A Look At Puerto Penasco RV Parks

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Playa Bonita RV Park Puerto Penasco

Playa Bonita RV Park at Rocky Point Mexico

After spending hours on the internet reading reviews, chatting on forums with other campers and searching for any other helpful information on where to set up camp in Puerto Penasco, we finally made our decision.  We chose the Playa Bonita Recreational Vehicle Park located directly on Sandy Beach and for us, it was the perfect choice!

For those following along on our Journey to the Mexico, this is our Second Stop on our 1800 mile venture south in our Recreational Vehicle.  Making frequent stops in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Mexico!

I am putting these posts together along with our personal photos and videos for your enjoyment, as well as providing some helpful travel tips and suggestions that may come in handy for you or other family members or friends in travels down the road.

Full Facility Puerto Penasco RV Parks

A Lovely Ocean Front RV Park 

We decided on this campground among the others in the area because of the positive reviews received from others and the close proximity to the town center. We do not tow a vehicle behind our Class C motorhome, so we really wanted to be as close to town as possible, but still remaining on the beautiful long stretch of beach known as Sandy Beach.

Playa Bonita seemed just perfect for our needs and it certainly was.  I was not expecting the facilities to be as complete as they were.  Having traveled extensively to other tourist locals in Mexico over the years and many other parts of the world by air, we never expect to have the same standards that we are so accustomed to and spoiled with here in North America.  This property certainly pleasantly surprised the two of us!

Playa Bonita Recreational Vehicle Park

Playa Bonita Campground Mexico

Facilities at Playa Bonita

First and foremost as mentioned previously, you have the option of lovely spacious beachfront sites with full hook ups suitable for the largest of Class A motor homes.  All together at last count, the park can accommodate 300 campers with all sites just a few seconds from the beach!

Here is a list of what the park has to offer …

300 full hook up campsites including sewer;

Free Wi-Fi at your campsite and in the clubhouse;

Clean restrooms with free shower facilities;

Laundry room;

Clubhouse with Satellite television;

Outdoor hot tub for your enjoyment;

Beachfront RV Sites.

puerto penasco rv parks

Our site was a distance from the lobby area and club house but surprisingly, we had an excellent Wi-fi internet connection on most days from right inside our motor home.  What an added bonus for our stay to keep in touch with family for our 2 week stay at the park.

Picnic Area and Jacuzzi in the Park

Playa Bonita Campground Puerto Penasco Mexico

The Playa Bonita staff was always friendly throughout our stay and always willing to assist in any way they can, making for a wonderful stay.


We were very lucky to have driven right in and secure a beach front site. It was brought to our attention from other campers who regularly visit that reservations are normally required in order to make sure you get one of these premium sites.  So if you plan on staying for the winter and do want a beachfront campsite, then I highly recommend contacting the park and making a reservation and doing so well in advance!

Wash and Wax Your RV by Friendly Locals

Need your rig washed and waxed?  Well this is the place!  Just book a time while at the park and a crew will come right to your site and do a complete wash and wax at prices that are ridiculously low!

Need body work or painting done?  Again, wait until you come to Puerto Penasco!  During our stay we watched one older Class A motor home be completely stripped and sanded down and then repainted right at a shop located in the park at the back.  Our neighbors had fibreglass repairs and painting done to their motor home as well. This was first class work at a fraction of the cost you would pay in the United States or Canada!

Before & After Pictures of RV Repair and Painting

RV Painting Puerto Penasco Mexico

RV Painting Rocky Point Mexico

Art Work Painted on Your Recreational Vehicle

If you want your rig painted with ‘spray art’ to make it truly unique, then again, this is the place. We watched a young artist do amazing work on people’s campers during our stay.  If you have photo of anything you want painted on your RV, he can do it for you!  Again, at amazing prices that is just too hard to pass up!

Beautiful Art Work

RV Art Work Sandy Point Mexico

RV Art Work Puerto Penasco Mexico

Friendly Neighbors from Everywhere

It was so nice to meet the many people during our stay at this park. Unlike camping in North America, everyone is so friendly and easy to meet, not hiding out in the RV’s and only surfacing when they need to let the dog out!  We met people from all parts of the U.S. and Canada, who were all eager to offer any assistance for us newbies to the area. A real nice change and we look forward to meeting them once again on our next visit to Rocky Point.

Locals Selling Their Wares on the Beach

Puerto Penasco Beach Vendor

Puerto Penasco Beach Vendor

Some find it annoying, but the locals have to make a living. They are on the beach selling pretty much anything and everything, but all were very friendly and not pushy what so ever, unlike other countries we have visited in the past.

Like our neighbors who have known some of the locals selling for over 35 years, it was enjoyable to meet them, purchase items and help them support their families at the same time.  We purchased some wonderful handmade crafts, as well as many delicious homemade food items from these people. It really adds to the uniqueness and experience of visiting Mexico.

If you do not want to be bothered or meet these friendly people, then definitely do not rent a beachfront site.  We always looked forward to our special lady in the morning bringing her freshly made breakfast tortillas and then in the afternoon or gentleman who came around with fresh baked doughnuts.  As well, many will bring fresh fruit, vegetables and of course what Puerto Penasco is most famous for … Fresh Jumbo Shrimp!!!!

There are a number of other campgrounds in town and on the beach. It just gets down to a matter of choice and what suits your wants and needs.

I have listed a helpful website for you below that shows some of the more popular campgrounds in the area to select from for your convenience.

Safe Travels!

Did You Know …

“Mobster Al Capone frequented Rocky Point during prohibition.”

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