A Beginners Guide On NASCAR Race Scanners

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NASCAR Race Scanners Beginners Guide

Enjoy Live Race Events With NASCAR Race Scanners

If you and your family are attending a live NASCAR race event, then you have got to get hooked up to a set of  race scannersIt really gives you, the fan, up close encounters with the drivers, spotters and crew members.

Wearing and using a scanner offers a whole new dimension to the NASCAR race experience!

Also and what I like about them most, is they allow you to listen to the excitingMRN Radio race broadcast at the same time!  These experienced and very exciting radio broadcasters will make your heart pound as you feel and hear the excitement of the race action.

Here is a sample video of just what you will experience while wearing a set of race scanners.  This is an old Nationwide Series Race held at Daytona Speedway. Turn your speakers on! 🙂

Enjoy …

Scanners for NASCAR Races

It really is an unforgettable experience and you certainly do not have to be a race fan to enjoy these exciting stock car racing events.


racing scanners

Here is a photo of myself and a couple of family members enjoying the race action at my favorite track …

Phoenix International Raceway

This was taken at a recent NASCAR race event in Phoenix, Arizona.  I have got my headset and scanner on and shortly after this picture was taken, my brother raced down to rent a pair for the entire race weekend! 😀

He did this after listening to mine for only a few moments!

No Need to Buy a Set of  NASCAR Race Scanners

Reputable and trust worthy businesses have trailers set up at the track for you to rent scanners. They are very affordable, easy to use and well worth the small expense. Race scanners  simply add to the total race weekend experience!

What other major sport allows you to listen to drivers, crew members and radio broadcasts all at the same  time?


Only in NASCAR racing are you allowed this kind of interaction with professional sport teams!

Enjoying Our Scanners at Phoenix International Raceway

Nascar Racing Scanners

One of the major rental companies you will find on site is called Racing Electronics.  A very reputable business that has been around for many years.  I have listed their official website below for your convenience in order to have a closer look at what they have to offer.

I have rented from them in the past and have even purchased a new headset at one of their trailers situated at the track as well.  The service is excellent, fast and staff are always eager to assist in any way they can. If you prefer not to rent, you can even purchase a scanner and /or headset directly from them, right at the racetrack!

Prices are reasonable and competitive, so there’s no need to worry that you are spending too much at the track.

racing electronics trailer

As well,  the headsets offer that added protection for your ears from those roaring engines as the cars fly by and trust me, when 43 cars packed together go blazing by at speeds up to 195 mph, it is loud!

So, no need to stuff cotton or earplugs in when you can enjoy the sounds of NASCAR and protect your ears at the same time. With the constant advancements in technology over the years scanners have kept up with these changes as well.

Now With Built in Video Screens and More

From the Old Fanview to the New Fanvision

FanView nascar race scannersYou have to check out the latest in scanner technology!  They are simply incredible!  It’s the “next generation” of race scanner offering a variety of choices at your fingertips.

Some of the great features accompanying FanView are …

Receive instant audio replays;
Watch live race video;
Get the actual ESPN and SPEED channel network programming;
Gather race and your favorite driver stats as they happen;
Select in car audio channels and listen to your favorite driver and crew members;
In car camera views of drivers as they race.

 Nascar Racing

Wow, this technology is simply amazing!  Missed the live action for a moment?  No problem now, just watch the  telecast replay on your screen in front of you.  I have got to get me one of these!


NASCAR and FanVision have upgraded their technology to their new controller!

The Latest in Scanner Technology


Fan Vision Scanner

The latest to hit the market is the FanVision race scanner.  It is the latest scanner to hit the market place and boy is it worth a second look!  For more detailed information on this new high tech scanner, check out this short but very cool FanVision NASCAR promotional video.

Don’t forget to turn your speakers on! 🙂

So the next time you head to Daytona Speedway or any other race track, be sure to try out a pair of these new high tech race scanners. 😉  So what are you waiting for, plan to attend a NASCAR Racing Experience with the whole family and see what you are missing! I highly recommend taking the whole family to the NASCAR races this season!

Happy travels and I will see you at the track!

Have you attended a NASCAR Race event?  If so, did you experience the race with a scanner?

Your comments are always Gr8tly Appreciated! 🙂
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Did You Know …

“NASCAR race tires look smooth and bald, but they are not worn out. Dry track surfaces make these type of race tires more sticky and give drivers more traction as a result. These tires cannot be used in wet weather!”


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