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How to Save Money on Your Travels to London

Traveling to London in the near future but worried about the soaring expenses which you might have to encounter while you travel to the city?  Do not worry as there are plenty of ways through which you can save truckloads of money while you are traveling to London.

All you need is careful planning coupled with ingenious strategies and you can easily have an economical trip to the city of London.

Here are the best ways to save bucks while you are planning your trip to London the city:

London Money Saving Tips

Be Prudent Before You Book the Flight

It is surprising how many people overlook this area while they are planning their trip. You can save a good chunk even in booking flights to the city.

Book directly with your desired airlines and book those flights that fly on unsociable hours as they tend to be the cheapest. In addition to this, make sure that you are deselecting the meal option while you are booking the flight as it can easily cost around £ 7 for one way.  Along with this, do not pre-book your seats (unless you have special requirements) as it costs additional charges.

You should also look into websites like before you book the tickets. On this website, you can compare the flight rates of different airlines before making up your mind.

Look For the Hotels Offering Best Deals

Accommodation normally accounts for a major portion of your expenses especially if your trip is an extended one. The best way to save bucks here is to book from the hotel websites that have a good range of accommodation options including cheap hotels in the city.  However, if you crave for a luxurious stay in this royal city but want to save money on this front, you can do that too.

A website called has a secret hotels London offer under which you get accommodation on some of the most opulent hotels of the city that too offer surprisingly economical prices. :-)

Travel Around London at Pocket Friendly Prices

London City Double Decker Bus

As soon as you land into the city, make sure that you have grabbed an Oyster card. The cost of an Oyster card is £ 3 and it helps you in saving substantial amount of money while you travel in and around the city. With an Oyster card, a single journey would cost around £ 1.50 in comparison to £ 4 without it.

If you are staying in London for more than 4 days, then it is best if you invest a little more on a London Pass. A 6-day London Pass costs around £ 102 and provides free access to public transportation in the city be it by tubes, buses or trams.

A Few Travel Saving Tips To London England

In addition to this, London Pass also provides a one-time free entry to over 60 attractions in the city.

Saving Money on Meals

Want to treat your taste buds with some exquisite dining experiences at some of London’s top restaurants without burning a hole in your pockets?  Then, visit  and save up to 50% at some of the best restaurants of the city. The website offers unimaginable discounts on meals at top restaurants of the city.

Along with discounts, you can collect points on the website and make your way towards having a free meal once you have earned requisite points.

Traveling Out of London

If you have plans to visit tourist attractions outside the city of London, then it is better if you buy return tickets ( if planning to visit by rail ).

They do prove to be more economical than single tickets.

Visit Free Attractions

buckingham palace gardens

As far as possible, visit free attractions in the city. London is full of attractions that are not only alluring but free-of-charge too.

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Tate Modern
  • Science Museum
  • Art Galleries

There are also various other interesting museums in the city that do not charge admission fees.  London may be one of the most expensive cities of the world, but that does not mean that you cannot travel here with tight pockets. Use the tips given above and you can make an economical excursion to the city quite possible.

Author’s Bio:

Jasmine is a globe-trotting freak who loves wandering around the globe and sharing her adventures with the world. She recently visited London under tight budget and managed to pull it off quite easily.

Safe travels!

I hope you enjoyed reading this Guest Post article on A Few Travel Saving Tips To London England here at Gr8 Travel Tips.

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