Disney Cruise Ship Leaving Vancouver BC

Disney Cruise Ship

I captured the above photo while walking around Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC.  It was late September and this Disney Cruise Ship was making its way out of the harbor about to reposition after spending the summer cruising to Alaska.

Cruise ships dramatically reduce fares making them attractive to passengers who would normally prefer port-intensive cruises.

Cruise lines also realize that most passengers will spend more money per day on board on these types of cruises. Places such as in the casinos, lounges and retail shops while at sea. More than they would normally do when the ships visit numerous ports as in a typical cruise. As a result, fantastic deals are offered by the major cruise lines who are more than willing to sail with deeply discounted fares in order to fill their cabins.

Here’s just a sample of the many such specials that are typically offered.

Pacific Coastal Reposition Cruise;

Let’s use a typical coastal cruise with ships returning to the Caribbean in the fall after cruising Alaska throughout the summer. There are some fantastic cruise packages both in the spring and fall with these ships repositioning themselves.

Here’s an example;

***   2 nights Las Vegas & 4 nights cruising  ***

Package included;

Non-stop flight from Vancouver to Las Vegas

Choice of accommodation at either The Flamingo (standard room) or The Excalibur (renovated, widescreen room)

Motor coach transfer to the pier

Cruise back to Vancouver (1 port, Victoria)

These package deals can sell for well under $1000 in many cases. We’re talking flight, hotel, transfers and coastal all included!  These are previously advertised deals and that I have used as an example only, showing you a few of the wonderful incentives added on to fill these ships.

Cruise, Hotel, transfers, Air … all included!  A great get-a-way deal!

Repositioning Cruises

From the Pacific Coast, the Panama Canal, to crossing the Atlantic, repositioning cruise specials are to found all across the globe.  You should be aware that these types of cruises tend to make much less stops at ports of call, since their main purpose is to relocate the ship to a final destination.  This is good if you would like to spend a lot of time at sea, but if you want to see a variety of different places, than it is unlikely that you will find what you are looking for on a repositioning cruise.

There are some terrific 3 and 4 day repositioning cruise deals, to those lasting for weeks. If you are looking to just get away for a few days and relax, or spend weeks sailing the high seas, these specials are just the ticket! There is almost certainly a cruise to match most every ones time table and budget.

So where can you find a repositioning cruise?

Well, you could watch the birds and see which way they’re flying! 🙂

How To Find These Great Cruise Specials

Cruise Ship in Alaska

Look North to Alaska first.

Any ship that spends the summer in Alaska will almost always feature a repositioning cruise in the spring or fall that will include time in Hawaii, the western coast of the Americas, and/or a transit through the Panama Canal.

The second place to look is Northern Europe or the Mediterranean. Many ships sailing in Europe will cross the Atlantic to the United States or the Caribbean in the fall and return in the spring.

Since South America and Asia are becoming more popular cruise destinations, you might also find repositioning cruises from the USA across the Caribbean to South America or across the Indian or Pacific Oceans.

These types of cruises can be found around the globe throughout the year!

When planning your next cruise, I strongly recommend dealing with reputable local travel agencies, especially those that specialize in cruises.  They will most certainly find the right reposition cruise that’s just right for you!

Safe Cruising!

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Did You Know …

“The ‘Lido Deck’ dates back to multi-class ocean travel and was known as the pool and sun deck area for use by first-class passengers only.”

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