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Your Host Robert on the Oregon Coast
Partner With Gr8 Travel Tips

Partner With Gr8 Travel Tips and Expose Your Business Globally

Do you have a travel related Business, Product or Service that you would like previewed on one of the fastest growing Travel Blogs in Canada?  Then why not Work and Partner With Gr8 Travel Tips For Increased Global Exposure!

If you are looking to promote and increase your online exposure particularly on Social Media, then Gr8 Travel Tips is here to help you do just that!  Our presence is becoming increasingly popular with new and returning followers each and every day visiting my travel blog, and my leading Social Media applications as well.

With over 35 years of experience working in the travel industry, as well as having the opportunity and pleasure of traveling to 5 Continents and over 34 Countries to date, my readers return many times, knowing they do receive reliable and up to date travel information that they can trust.

Our viewers are specifically interested in reading about …

Hotels & Resorts
Dining Reviews
Tours & Attractions
Travel Destinations
Contests and Prize Draws
Travel photos, videos and experiences
Travel Related Products

Partner With Gr8 Travel Tips and See How I Can Work For YOU!

A Recent Sponsor/Partner in Vietnam

Hoi An Eco Tourism Owner

No matter if you are looking for a small or large advertising campaign, I am certainly prepared to offer Partners a suitable and affordable option that works best for you.

Examples of How Gr8 Travel Tips Can Assist Partners

A Comprehensive and Unique Individual Page Review;
Your Website Link/s Embedded in Specific Posts;
Embed Your Unique Brand on Select Posts & Slideshow;
Photographs, Video, Brands and Much More Included in Your Unique Article
Continuous Exposure on All Major Social Media Accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Google+,  LinkedIn, Instagram & more;
Full sidebar advertising space in a variety of sizes available.

Partner With Gr8 Travel Tips Includes a Full Feature Article

Perhaps you may be looking at the option of having a specific product, service, or business reviewed in one of my blog posts.  Preparations for this service most certainly can be arranged that work best for both of us.


Gr8 Travel Tips will provide complete coverage of your service or product here on my blog. This always includes a full pictorial feature article along with Continuous Social Media Coverage.

I am very active on All My Social Media Accounts on daily basis and rest assured, your product and /or service will be exposed on continuously on these platforms.

Gr8 Travel Tips Klout Score
Social Media Klout Score

Don’t let Social Media numbers fool you!  Unlike many other blogs who show thousands and thousands of followers on their accounts, my followers are real!  They have not been traded, purchased or obtained from any other unnatural means.

To date, I am proud to have obtained close to 15,000 Real and Loyal Followers on all My Major Social Media Accounts, and this number is growing steadily each and every day.  My most used Accounts include …

Facebook logo twitter logo Instagram logo
G+ logo LinkedIn logo Pinterest logo
StumbleUpon logo

My blog reviews are typically 800 -1000 words in length, will be initially exposed on Gr8 Travel Tips front page for several days and will always exist in the article archives. Your review will also include a direct link to your website. In addition, your Brand logo will also be displayed in My up to date Media Kit.

To request a review of your product, service or business please contact me at any time!

Quotes from Leading Marketing Professionals:

“Marketing has definitely changed in the last few years and a clear trend has been personalization. Bloggers are in a great position to offer personal opinions in a very influential way. With detailed writing ability, strong social media connections and individuality, blogs are certainly now considered the marketer’s choice as the most cost effective way of advertising on a global scale!”

“Bloggers provide personal first-hand opinions that resonate with readers. Like honest hotel reviews, often blogs are ‘right from the horse’s mouth’ so anyone who wants media coverage should value the coverage a blog or travel website provides.”

“Online Blog advertising is an essential element of anyone’s marketing mix. It provides you with numerous benefits, including lower costs, robust targeting, and valuable customer insights, that are not available through other advertising mediums”

“As technology has advanced, the most influential voices within the travel industry are no longer exclusive to big name brands, they are influencers – specifically bloggers.”

Gr8 Travel Tips Logo

A Glimpse of How Gr8 Travel Tips Can Work for You

Below is just an example of results achieved in a very short time on how I will work for you showcasing your business on Social Media.

963 Views Achieved in just 7 days on only 1 of My Many Social Media Outlets!

TripAdvisor Review

Oasis Tulum Mexico Resort Reviews Read in less than 3 months!

Oasis Tulum Review Seen

Palm Garden Reviews

Update September 2016:

tripadvisor viewers

Update September 2017:


Contact Robert at Gr8 Travel Tips

Feel free to  Contact Me  at any time so that we may discuss any options that may work best for you and your business. Be sure to read my  About Page  for more detailed information on myself and family as well as some Testimonials from past Partners.

Below, I have included My Gr8 Travel Tips Media Kit for you to open and/or download. Just click on the banner or the link just above.

Gr8 Travel Tips Media KitGr8 Travel Tips Media Kit

I look forward to hearing from you and having you as a Special Travel Partner! 🙂

As well, be sure to Like Gr8 Travel Tips on Facebook and Never Miss a New Post or Photo! Thanks 🙂


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