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My blogs main focus is of course travel, but it also include Travel Health & Fitness which I feel is very important. We all want to enjoy our travels for years to come and at the same time, be as healthy as we possibly can.

This is why after learning about the amazing benefits that the molecule known as Glutathione has and the oh so important role it plays in our bodies, our family have been taking the MaxGXL health supplement for years!

MaxGXL Natural Health Supplement – Glutathione Benefits

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The most powerful and prevalent antioxidant—Glutathione—is already found within the body, but sadly as we age and become exposed to harmful free radicals, our own natural levels decrease, and as a result we become unhealthy. Having low levels of this important molecule in our body is the main reason we become ill.

Some of most common causes of decreased levels of Glutathione include;

role of glutathione

Glutathione affects so many aspects of our health that there are currently well over 100,000 peer reviewed studies about glutathione. You can check out some of these case studies at

As you can see from the chart above, starting from the age of 20, our levels of Glutathione decrease because of the effects of everyday life including;

Stress, Pollution, Injury, Prescription Medication, Diet, Aging and more!

MaxGXL Natural Health Supplement

MaxGXL is a completely safe and natural health supplement developed by distinguished scientists to rid the body of those harmful free radicals we produce on a daily basis. In short, this supplement increases the bodies own levels of Glutathione at a cellular level!

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If you are Serious About Your Health, particularly during travel, then have a look at this amazing health supplement my family and I have been taking for years. Learn much more about the important role that Glutathione has on our bodies and overall well-being, by checking out “The Treasure Within” below.

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