Fabulous Dining at Le Souk Hong Kong Restaurant

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Le Souk Restaurant Hong Kong

Le Souk Hong Kong Moroccan Restaurant

During my recent visit to Hong Kong, I had the pleasure of dining at Le Souk Hong Kong Moroccan Restaurant, and what a dining experience it was. Enjoying a great Moroccan style meal in Southern China was the last thing I expected when visiting this city!

Le Souk Restaurant Hong Kong Central

Le Souk Hong Kong

This restaurant is located in the ever popular SoHo District of Hong Kong, or more commonly referred to as the entertainment district on Hong Kong Island. It is literally filled with a variety of unique restaurants, bars, shops and where you will also find the Le Souk Restaurant.

This is one of their two privately owned and operated restaurants in the area, and where locals and return visitors come to dine over and over again, and as I recently found out, for very good reason.

The food is to die for!!

Hong Kong is an international city and very well known for its culinary delights, with hundreds of fabulous restaurants that serve dishes from around the globe. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the local Chinese cuisine during my stay, including some amazing Dim Sum dishes, it was such a pleasure to spend time with the owner of Le Souk and sample some of his beautifully prepared Moroccan plates.

“Here at Le Souk, our cuisine is our melting pot of flavours and traditional dishes from Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon, expertly prepared by our chefs.”

Le Souk Hong Kong – Dining Experience

Le Souk Hong Kong Owner

Le Souk refers to “The Market Place,” or the meeting place where people come to experience the sights, sounds and flavor of cities and towns across North Africa and The Middle East. This is where the owners have prepared a wonderful variety of dishes in their menu that is sure to satisfy most everyone!

Start your meal with a full page selection of delicious Appetizers, Soups and Salads, all freshly prepared and that are traditional dishes from Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon. Below, is just a sample of what is offered and what I had the pleasure of sampling during my recent visit.

Egyptian Tabouleh

Le Souk Hong Kong Egyptian Tabouleh

This was an amazing freshly prepared bowl of chopped tomato, onion, flat leaf parsley and bulghar wheat, tossed with lemon juice, salt & pepper. A great starter and a perfect healthy choice! This is also an excellent vegetarian dish!


Le Souk Hong Kong Zaaluk Appetizer

This is another fabulous healthy starter choice! Roasted eggplant pureed with garlic, coriander, fresh lemon juice and virgin olive oil. Served with a basket of warm bread for dipping, it was smooth like pudding that will make your taste buds come alive!

Mergez Salad

Le Souk Hong Kong Mergez Salad

My host insisted I try this other favorite dish that is very popular and keeps locals returning again and again. A fresh green salad topped with North African spiced sausage. This was definitely my favorite of the three choices.

The salad, dressing and spiced sausage was simply outstanding and bursting with a variety of flavors!

Le Souk Hong Kong – Main Course

With a huge number of choices for the main, including ever popular lamb, chicken, seafood and vegetarian dishes, it was incredibly difficult to decide. After careful consideration, my choice was the Chicken Tagine.

Chicken Tagine

Le Souk Hong Kong Chicken Tagine

Served piping hot in a bowl with succulent pieces of chicken slow cooked with preserved lemon confit, artichokes and green olives. It was a perfect choice with an abundant number of flavors seeping from the sauce, accompanied with perfectly cooked tender pieces of chicken.

The entire meal was absolutely wonderful and it’s no wonder locals and return visitors keep coming back again and again. It’s quite evident that the owners take a great deal of pride and devotion into serving their customers beautifully prepared dishes from their homeland.

Le Souk Restaurant Hong Kong Interior

Their two restaurants in Soho are beautifully decorated, making this a perfect choice for a casual or romantic dining experience.

For more detailed information, including online reservations and a complete menu, I have included the link to Le Souks official website below for your convenience.

Le Souk Logo

Safe travels and happy dining!

A Big Thanks to Le Souk for hosting my fabulous dinner on my recent visit to Hong Kong. All content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.

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Did You Know …

“Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers in the world, with well over 8,000 buildings.”

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