A Princess Cruise Line Special Review

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princess cruise line ships

Sail Into The Sunset With Princess Cruise Line

Below is a brief Princess Cruise Line Review when trying to decide on which cruise line to book for your cruise holiday. There’s no better time than now to experience a Princess Cruise Line Vacation. Princess is rated among the best in the world, and for good reason!  Have you been thinking about a family cruise vacation?

Are you like me and always searching for the absolute best all inclusive cruise deals out there? Well look no further, Princess Cruises offer great value and some of the best deals to be found anywhere in the industry. This major Cruise Line is definitely worth considering when planning your next cruise holiday.

Princess is leading the industry in the production of fabulous new ships introduced to their already amazing fleet.

Check out this short video giving you a preview of their newest ship to be named the Majestic Princess. Set to sail in  2017.  This magnificent new vessel will be the sister ship to the Regal Princess and Royal Princess.

Taking a Princess Cruise is where you can …  Escape Completely!

Princess Cruise Line History

Princess began in 1965 with just one ship and today is now the third largest cruise line in the world.  Their fleet now consists of  eighteen beautifully appointed ships and with more on the horizon!  Their newest grand ships carry 3600 passengers ships and are estimated at 141,000 tons and are named the Regal and Royal Princess.


While visiting Victoria BC, I was lucky enough to capture the Regal Princess docked in the summer.  This port is one of their stops on their Alaska Cruise itinerary.


Regal Princess Docked in Victoria British Columbia

Regal Princess Cruise Ship

Princess Cruise Line and The Love Boat

If you’re a baby boomer like myself or older, than I’m sure you remember the 1977 hit television series in North America called … The Love Boat.  This virtually put Princess on the map becoming a household name.

The Love Boat Hit Television Series

The Love Boat

At that time, the Pacific Princess was the starring ship. It was the incredible success of this weekly television hit series that ran for ten full seasons that introduced the new and exciting world of cruise holidays to the world! Critics have often stated that The Love Boat series is what started the cruise industry explosion worldwide.

The company’s unique brand … the “sea witch” logo was used back then and is still used today on all their ships and advertising.


Princess Sea Witch Logo

What Makes a Princess Cruise Different from the Rest?

The Princess Cruises difference, that’s what! 🙂 Princess Cruises signature phrase used world wide is where you can …  Escape CompletelyThe crew will care for you like an honored guest in their home. The ships become relaxed retreats at sea for people of all ages. Princess strive to offer the best service of all cruise lines, in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and give the guidance of a destination expert.

They truly are one of the best cruise lines in the industry and offer great all inclusive cruise deals year round! 🙂

Princess CRUISE Program


A unique customer service program developed within the cruise line that was introduced in 1996.

It stands for …







This is a company sponsored initiative raising the bar of customer service and hospitality in the industry.  Staff members undergo service excellence training and once completed may proudly wear their official C.R.U.I.S.E. pin proudly on their uniforms.

Our Family in Front of the Original Island Princess in the 1970’s

Island Princess Cruise Ship


In 1972, the Island Princess (pictured above) joined the fleet.  It was formerly known as the Island Venture.  I recently discovered a wonderful website on the complete history of Princess Cruise Lines.  For great pictures and much more [Click Here].  Be sure to check out the cruise lines official website that I have listed for your convenience below.  Their website is filled with information, cruise itineraries and much more.

Princess Cruise Line Is Your Consumate Host

The company also likes to be referred as a … Consumate Host.

A consummate host works to …
” Create Service Surprises “
that go beyond customer expectations.

Princess staff do their utmost to take care of every detail allowing the passenger to escape completely!

A Princess Ship Leaving Victoria BC Harbor
Princess Cruise Ship

I was lucky enough to grow up and live for many years in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia Canada. I return as often as I can and always head down to the pier to watch the cruise ships come and go.  Hundreds of ships dock in Victoria while on route or returning from those amazing Alaska Cruises from May to September each and every year.

The Princess line of ships are designed with a comfortable elegance, leaving you with that relaxed feeling that one longs for on their holidays. There are on board programs to suit all ages and tastes, so you can do as much or as little as you like. They offer the comfort of a relaxed, rejuvenating retreat at sea!

Escape Completely On a Princess Cruise

Their crew care for you like an honored guest in their home. The ships are relaxed retreats at sea for cruisers of all ages and interests.

Plus …

If there’s an ocean, Princess can take you there – they are the destination experts.


Princesss Cruise Ship Victoria BC

To help you get started planning, here are some more Cruise Planning Tips for more great information on cruise planning, especially for those of you taking your first cruise holiday!

Safe Travels!

Have you been on a Princess Cruise? If so, what ship were you on and how was your experience?

Your comments are always Gr8tly Appreciated! 🙂
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