NHRA Racing Las Vegas Motor Speedway Style

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Toyota Nationals Las Vegas Speedway

TheToyota NHRA Nationals at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

During our recent stop in Las Vegas Nevada this season, we were lucky enough to be in the city when the city was hosting the NHRA Nationals during the Halloween weekend.  Not really into Drag Racing but a huge NASCAR Racing fan, it was something that I thought would be worth experiencing in person at least once.  Boy, were we in for an afternoon of thunderous excitement!

First, check out my short video I prepared on our day at the races.

Enjoy …

The NHRA Las Vegas Nationals Weekend

This major sporting event ran throughout the entire weekend and we chose to attend on Halloween Day. A beautiful sunny day in the Nevada desert made the afternoon perfect for such an event outdoors in late October at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Having purchased reserved tickets prior to leaving home was a good thing, because even on Friday, the facility was packed with race fans. After entering the gates and walking thru the drivers souvenir trailers, we were amazed to see an alleyway with the driver’s cars on display to the public.

NHRA Racing Las Vegas

Much like purchasing a pit pass to enter the garage at the NASCAR races, here it was open to view and walk about with no extra charge. A chance to check out the mean machines, spot the drivers and watch mechanics working feverishly on these powerful machines! While walking about, we could feel the excitement building up as we could already hear cars on the track. The sound of these high power engines is even intense well behind the grand stands!

A Day at the Drag Races in Vegas

The Strip Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Like any other sport around the globe, television just does not compare to watching the event in person and up close. I recall one year attending with family members to a live NFL Football Game as an example. Not being a football fan, I merely attended for the enjoyment of travel with family and to say that, yes, I have now attended a football game in person. Well, I was amazed!

The size of these professional football players and the excitement and roar of the crowd is something that can only be experienced live. Television simply cannot show the reality of it all and this is so much the case in auto racing.

Dragsters Las Vegas Drag Strip

When you experience two 10,000 horsepower machines roar by you at over 300 mph in an instant, it simply and really takes your breath away!

You actually have to catch your breath as they roar past! It is an experience that simply must be seen and heard live!

NHRA Funny Cars Las Vegas

The next time your travels take you to a major city in the United States, be sure to check out the NHRA website for upcoming dates and cities these professional drag racers may be! A great sporting event for the entire family and something you can scratch off your bucket list as I did!

Safe travels!

Have you been to an NHRA Drag Race? If so, where did you attend?

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