A Look at Paradise Resort Doc Let Beach Vietnam

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Paradise Beach Resort Doc Let Beach Vietnam

Discover Paradise Resort Doc Let Beach Vietnam

A stay at Paradise Resort Doc Let Beach is simply a must do for beach lovers in search of a quiet and peaceful setting on the southern coastal region of Vietnam.  Situated just 25 miles to the north of the popular beach side resort city of Nha Trang, this five mile stretch of beach will take your breath away!

Many consider Doc Let to be the most Spectacular Beach in Vietnam.

Paradise Beachfront Resort

Paradise Resort Banner

With a fabulous five mile stretch of beach with little to no tourism and commercial development, this beach and resort is perfect for those seeking peace, solitude and an escape from the regular tourist crowds, resorts, restaurants and shopping.

After a few days in the lovely but busy city of Nha Trang, this was a perfect place to relax and unwind from our hectic travel schedule.  For those of you who follow my travels, I am definitely a tropical beach and water sport activity individual and one who also enjoys a variety of travel.

Rainbow at Doc Let Beach

Rainbow at Doc Let Beach

When I spot a beautiful unspoiled beach destination, I am definitely the first one to check it out and add it to my travel itinerary.  Doc Let was definitely on my list as a must stop destination in our travels to southern Vietnam.

Paradise Beach Resort Rooms

Paradise Resort Doc Let Oceanfront Twin Room

Paradise Resort Doc Let Twin Room

Paradise Beach Resort has modest but clean and comfortable accommodations in a variety of forms to choose from.  You can select lovely open air ocean front rooms, individual bungalows, to more modern and spacious family rooms with extra – large ocean front terraces to choose from.

Our spacious ocean front balcony with comfortable lounge chairs

Paradise Resort Room Balcony Doc Let Beach

There’s no television, no radio, no air conditioning, no in room telephone, fridges or any other modern convenience if that’s what you’re looking for.  There are however, clean and comfortable rooms with full baths and open air beach front rooms with large balconies to enjoy during your stay.

I was surprised to see that Wi-Fi internet was available in the main dining and bar area of the property and the reception was excellent!  I must admit, it was nice to check emails and stay in contact with family at home during our stay at Doc Let.

Attractive Large Cottages to Choose From

Paradise Beach Resort Cottages Vietnam

There is a very small fishing village just down the beach and two other resorts much further away but that’s it!  If you are planning to stay at Doc Let, be prepared to just relax, enjoy the beach and property!

Paradise Resort includes Meals and Drinks

As mentioned, with just 2 resorts much further down the beach, there are little to no other places to eat.  So the owner and his family prepare 3 daily home cooked meals which are served in the main covered terrace.  The meals were freshly prepared, tasty and plenty to eat for everyone.  Eating at the large tables was also a great way to meet the other guests, the owner and his family.

There’s always fresh fruit, tea and coffee available in the common area, as well as ice cold beer for purchase any time.

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Getting to Paradise Beach Resort

There are daily comfortable city buses that leave from Nha Trang every 20 minutes or so and take about 1 ½ hours to get to the central bus station at Doc Let and are very cheap.  Arrangements can be made beforehand by contacting the owner for pickup service either from the city and / or the Bus Station down the road.

Paradise Resort Doc Let Beach Vietnam

We thoroughly enjoyed our short stay here and look forward to returning one day in the near future.  Below, I have included Paradise Resorts official website for your convenience, where you can access more detailed information including contact, reservations and much more.

Safe travels!

A Big Thanks to the owners of Paradise Beach Resort for hosting our stay on our recent visit to Vietnam.  All content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.

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Did You Know …

 “Instead of bells, traditional gongs are used to call the Vietnamese children to school.”

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